How Do U Delete Screen Time

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In this article we’re going to larn how to (temporarily) hibernate the toolbars, taskbars, rulers and whatnot in Give-and-take.  Note that these processes will also work for other Microsoft Office applications such equally Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

Why would I desire to hide the taskbars in Word?

There are various reasons why y’all might desire to have just a bare white screen in front of you lot when using Word. If you’re trying to write, write, write, yous might want to remove all distractions. If yous’re displaying Discussion on a large screen using a projector, there are many reasons why a plain screen with no additional information might be useful.

In fact, the second reason, wishing to brandish but some text and images via an overhead projector, is why I was asked to write this article in the outset place.

How to hide taskbars and toolbars in Word

This works for Word 2007, 2010 and 2013: I’ve used Discussion 2010 in the case because it’southward what I use most of the time, only the principles remain the same.

How to minimise the ribbon in Give-and-take

You might just want to minimise the ribbon. If this is the case, showtime
right-click anywhere on the actual ribbon, then select
Minimize the Ribbon
from the menu that displays: