How To Add Chapters In Imovie

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Creating Chapter Markers

DVD chapters let you view video on your own terms. Whether y’all’re watching a Hollywood blockbuster or a DVD created by a friend, you lot tin can use on-screen menus to instantly access scenes of interest. You can besides use the Side by side and Previous buttons on your DVD player’s remote command to bound to the adjacent affiliate or to return to the starting time of a affiliate and lookout it again.

By adding chapter markers to your movies, you lot give your viewers this same freedom of movement and spare them the tedium of fast-forwarding and rewinding. You can create up to 99 markers in iMovie Hd, and iDVD will create menus and buttons for them.

Chapter markers are besides instrumental when creating video podcasts (see page 354), letting viewers skip to sections in the video.

Chapter markers can be handy within iMovie, likewise. You lot can apply them every bit bookmarks that help you lot rapidly navigate through a lengthy picture: when you click a affiliate in the Chapters pane, iMovie HD immediately moves the playhead to that location in the timeline. (You tin can, of course, also use bookmarks as bookmarks. But iMovie HD doesn’t display a list of bookmarks in 1 place as information technology does with affiliate markers.)

Y’all don’t take to create chapter markers in sequential order. If yous add together a marker to a movie that already contains some markers, iMovie HD automatically renumbers whatsoever markers that are located to its right.

Adding Chapter Markers

  • Footstep one.
    Position the playhead at the location where you desire the affiliate mark. Annotation that you can’t have a chapter marker within the first one second of a movie, and that there must be at least one second betwixt chapter markers.

    Y’all tin can drag the playhead there or utilise the keyboard shortcuts described in “The Keys to Precision” on page 229.

  • Step 2.
    Click the iDVD button.

    The Chapters pane appears.

  • Stride three.
    Click the Add together Marker button.

Repeat these steps for each affiliate marking you desire to create.

In the timeline viewer, iMovie Hard disk drive displays a xanthous diamond

at each chapter marker’s location.

Naming Chapters

When you lot add a chapter marker, its name appears in the Chapter Championship area of the Capacity pane. iMovie HD automatically names a chapter afterward the clip that appears at the marker’s location. When you utilise that movie in an iDVD project, iDVD names buttons according to the chapter titles.

If you lot haven’t named your clips as I recommend on page 228, you tin wind upward with meaningless chapter titles and push names, such as
Prune 03
or, for iPhoto images,
Scroll 86-ii.

If yous’re creating a video podcast, you tin can embed a URL that displays for eight seconds. Double-click the Link URL field, and then type a Web accost (including the
office). When the viewer clicks that chapter in iTunes, the Web page opens in a new browser window.

Tips for Chapters

How might you use chapters? That depends on what’southward in your video. Here are some scenarios to give you ideas.

A wedding ceremony video

Create chapters for each of the day’southward chief events: the bridesmaids beautifying the helpmate, the groom arriving at the church building, the anniversary, the reception.

A kid’s birthday party

Create chapters for each phase of the political party: the inflow of the guests, the games, the opening of presents, the fighting, the crying.

A vacation video

Create chapters for each day or for each destination you visited.

A documentary

Create chapters for each of the main subjects or periods of time that you’re documenting.

A training video

Create chapters for each subject area or set up of instructions.

A video podcast

Create chapters for each new subject, or when you want a clickable image that leads to a Web page.