Hotpoint H8 W946WB UK GentlePower Review: Automatic dosing

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A unproblematic control panel and great choice of wash programmes make the Hotpoint H8 W946WB UK an first-class choice for looking after your clothes. Automatic detergent and fabric softener increase the ease of apply further. Running costs are good, too, and this appliance is super-repose in operation – but stain removal could exist improve, especially at 30ºC.


  • Plenty of wash programmes
  • Low running costs
  • Tranquility


  • Wash performance at 30ºC could exist better

Central Features

  • Capacity
    A 9kg drum is big enough for large items such as duvets or more than substantial loads


Ask most people what they desire from a washing automobile, and ease of utilise is likely to well-nigh the elevation of the list. The Hotpoint H8 W946WB UK aims to deliver on that front with automated dosing, measuring out just the right corporeality of washing detergent and material softener for each load, and so you don’t have to guess.

Fashionable and with a decent capacity, the Hotpoint H8 W946WB UK ticks a lot of boxes, but some rivals offer cheaper running costs while others are capable of improve stain removal at depression temperatures.

Blueprint and Features

  • Stylish front console
  • Automatic dosing
  • Lots of programmes

With its black and silver trim, this mid-range washing motorcar looks a lot neater than many. Fortunately, the Hotpoint H8 W946WB UK’south attractive looks don’t come up at the expense of ease of use.

There are no smart features on this washing machine, and then everything is selectable through the front dial. This covers all of your regular washing cycles, plus in that location are a few extras, too, including a 45-minute wash for lightly soiled wearing apparel and which supports the total 9kg load, and a twenty-infinitesimal Steam Refresh to requite garments a new charter of life.

Motion to the More Cycles card and you lot can use the LCD to opt for some special programmes, including pet stuff, duvets and cuddly toys.

Once you’ve chosen your plan, you can use the command to override programme defaults, including spin speed, wash temperature and to add Steam Hygiene, to kill bacteria. There’s likewise a Settings menu that lets you adapt the launder cycle with options including decreasing total time with the Rapid selection, adjusting the rinse type, calculation easy iron and a steam finish.

Hotpoint H8 W946WB UK LCD

The display shows the estimated fourth dimension for a wash cycle, although this will be adjusted during the wash based on the size of the load.

Rather than having to add the correct amount of detergent yourself, the Hotpoint H8 W946WB U.k. has an automated dosing system, as available on the Whirlpool W8 W046WR UK (fabricated by the same parent visitor). This arrangement lets you fill up the fabric softener and detergent reservoirs with liquid, or powdered detergent if you prefer.

Hotpoint H8 W946WB UK detergent drawer

By default, the washing machine takes 25ml of washing liquid per load, although you should read the transmission and check the recommended levels on the rear of your detergent packaging, upping the dosage if required: 35ml and 45ml options are likewise available.

The machine uses Hotpoint’south GentlePower technology, which gently sprays water and detergent onto your clothes “like a waterfall”.

Turn on the Hotpoint H8 W946WB Great britain and the drum’south light goes on, making it easier to load and, importantly, unload without missing whatever items.

Hotpoint H8 W946WB UK drum and light

The porthole door is a petty smaller on this machine than some rivals, and so it can be a bit of a squeeze to get in a full load.

Hotpoint H8 W946WB UK light


  • Good running costs
  • Stain removal is better at 40ºC

To test the Hotpoint H8 W946WB United kingdom of great britain and northern ireland, I put it through my standard tests. First, I started with the Cotton 30ºC wash, using the default detergent load. Here, I found that with my standard wash load, the Hotpoint H8 W946WB UK used 0.565kWh of ability and a very efficient litres of water.

Spin efficiency wasn’t as good equally I’d hoped, with my dress gaining an additional 40.98% of weight through water retention. I wait for 35% or lower in general.

Testing stain removal, I added a strip comprising stains from (left to correct) red vino, oil, ketchup, orange juice and gravy. Removing the strip once the wash was complete, the ruddy vino and gravy stains were clearly visible. Due to the way that the wearing apparel folded in the wash, the stain strip had get tangled, so the ketchup stain left articulate particles behind.

