How To Beat Survival Roof Hard

This is a strategy page about Survival: Roof (Hard).
Feel free to add together your strategies, just meet the rules page start.

Strategy 1

Starting – The Beginning (Flags ane-ii)

The priorities are: Get two columns of Sunflowers up fast, constitute Kernel-pults to later build Cob Cannons, and get Cabbage-pults upwards in the fifth column.

First off by picking these plants:

  • Sunflower
  • Bloom Pot
  • Kernel-pult
  • Cabbage-pult
  • Melon-pult
  • Twin Sunflower
  • Pumpkin
  • Squash

The Imitater Sunflower can be used, instead of the Twin Sunflower if you bought it to become the Sunflowers upward faster or if you accept more seed slots, and add the Winter Melon if you lot don’t have the Imitater, but have 9 slots. Note that it is as well recommended to use the Irish potato Mine if you accept enough slots, and so you could build more and more Sunflowers.

Start past planting Sunflowers in the third and 4th columns (the showtime and the second columns are used for Cob Cannons). However, if yous don’t have the Twin Sunflower, build Sunflowers in column 2 as well, simply dig them upwardly later when you’ve got enough sun to build Cob Cannons and Winter Melons. The 4th Sunflower should be planted the moment the zombie is killed by the rake or a 2d before. When the next zombie comes plant a Flower Pot in the fourth column and plant a Squash. By the time the Squash has killed the zombie the third and fourth columns should exist filled with Sunflowers except for the Squashes’ spots.

When the third zombie comes, plant a Kernel-pult in its lane you, then another ane in the same lane after information technology recharges or yous go plenty sun. Keep planting Kernel-pults. One per lane can kill regular zombies, simply two is recommended for Coneheads. After two columns of Kernel-pults are planted, yous should start filling upwardly the fifth column with Cabbage-pults, and try to Pumpkin them equally presently every bit possible.

By now, your defenses are decent already. You should start upgrading your 4th column Sunflowers in lanes ane, three, and five into Twin Sunflowers. You lot won’t keep the 3rd column Sunflowers, so don’t bother with them. While upgrading, you should be digging upwardly third column Sunflowers and replacing them with Melon-pults. Effort to Pumpkin them.

Your setup should at least look like this: (Notation that yous may have many Pumpkins)

  • S: Sunflower
  • K: Kernel-pult
  • M: Melon-pult
  • C: Cabbage-pult
  • A: Twin Sunflower
  • -: Empty

G Yard M A C – – – –

Grand G K S C – – – –

One thousand K M S C – – – –

K Thousand K S C – – – –

K K M Due south C – – – –

Notation that you may have Pumpkins around Cabbage-pults or Melon-pults, I didn’t include them yet. Do
pumpkin Kernel-pults, they have to be unpumpkined to be upgraded. You could have more upgraded Sunflowers, but simply in lane iii.

Cob Cannon Fourth dimension (Flags three-6)

During these flags, you should build your Cob Cannons, as it suggests in the title. Cob Cannons are important in Survival Mode, but although you can eliminate them, Survival Roof almost ever need them due to the fact that Gargantuars can’t be delayed by Spikerocks on the Roof, and they should be used in instance of emergencies.

Flags iii-4

For flags 3-iv, pick Twin Sunflower only if you take 2 upgraded Sunflowers, or upgraded the wrong one in mistake. The normal ones should be Umbrella Leaf, Cob Cannon, Melon-pult, Wintertime Melon, Blossom Pot, Pumpkin, and ii extras for instants or Blovers for Balloons. If you needed Twin Sunflowers, you simply get i extra spot, just information technology should be used on Blovers, but merely if there are Balloons. Otherwise, you should put an instant, preferably Jalapeno.

Yous should plant the last Twin Sunflower if you lot oasis’t already (see above for the three places Twin Sunflowers should be used). Salve upwards plenty lord’s day for a Cob Cannon. Upgrade any group of Kernel-pults yous desire (doesn’t matter), and upgrade Winter Melons while the Cob Cannon is recharging. Cob Cannons accept priority over Winter Melons, too so upgrade the Kernel-pults beginning, but 1 Cob Cannon is enough for at present, and then Winter Melons should be upgraded before the 2nd Cob Cannons.

Starting time to dig up the Cabbage-pults and replace them with Melon-pults. Yous should end this by the finish of flag iv. Start pumpkining the Cabbage-pults (and their replacements) and Winter Melons. It is very important you get this washed before massive hordes of Football Zombies come.

