Can you
add Windows Store games to Steam? How to add not-Steam games to Steam? If you are too trying to figure them out, then y’all come to the correct identify. This mail service of MiniTool will explore the answers together with you.

Can You lot Add Windows Store Games to Steam

Tin can you add not-Steam games to Steam? Of course, the answer is “Yes”. Steam is a widely popular online game platform that you can use to manage your games with ease. There is a specific option to add Windows games to Steam in the library interface. As well, you lot tin can add the game shortcut from Windows Stores to Steam with the help of an open-source tool.

Let’s see how to add Windows games to Steam.

How to Add together Windows Store Games to Steam

There are 2 simple means on how to add together Microsoft games to Steam. You tin choose one based on what you prefer.

Fashion i. Add together Microsoft Shop Games to Steam Manually

The most common way for adding not-Steam games to Steam is to use the Add a non-Steam game selection. To practise so, follow the steps below:

Stride 1.
Win + E
keys to open the
File Explorer, and then find the installation game binder that you want to add to Steam and note downwardly them.

Step 2.
Go to the
C:\Programme Files\WindowsApps
path in File Explorer, and and then correct-click the
binder and select

Pace 3.
Go to the
tab and click on
in the

Step 4.
Click on
in the
Advanced Security Settings

Step v.Enter your user name that controls the folder and click on the
Check Namesbutton. And then Windows will check and complete the total object proper name automatically. One time the total name completes, click onOK. Hither we take the
Administrator for instance.

enter the object name to select

Stride vi. Tick the checkbox next toReplace owner on sub containers and objects
and click onOK
to execute changes.

Replace owner on sub containers and objects

Step 7.
Open the
binder over again and search for the folders that include Microsoft Store games you want to add together. Then note downwards the full directory of these games.

Pace eight.
Launch your Steam client, and then click on
from the top toolbar and select
Add together a Non-Steam Game to My Library from the appeared menu.

add a non steam game to my library

Step 9.
Then a list of Windows Store game apps should display in the
Add together a game
window, and select the game you desire to add, and click on
Add together Selected Programs.

click on Add selected programs in Steam

–image from the Steam forum

Step 10.
If the Microsoft Shop games are non listed here, click on
Scan, and then select the game installation folder path you just noted down and click on
Open. Then select the newly listed games in the
Add a Game
window and click on
Add Selected Programs
to confirm it.

In one case you finished all the to a higher place steps, you should Microsoft Store games to Steam successfully.

Style 2. Add together Microsoft Shop Games to Steam via the UWPHook Software

Some other quick and easy way is to use the UWPHook software to add together Windows Shop games to Steam. Here’s how to add Windows games to Steam using the tool:

Step ane.
Click here to download the latest version of UWPHook and install it by following the on-screen instructions.

Step 2.
Launch this software to enter its main interface, and then click on
Load installed UWP Apps
and select the game apps that you want to add together to Steam from the list.

Stride 3.
Click on
Export selected Apps to Steam
at the lesser.

Export selected Apps to Steam

Footstep 4.
Launch your Steam customer and check if the selected MS Store games in UWPHook are included in Steam Library.