Hotpoint H8 W946WB UK 40C wash dirty stain strip
Hotpoint H8 W946WB UK 30C wash clean stain strip

Moving on to the Eco twoscore-threescore wash, the Hotpoint H8 W946WB United kingdom dropped energy use to 0.52kWh, while water usage went upwardly slightly to a still very efficient 38.6 litres. At the stop of the wash, my clothes gained 38.6% in weight through water retention – that’s better, but withal some degree away from the all-time washing machines.

Hotpoint H8 W946WB UK 30C wash dirty stain strip
Hotpoint H8 W946WB UK 40C wash clean

Stain removal here was improve, besides. The ruddy wine and gravy stains were still very visible, only the remaining stains were gone from the test strip.

Using the energy label, I can piece of work out annual running costs on a level playing field to compare results from all washing machines. In the UK, the average number of washes is 274 per year; at 6kg per wash, this is a full of 1644kg of washing.

Assuming that a washing machine is used to its total capacity each time, this means that the Hotpoint H8 W946WB UK could consummate that corporeality of washing in 182.67 washes. Given information technology costs 18p per cycle, this results in a yearly running cost of £32.73, justifying its A-rating for efficiency.

The Hotpoint H8 W946WB U.k.’s direct bulldoze motor also means this appliance is relatively repose, running at fifty.9dB during the regular part of the cycle and hitting but 62.9dB on the spin wheel. That’southward quiet plenty to non be annoying if you’re in the same room as this washing machine, and near the best functioning of any others I’ve tested.

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Should you buy it?

If smart features aren’t a must, with you priortising lots of programmes and decent running costs instead, this Hotpoint washing machine could be just the apparatus for you.

If you’re looking for lower running costs, greater capacity or smart features, then consider from a range of alternatives instead.

Final Thoughts

Wash functioning and stain removal, particularly at 30ºC, could be better; merely the Hotpoint H8 W946WB UK offers decent running costs and a simple control panel. Information technology’s only fair to compare it to the main competition. The like Whirlpool W8 W046WR UK delivers lower running costs cheers to its larger drum, so is a ameliorate buy overall. If your pockets are deeper, so the AEG L9FEB969C comes with smart features and delivers ameliorate stain removal, but is a tad more expensive to run. If you’re after something else entirely, check out my guide to the all-time washing machines.

How we test

Unlike other sites, nosotros test every washing auto we review thoroughly over an extended period of time. We employ manufacture standard tests to compare features properly. We’ll always tell you what we observe. We never, ever, accept money to review a product.

Discover out more about how nosotros test in our ethics policy.

We examination compatibility with the main smart systems (HomeKit, Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings, IFTTT and more than) to see how easy each machine is to remote control. Smart washing machines but.

We test each car with the same stains to run into which ones are best at cleaning.

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What’southward the capacity of the Hotpoint H8 W946WB UK?

This washing machine has a 9kg drum.

What is the automatic dosing mode on the Hotpoint H8 W946WB United kingdom of great britain and northern ireland?

This lets the washing machine use the right amount of detergent and fabric softener automatically: you just take to fill up the reservoir from time to time.

Trusted Reviews exam information

Sound (spin)

Sound (normal)

Water consumption 30C launder

Per centum water remaining 40C wash

H2o consumption 40C wash

Energy consumption 40C launder

Yearly running price low utilize (washing machine)

Yearly running cost med utilize (washing machine)

Pct water remaining 30C launder

Yearly running cost loftier utilize (washing auto)

Energy consumption 30C wash

Hotpoint H8 W946WB UK

62.nine dB

50.ix dB

31.vii litres

38.52 %

38.6 litres

0.52 kWh



40.98 %


0.565 kWh

Total specs

Britain RRP


Size (Dimensions)


Release Date

First Reviewed Date

Model Number

Voice Banana

Rated Efficiency

Annual water consumption

Almanac electricity consumption

Drum Capacity

Spin speed

Special wash modes

Countdown timer

Delay timer

Hotpoint H8 W946WB UK



599 x 643 x 845 MM

83 KG



Hotpoint H8 W946WB Britain



9900 litres

107.8 kWh

nine kg

1400 rpm

Wool, 45-minute, Steam Refresh, Duvet, Cuddly Toys




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