How Samsung and Mindful Chef are building the efficient kitchen

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Mindful Chef’s mission is to brand healthy eating with less waste material. A fast-growing food box company, Mindful Chef delivers recipes along with the exact amount of fresh ingredients that y’all need to cook the perfect meals.

As office of that mission, Mindful Chef develops its recipes in its high-tech kitchen, using the kit provided past its technology partner, Samsung. Nosotros sabbatum down with Myles Hopper, founder of Mindful Chef, and Dan Harvie, VP of home appliances at Samsung to find out how the two companies work together.

A flexible kitchen

As Hopper explains, the Mindful Chef kitchen sits at the center of the company and is where the chefs develop more 40 new recipes per calendar week. It was key to partner with a company that produced innovative and flexible cooking appliances. Mindful Chef found Samsung to be a “forward-thinking and innovative platform”.

Samsung saw an opportunity to work with Mindful Chef. Equally Harvie explains, they’re “ii brands that pride themselves on beingness hereafter-facing, and are a really proficient fit of production and technology”.

As part of the partnership, Samsung provides appliances for Mindful Chef’s development kitchen.

“We support the development of their recipes with Dual Cook Flex ovens, microwaves and hobs,” explains Harvie.

Dual Melt Flex is Samsung’south smart engineering that lets you run a single oven at two different temperatures, effectively giving you dual ovens without needing more infinite.


The pandemic has seen a different approach to home cooking, with people now spending more time cooking, while wanting amend and more impressive results. Mindful Chef has “grown exponentially” during the pandemic and continues to abound.

Samsung has also seen changes in consumer demand, too.

“Undoubtedly, in that location’s a greater demand for technology,” says Harvie. “Consumers are broadening their minds for their families. Certainly, there’s a greater level of creativity in cooking and the kitchen.”

Along with more creativity, in that location’south a growing demand for sustainability, something that sits at the heart of Mindful Chef. According to the company, its recipe boxes create 30% fewer emissions than supermarket meals.

Hopper explained that rather than having everyone drive to a supermarket, Mindful Chef can utilize existing delivery companies and routes, reducing the number of vehicle miles.

“A van can do 200 drops, rather than 200 people visiting a supermarket,” says Hopper.

The visitor also addresses nutrient waste: according to figures provided by Mindful Chef, 3.6 one thousand thousand tons of food is thrown out by the food industry in the Great britain every year.

At Mindful Chef, the visitor can plan and predict demand for ingredients, ordering and supplying what’south really needed.

According to Hopper, “We can pre-program, as customers purchase up to 12 weeks in advance, and order with the farms. We choice upwardly trends, and pride ourselves on very minimum wastage.”

Sustainability and efficiency shouldn’t but stop with the ingredients but should deport on into the kitchen and how we cook. That’due south Samsung’s goal with Dual Melt Flex.

“Using Dual Cook Flex you tin take different temperatures, so y’all’ve got the flexibility to cater for all different cooking modes for different numbers of people,” says Harvie. “Function of that experience is the best in cooking and cuisine but also the efficiency: yous only have to heat and cook that i part of the oven.”

Hopper agrees and sees Dual Cook Flex every bit an efficient way to cook better.

“The ability to cook different ingredients, at different temps and times is far more efficient than cooking ane item than another,” explains Hopper.

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Better technology

Mindful Chef likewise sees a demand for the kinds of technologies that Samsung includes in its cooking appliances, using them to assist produce better results at home. One of the tools that professionals at Mindful Chef similar are the temperature probes in Samsung ovens.

“A normal chef trying to melt a joint of lamb might dry it out,” explains Hopper. “Samsung has made it really easy to create the best possible experience every time. It makes recipes easy to replicate at home, getting the best out of them, which is the whole goal.”

Samsung is also continuing to develop smart cooking via its Smart Things platform. This lets y’all practise things like pre-heat your oven from your phone, and become a ping when information technology’s time to turn the heat down. And, the Samsung Family Hub smart fridge freezer can even have you through recipes alive, even sending the correct settings to the oven.

It’s not unreasonable to expect that Mindful Chef recipes could, in the future, be integrated in a similar manner.

The company is developing ovens with cameras in them, and so yous can see what’south going on without having to open the door: perfect for getting Yorkshire puddings washed without the adventure of them sagging.

You can social club your choice of recipe boxes, including healthy, vegan and family choices, from the Mindful Chef’s website.


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