Mac Pro

Power to modify everything.

Say hi to a Mac that is extreme in every style. With the greatest operation, expansion, and configurability notwithstanding, it is a arrangement created to let a broad range of professionals button the limits of what is possible.

All-New Design

Function defines course.

Every aspect of Mac Pro is designed in pursuit of performance. Built around a stainless steel infinite frame, an aluminum housing lifts off, allowing 360‑caste access to every component and vast configuration. From there anything is possible.

Processor and Retentivity

Upwardly to 28 cores of power. Create without constraint.

Mac Pro is designed for pros who need the ultimate in CPU performance. From product rendering to playing hundreds of virtual instruments to simulating an iOS app on multiple devices at once, it’s exceedingly capable. At the heart of the system is an Intel Xeon processor with up to 28 cores — the most ever in a Mac. In addition, large L2 and shared L3 caches and 64 PCI Express lanes provide massive bandwidth in and out of the processor.

Engineered to go all out. All the time.

Squeezing every possible ounce of performance out of the processor means giving it a lot of power. In this case, over 300 watts. A massive oestrus sink keeps the system cool, enabling it to run fully unconstrained. Heat pipes movement heat away from the chip, dispersing it along aluminum fin stacks. While iii axial fans move air through the system.

Forget everything you lot know about retentivity.

A multicore workstation processor needs lots of memory to feed it. Featuring half dozen channels of superfast ECC retentivity and 12 physical DIMM slots, Mac Pro allows for up to 1.5TB of memory. So pros working with large projects, analyzing huge data sets, or running multiple pro applications tin can make fast work out of all kinds of work. And while typical towers cram memory into hard-to-accomplish places, Mac Pro utilizes a two-sided logic board, making information technology easy to access.

Upward to 2933MHz DDR4 ECC retentiveness

Upwardly to 140GB/s memory bandwidth

Half-dozen-channel retentivity system


8 PCI Express expansion slots. Go configure.

Mac Pro is designed for pros who demand to build high‑bandwidth capabilities into their systems. With iv double‑broad slots, three single‑wide slots, and one one-half‑length slot preconfigured with the Apple I/O menu, it has twice as many slots as the previous Mac belfry. Now you can customize and expand in ways never before possible in a unmarried workstation.

half-length slot

single-wide slots

double-broad slots


Extreme performance. By design.

For many pros, a high-performance graphics architecture is disquisitional to their workflows. Particularly for tasks like animating 3D film assets, compositing 8K scenes, and building lifelike gaming environments. To requite them the highest possible performance and take graphics capabilities to a new level, something groundbreaking was required. Introducing the Mac Pro Expansion Module, or MPX Module.

A 2d connector. An industry offset.

The MPX Module starts with an industry-standard PCI Limited connector. And so more PCIe lanes integrate Thunderbolt and additional ability provided to increase capability. With up to 500 watts, the MPX Module has ability capacity equivalent to that of the unabridged previous-generation Mac Pro.

MPX connector
Up to 475 watts power

Standard PCI Express x16
Up to 75 watts ability

Thunderbolt 3
Up to 40Gb/s information transfer

Radeon Pro

W6800X Duo

Up to xxx.2 teraflops compute performance

Radeon Pro W6800X Duo. Power plus ability.

With up to sixteen.0 teraflops of compute performance, 32GB of memory, and 512GB/s of memory bandwidth, the MPX Module with Radeon Pro W6800X is a powerhouse. For fifty-fifty more than power, two Radeon Pro W6800X GPUs combine to create the W6800X Duo. With double the graphics performance, retentivity, and memory bandwidth, it’due south our nigh powerful graphics card. The two GPUs are continued through the Infinity Fabric Link, which allows data transfer up to 5x faster between the GPUs. It’south huge for apps that are optimized for multiple GPUs.

Our most powerful graphics bill of fare. Times two.

To button your graphics operation even further, Mac Pro supports configuration of 2 Radeon Pro W6800X Duo MPX Modules. The four GPUs combine to add upward to 60.iv teraflops and 128GB of high-bandwidth graphics memory. It’due south a massive amount of operation congenital to tackle even the nigh demanding multi-GPU pro applications.

Cool. Tranquility. Capable.

Almost GPUs aren’t conceived as office of an overall system, so they require their own cooling. The MPX Module is designed equally an integrated component of Mac Pro. Its form factor enables a larger rut sink, which works in concert with the auto’s internal airflow to quietly dissipate rut. Without a noisy bolted-on fan, estrus and decibel levels are kept remarkably low.

Video Editing

Apple tree Afterburner. Blaze through 8K video.

Created to transform the workflow for film and video professionals, Afterburner allows yous to become directly from camera to timeline and work natively with 4K and even 8K files from the kickoff. No more time-consuming transcoding, storage overhead, or errors during output. Proxy workflows, RIP.

Cut to even more than creativity.

Afterburner is a hardware accelerator card congenital with an FPGA, or programmable ASIC. With over a million logic cells, information technology can process up to half-dozen.three billion pixels per second. And when installed in Mac Pro, the system is capable of handling up to 6 streams of 8K ProRes RAW or 23 streams of 4K ProRes RAW. This ways you tin can free up your cores to enable even more creative furnishings and processing.

Up to half dozen streams of 8K ProRes RAW video at 30 fps12

Upwards to 23 streams of 4K ProRes RAW video at 30 fps

Upward to xvi streams of 4K ProRes 422 video at thirty fps

Security and Storage

Security taken to new heights.

Mac Pro is the well-nigh secure tower nosotros’ve always built. A Secure Enclave coprocessor provides the foundation for encrypted storage and secure boot capabilities. And then you can worry less near protecting your work, code, and intellectual property. And focus more on doing your all-time thinking.

Apple T2 Security Chip.

Data on Mac Pro is protected by the Apple tree T2 Security Fleck. Information technology integrates a Secure Enclave coprocessor and discrete controllers into a single chip. It also ensures that the lowest levels of software aren’t tampered with and that just operating organization software trusted by Apple tree loads at startup.

Up to 8TB storage.

To deliver the fastest possible performance, Mac Pro is congenital on an all-flash storage compages. Information technology starts with a 512GB SSD and is configurable to a 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, or 8TB SSD — all encrypted past the T2 chip.

Loftier-Speed Connections

Powerful I/O at hand.

Mac Pro has extremely high‑performance I/O, and lots of it. Information technology begins with four Thunderbolt three ports, two USB-A ports, and two 10Gb Ethernet ports. And with every MPX Module you add you lot become more capability. Connect up to 12 4K displays or up to half-dozen Pro Display XDRs from Apple and see your work with over 120 million pixels. It’s now like shooting fish in a barrel to expand at volition.

Rear expansion.

With up to 12 Thunderbolt iii ports, Mac Pro doesn’t simply have room for more ports than any Mac, information technology integrates them elegantly with each new module added.

Acme instance.

Two convenient ports on the top allow quick and easy connections to your Thunderbolt 3–compatible devices.

Rack mount

Different form. Aforementioned powerful factors.

Mac Pro is also bachelor in a rack mount — with notwithstanding operation features and configuration options as the tower — for spaces better suited to a rack design. The rack mount features the airflow‑maximizing 3D lattice and stainless steel handles on the front and tool‑less stainless steel slide rails in place of feet or optional wheels.

Utilise AR to see Mac Pro in your workspace.

Open up this page using Safari on your iPhone or iPad.

View in AR

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