Right before the third flag, dig up the second lane and fourth lane Sunflowers and replace them with Umbrella Leafs. If there are too many strong zombies getting shut to munch up the fifth column Pumpkins, use a Cob Cannon to kill them. You should take one Cob Cannon at this flag.

In flag four, upgrade another pair of Kernel-pults into Cob Cannons, make sure all the third cavalcade plants are Winter Melons, and supplant all of the Cabbage-pults with Melon-pults. All plants in the 5th row should take pumpkins on them. When the wave comes, await until all of the zombies step onto the roof, and utilise two Cobs to kill them all.

By the terminate of flag iv, your map at least has to await like this, but the Pumpkins effectually the Winters aren’t necessary notwithstanding:

Chiliad: Kernel-pult, Chiliad: Melon-pult, W: Wintertime Melon, A: Twin Sunflower, C-C: Cob Cannon, U: Umbrella Foliage [ ]: inside a Pumpkin, -: Empty

C-C W A [K] – – – –

C-C Westward U [M] – – – –

M Yard West A [1000] – – – –

Grand K Westward U [M] – – – –

K One thousand W A [Thou] – – – –

You may have Pumpkins around some Winter Melons and more Cob Cannon, but this is what it should at least be.

Flags v-6

Pick these seeds: Cob Cannon, Melon-pult, Pumpkin, (an Imitater Pumpkin if yous take one) Wintertime Melon, Bloom Pot, Fume-shroom, Coffee Bean, Jalapeno, Squash, and Blovers to rid balloon zombies if they are coming (replace Squash).

Start Pumpkining the Winter Melons, then Column iv. It is essential as Gargantuars usually appear in flags 6 or seven and beyond, but they still might be in flag 5. Also, outset upgrading more Kernel-Pults into Cob Cannons. You will want to take this washed by the stop of flag six.

Plant Flower Pots in Column 6 and Pumpkin them. Don’t put whatever plants in the unpumpkined Cavalcade 6 Bloom Pots. Constitute Fume-Shrooms and wake them upwards in the Pumpkined Bloom Pots. The reason the Smoke-shrooms shoot off screen is considering that fashion they will be dead few seconds earlier than if the Fume-shrooms shoot all on-screen, protecting the Pumpkins slightly more.

The last thing to do is to plant more than pumpkined Melon-pults in column 7. This will complete the setup.

Brand sure you practise all this. Be sure that 1 Cob is loaded all the time to take care of Gargantuars. Don’t blast them too tardily, or else they will land at the Cob Cannons. The only reason y’all will want to shoot Cobs, actually, is when in that location are Gargantuars or a bunch of Football Zombies are putting pressure on the Pumpkins.

This should be your final setup:

  • M: Melon-pult
  • West: Winter Melon
  • A: Twin Sunflower
  • C-C: Cob Cannon
  • U: Umbrella Leaf
  • F: Fume-Shroom
  • -: Empty

(Note: all non-Cob Cannon plants should be Pumpkined)

C-C W A M F Yard – –

C-C W U M F 1000 – –

C-C W A M F G – –

C-C W U K F Thou – –

C-C West A G F M – –

Surviving the last Flags (Flags 7-10)

During the last four flags, the zombie amounts increase profoundly. Skilled operation is required.


You should e’er choose these plants: Melon-pult, Pumpkin, and Bloom Pot. The others should be used on instants, here is a list on instant priority, based on roof levels (the lower the number, the more useful).

  1. Jalapeno
  2. Squash
  3. Scarlet Flop
  4. Chomper
  5. Potato Mine (should almost never be used, it will be eaten due to the arming fourth dimension, since our pots are in column 5 already).
  6. Tangle Kelp (useless because there is no water on the roof).
Cob Cannons

Cob Cannons should be saved for certain conditions instead of being used whenever 2 Football Zombies come onto the screen. They should be saved for Gargantuars, massive amounts of Football Zombies, and Imps thrown also late, right to your Cobs. More often than not, these are the just places Cobs should be fired:

-: Not-recommended space

Ten: Recommended space

– – – – – – – – –

– Ten – – – – – 10 X

– – – – – – – – –

– X – – – – – X 10

– – – – – – – – –

Fifty-fifty if a Gargantuar is in, say, lane 1, shoot the Cob at lane 2 because it has the same outcome only with the added bonus of defeating whatsoever other lane 3 zombie. Always shoot at the rightmost foursquare (cavalcade 9) if there are Gargantuars considering that will exist able to shoot some Pumpkin-harassing Footballs while besides hitting the zombies that have strolled onto the screen so trivial that they oasis’t reached column ix.

