How To Add Music To Procreate

Did you know that you lot tin can add text to your work on Procreate?

Cool right!

But did you know that you tin can also import fonts to Procreate?

I know!

Although Procreate already has a lot of default fonts already installed, this opens upward a lot of possibilities similar using your own font.

Now the question is…

How to Import Fonts into Procreate

You might think it’s complicated to import fonts to Procreate, simply information technology’s actually easier than it sounds!

To exist able to use new fonts in Procreate, it all boils down to two major steps: download and import.

Download the font to your iPad

Before we can use the fonts on Procreate, nosotros’ll have to download them first.

In this examples, I downloaded the Lato font from Google fonts. Y’all can choose any font you like, if you have your own font that’s likewise peachy!

Become to your

iPad’s Files

and bank check if your files take been downloaded properly. Be sure to take note of where your fonts are saved.

Font files are commonly saved as
files so be certain to exist on the lookout for that. Merely Procreate can besides import
font files, so you take more options.

You might also observe your fonts saved as a zilch file, specially if information technology comes in different styles. Only tap on the zip file on your iPad to extract your font files.

Import the font to Procreate

Now that your fonts are sitting safely on your iPad’s downloads, let’s discuss the 2 main means on how to import fonts to Procreate.

How to Import Fonts to Procreate – Using the Actions Carte du jour

Let’s first open 1 of your Procreate projects or commencement a new 1. And then, tap on the wrench icon to go to ‘Deportment Menu’ and cull ‘Add’

Now, tap on ‘Add together Text’. A textbox with the word ‘Text’ will announced and your keyboard will popup.

You tin can leave the text every bit is for now, or you can type whatever word that comes to mind. I put ‘The Male monarch of the Route’ since I’g using my illustration of the Philippine jeepney.

Double-tap on your text to pull out some formatting options. So, tap on ‘Select All’.

The keyboard will be replaced by an extended version of the text formatting options. Now tap on the ‘Import font’ at the upper correct corner.

You will be brought to your iPad’s files. Simply go to the folder where you downloaded your font.

Tap on the font and it will automatically import to Procreate. You can now run into it on your list of fonts.

Importing Multiple Fonts – Drag and Drop

Like all the other files used in Procreate, we tin also import multiple fonts at once. We tin practise this using the drag and drop technique.

To import fonts using this technique, open up Procreate and your iPad’southward Files app in a Split View.

Drag and drop the font yous want to import from the Files app to Procreate. When you run into a light-green ‘+’ sign appear on the file yous’re dragging, you can then release your hold on the font and drop it on Procreate.

When yous look into your fonts, you lot’ll see that information technology’s at present in the list. In my instance, I added Lato’due south Black Italic mode.

Now, since Lato has 8 more font styles included in the font family, I will import it all at once.

Still in the Separate View, select all the fonts you want to import to Procreate.

And then, drag it to Procreate and wait for the light-green plus sign to appear.

Add more fonts for your utilise

At present that y’all know how to download fonts to Procreate, you can kickoff having more than fun with your work!

You can add together fonts to your work equally is or you can even stylize them and add together more than fun pattern.

Honestly, your imagination is your limit!

How do you plan to utilise this feature in your next piece of work? 🤔