If yous are shooting Pumpkin-harassers, shoot at the column eight foursquare because the cavalcade ix square’s explosion won’t be big enough to impale all of the harassing Football Zombies. The column 2 foursquare is solely for Imps that are thrown right to the Cobs.

Strategy 2 (Melons Everywhere!)

The Get-go (Flags 1-2)

Y’all should selection these plants:

  • Sunflower
  • Blossom Pot
  • Potato Mine
  • Squash
  • Melon-pult
  • Anything else you want

A garden rake is strongly recommended. Deal with the first few zombies using White potato Mines, and and so Squash (if the Murphy Mine is recharging). This can save you lots of Sunday, and during the waves start planting the melons on the third cavalcade. While you lot get more Sun, beginning planting more melons. You might want a few Twin Sunflowers to get more than Sun. Past the end of the outset two flags, it should expect at least like this:


One thousand=Melon-pult







If there are any Catapult Zombies or Bungee Zombies, then the empty spaces in the Sunflowers are for Umbrella Leaves.

The Residuum

This is cobless and you lot should continue edifice melons fast and by flag five-6 you should terminate 4 columns of melons. Starting time turning them into Winter Melons from the dorsum outset, and have a row of Tall-nuts in front of that. Always take instant kills, such as Jalapeno or Reddish Bomb considering of Gargantuars or too many zombies to deal with. Only 1 row of Winter Melons is needed, considering they don’t do any more damage than regular melons. The finished strategy should look similar this:

South=Twin Sunflower


Due west=Wintertime Melon


U=Umbrella Leaf*







Pumpkin everything.

*only needed if there are catapults or bungees.

Strategy three : All Instants with Sun Producing Plants and Flowerpots

This strategy involves instant rotations and will definitely depend on how constructive a certain surface area on the roof is utilized and how efficient instants are used when combined with other instants. This strategy also involves using the instants to the best possible mode in order to protect the Flower Pots and Sunflowers.

Since this is the roof level, then Flower Pots are counted as resources too simply because you can only plant on Flower Pots and the whole strategy focuses on using every single Bloom Pot in the best they could perchance be in order to keep the strategy alive.

Unlike other strategies, the Imitater plays a very vital role on defending the backyard when using this strategy considering information technology will definitely affect how often tin you utilize sure instants and how effective it will exist depending on what combination of zombies announced on every round.

All these Imitater plants should exist accompanied with the true version of them and bringing certain Imitater plant really affect the strategy for the whole round.

Imitater Ice-shrooms help by allowing you to have extra time by slowing all the zombies except Zomboni and volition allow you to buy some time for other things you need to do.

Imitater Squash helps by having a fast recharging instant that can exist used to impale groups of zombies that are gathered upwardly on one tile and works best against Pogo Zombies, Zomboni, Catapult, Imp and Bungees.

Imitater Hypno-shrooms are constructive against Football Zombies and Buckethead Zombies because they will most likely take care some of the zombies on the lane where they belong and is definitely helpful against Imps depending on how you handle the other instants.

Imitater Jalapeno gives works all-time on defending i lane against almost whatsoever zombie. Usually used to defend against Bungees, Zombonis and Gargantuars the moment they throw their Imp.

Imitater Doom-shroom are very effective confronting all combinations of zombies although it may crusade affect the whole strategy in the long run depending on where they are used because every part of the lawn can exist considered as a resource as well and since you need to also plant them on Flower Pots which can really touch on the whole strategy depending on where they are used. So no matter how powerful Doom-shroom and Imitater Doom-shroom are when combined. Yous should likewise consider that y’all also sacrifice one empty infinite on the roof and a Flower Pot which can really be abrasive when non handled very carefully.

Imitater Sunflower adept for a decent boost on dominicus supply when you need it

The 1st round ( Flag 1-2 )

Ordinarily the just threat on this stages are the Bucketheads and the Coneheads. But at the same fourth dimension yous need to be able to have a decent number of Sunflowers (or Twin Sunflowers) to handle abiding sun consumption due to using a lot of instants.

vi Twin Sunflowers should be enough as that’s the standard number of twins you need in order to have a strategy that involves a lot of instants working (Ice-shroom, Doom-shroom and the rest).

You need non to plant whatsoever offensive establish. all you lot demand is Squash, Blood-red Bomb, Potato Mine and Hypno-shrooms. Ice-shrooms might help but they are not always recommend. Brand sure you will be able to have a decent number of Flower Pots that will be the ane who will determined what strategy you tin can apply and where you could setup some stocked Ice-shrooms or probably Doom-shrooms.

The Rest

There are a few cadre instants to bring

  • Water ice-shroom
  • Doom-shroom
  • Red Bomb
  • Squash
  • Coffee Bean
  • Hypno-shroom / Potato Mine

and some plants that are actually required

  • Flower Pots
  • Java Bean

The Imitater should exist used but depending on what instant the Imitater will imitate determine the strategy to be used

The other one is either

  • Sunflower
  • Twin Sunflower
  • Blover
  • Jalapeno

Strategy 4 (Wintertime Cobs)

Flags 1-two

Plants to Utilize


Twin Sunflower



Flower Pot



Imitater Wall-nut


First of all beginning planting Sunflowers in column ane. When the zombies start coming place a Cabbage-pult in cavalcade 3 in the lane the zombie is in. Add together Cabbage-pults to each lane in column three when a zombie comes downward that lane. When a Conehead Zombie comes identify a flower pot in column 4 and put a Kernel-pult in it. The Kernel-pult’southward butter volition be sufficient to kill a Conehead Zombie with a Cabbage-pult’south aid. Do NOT DIG Upward THESE KERNEL-PULTS AT Whatever Indicate! Put Wall-nuts and Imitater Wall-basics at the start of the apartment bit of each lane. Don’t forget to place Bloom Pots first.

When y’all have enough sun first upgrading your Sunflowers. If you accept enough sun but tin can’t exist bothered to wait for the Twin Sunflower starting time replacing your Cabbage-pults with Melon-pults. When placing Melon-pults prioritize lanes with Buckethead Zombies in them

As well put Marigold in cavalcade two in lanes 1,3 and five. Go out lanes 2 and 4 in column 2 blank. Y’all volition fill these spaces upward later on.

Make full whatever empty spaces in column 4 with Kernel-pults.

You should be able to survive flags ane and 2 this way.

Flags 3-4

Plants to Utilize

Twin Sunflower (But if you need them)


Blossom Pot


Imitater Wall-nut (Simply if you didn’t cull Twin Sunflower)

Umbrella Foliage


Wintertime Melon

Cob Cannon

Anything you want

Start put Umbrella leaves in the empty spaces in cavalcade 2 because there are lots of Bungee Zombies in these ii flags. Identify Kernel-pults in front of the ones that are already there so you have 2 Kernel-pults per lane.

If you want to upgrade to a Cob Cannon upgrade it when a Bungee Zombie targets a Kernel-pult because you lot don’t lose your Kernel-pult if you upgrade it because it is non in that location anymore considering it has been upgraded and also Bungee Zombies can’t steal Cob Cannons. Once y’all have all of your Kernel-pults upgraded,(Which you probably won’t have by the end of flag 4) the Bungee Zombies tin can’t take anything because Cob Cannons are too heavy and everything else is protected past your Umbrella Leaves. Your Wall-basics aren’t protected but they are easily replaceable.

Also try to upgrade your melon-pults into Winter Melons because they are really helpful when they tin irksome down huge groups of zombies.

If y’all ever take besides many zombies in one lane to handle just employ your Cob Cannon. By the cease of flag 4 you should take 2 Cob Cannons.

Flags 5-6

Plants to Utilise

Wintertime Melon

Cob Cannon

Flower Pot


Imitater Wall-nut



The residue of the plants can exist what you want

There will be no more Bungee Zombies and so you tin can get rid of your Umbrella Leaves. Put a Marigold in ane space and get out the other empty. You volition demand to put Blovers in there when the Balloon Zombies come up.

If you demand to upgrade whatever more than Melon-pults to Winter Melons y’all should do and then. Proceed upgrading Kernel-pults and if you have Wall-nut Starting time Aid employ it to supersede nearly dead Wall-basics.

Flags seven-8

Plants to Use

Winter Melon (If you need it)

Cob Cannon



Imitater Wall-nut

Flower Pot


Lots of Instant-Kill plants

Gargantuars appear in these two flags then be conscientious. Keep on upgrading Melon-pults and Kernel-pults and if targeting a Gargantuar wait till two Cob Cannons are ready and then fire them both one after another. Doing this volition kill the Gargantuars earlier they can throw their Imps. Never take more than five Cob Cannons in 1 game.

Flags 9-10

Plants to Use


Imitater Wall-nut

Whatsoever other plants you may demand

Just sit back and picket your plants kill all of the zombies and actuate a Cob Cannon if needed. Don’t forget to pick up Marigold coins and any other coins that may driblet.

Skilful Luck

Strategy 5: Burn ‘Due north Ice

Plants needed:

Flags i-two

  • Sunflower
  • Twin Sunflower
  • Repeater
  • Gatling Pea
  • Melon-pult
  • Winter Melon
  • Bloom Pot
  • Tater Mine
  • Pumpkin

Flags 3-4

  • Twin Sunflower
  • Repeater
  • Gatling Pea
  • Melon-pult (optional, if less than 5 was planted)
  • Winter Melon
  • Flower Pot
  • Torchwood
  • Pumpkin
  • Imitater Pumpkin (optional)

Flags 5-viii

  • Repeater
  • Gatling Pea
  • Wintertime Melon
  • Pumpkin
  • Imitater Pumpkin
  • Umbrella Leaf
  • Squash
  • Jalapeno (optional)

Flags 9-ten

  • Repeater(optional, to fill-in killed Repeaters)
  • Gatling Pea (optional, to fill-in killed Gatling Peas)
  • Pumpkin
  • Imitater Pumpkin
  • Flower Pot
  • Squash
  • Torchwood (optional, to fill-in killed Torchwoods)
  • Coffee Bean (optional)
  • Doom-shroom (optional)

The Rake is strongly recommended.

First flags

First, establish Sunflowers in the first and second columns as fast as possible. When a zombie appears, let the rake impale it and focus on Sunflowers. For the next zombies, use Potato Mines. After having at least 200 sun, start planting Repeaters in the 4th column. Plant Repeaters (and after that, Gatling Peas) in columns 4 to 6 and Melon-pults (and after that, Wintertime Melons) in column iii.

Middle flags

Plant like below:

S S Thou [R] [R] (T) – – –

S U G [R] [U] [R] (T) – –

S Southward M [R] [R] (T) – – –

S U M [R] [U] [R] (T) – –

South Due south M [R] [R] (T) – – –

S = Sunflower/Twin Sunflower (Sunflowers should be upgraded)

U = Umbrella Leaf

One thousand = Melon-pult/Wintertime Melon (Melon-pult must exist upgraded)

R = Repeater/Gatling Pea (Repeater must be upgraded)

T = Torchwood

– = Free space

() = Must-have Pumpkin

[] = Should-accept Pumpkin

The Catapult Zombies and Zombonis are you worst threats, even more than Gargantuars. You can deal with Zombonis by Squashes or Jalapenos or pile enough harm on information technology. Catapult Zombies are less dangerous, but can still practise quite some damage to your defense.

Last flags

Plant as many Pumpkins every bit yous can. For the final moving ridge, if y’all desire, plant a Doom-shroom (with a Flower Pot and Coffee Bean, of course) in the eye of the wave to easily eliminate nigh of them, but institute fast, as the Doom-shroom might get eaten by the zombies or smashed by the Gargantuar.

Cobless Strategy

This setup was originally made by tammttg in “Survival Roof (Endless)” and made it over xx flags! If you don’t accept cob cannon yet, try this setup!

Flags 1-2

Selection Sunflower, Twin Sunflower, Bloom Pot, Fume Shroom, Coffee Bean, Melon-Pult, Potato Mine, Squash, and Pumpkin. If y’all have a tenth slot, choice Imitater-Sunflower.

Start off by placing sunflowers in the back 2 rows, and kill the outset few zombies using potato mines. Quickly alter to putting Fume-Shrooms in the tertiary, 4th and 5th cavalcade and pumpkin the ones in the fifth. Put Melon-Pults in the back row, and upgrade the sunflowers in the second cavalcade into twins, except the ones in the 2d and quaternary row. You tin can put sunflowers in the sixth column pumpkined for bonus lord’s day, but but practise so once you accept finished the fumes and pumpkins.

Flags 3-four

Selection Winter Melon, Pumpkin and Imitated Pumpkin, Flower Pot, Coffee Edible bean, Gloom-Shroom, Fume-Shroom, Umbrella Leaf, Twin Sunflower (but if Sunflowers are in sixth lane) and i instant of your choosing (blover for balloons)

Put Umbrella Leaves in the 2d and 4th row, second cavalcade, to protect confronting bungees and catapults. In the 5th column, upgrade your fumes into glooms, and also upgrade your Melon-Pults into Winter Melons. Finally, Pumpkin all plants except the back two columns.

At present y’all are done! All yous need to practice now is bring plenty instants to impale off the zombies each circular. I recommend Doom-Shroom, Ice-Shroom, and imitating the doom-shroom. Skilful Luck!

Also, here is tammttg’due south video on it!

No Sunflower Strategy

Plants vs Zombies – Survival Roof Difficult – No Sunflower

  • Survival Difficult ( Roof ) all Instants with Dominicus Producing Plants and Bloom Pots 1
  • Survival Hard ( Roof ) all Instants with Sun Producing Plants and Flower Pots two
  • Survival Hard ( Roof ) all Instants with Dominicus Producing Plants and Flower Pots iii

Melony expanse strategy

Plants needed

  • Melon-pult
  • Sunflower
  • White potato Mine
  • Twin Sunflower
  • Tall-nut/Wall-nut
  • Umbrella Leafage
  • Pumpkin


First, you put some Sunflowers, so impale the zombie using a Irish potato Mine, and then plant a bunch of Melon-pults, retrieve, place the Umbrella Leafs in the middle of 3X3 Melon-pults.

Melons and Gloom-shrooms

1st round (Flags i-ii)

Start planting Sunflowers and employ Potato Mine for the outset zombies until you take Gloom-shrooms. Later plant Gloom-shrooms in Pumpkins at column 6 and Umbrella Leaves at column 5, rows 2&4 to stop the Bungees. Upgrade Sunflowers at colums 2 and v, rows 1,three,5 to Twin Sunflowers.

Due south T S S T (G)
S Due south S S U (K)
S T S South T (One thousand)
S S South Due south U (G)
Southward T Due south S T (G)

S – Sunflower

T – Twin Sunflower

K – Gloom-shroom

U – Umbrella Leaf

() – Pumpkin

2nd circular (Flags iii-iv)

Supervene upon Sunflowers in columns iii&4 with Melon-pults and upgrade i in each lane to Winter Melons. Identify Umbrella Leaves at column 2, rows 2&four for Bungees and Catapults.

Southward T One thousand Due west (T) (Thousand)
S U Thou W (U) (Grand)
S T One thousand W (T) (1000)
South U M W (U) (G)
S T Grand Westward (T) (G)

M – Melon-pult

W – Winter Melon

3rd round (Flags 5-6)

Add together more than Melon-pults and upgrade to Winter Melon.

W T M West (T) (G)
W U 1000 W (U) (1000)
W T M W (T) (Grand)
Westward U M Due west (U) (Grand)
West T Yard W (T) (G)

4th round (Flags 7-8)

Continue adding and upgrading melons.

5th round (Flags 9-10)

Replace some Twin Sunflowers with Melon-pults for Zombonies and Gargantuars simply go on at least iii. Also Pumpkin the Winter Melons for the Imps. If in that location are no Bungees, replace Umbrella Leaves with Melons.

Due west T G (Westward) (G) (G)
W U G (West) (U) (Thou)
Westward T Grand (W) (Yard) (K)
Westward U M (W) (U) (G)
W T M (W) (M) (G)


Another column of Melon-pults tin be added at column 6 while the Gloom-shrooms are at column vii. In the final round, replace the Umbrella Leaves if no Bungees and 3 Twin Sunflowers with Melons.

W T M (W) (T) (M) (G)
Westward U M (West) (U) (M) (G)
Westward T Yard (W) (T) (M) (Grand)
W U M (W) (U) (K) (Grand)
W T M (Due west) (T) (1000) (G)

Melons and Cobs

This uses Winter Melons and Cob Cannons.

1st round (flags 1-2)

Start planting Sunflowers and use Tater Mine for the beginning zombie. Everytime a zombie comes, plant a Kernel-pult in that lane and afterwards Melon-pult. Upgrade some melons to Winter Melons. Upgrade some Sunflowers to Twin Sunflowers.

T S K M (M)
T S K M (U)
T South K M (M)
T S K M (U)
T S K Chiliad (M)

S – Sunflower

T – Twin Sunflower

K – Kernel-pult

Grand – Melon-pult

W – Winter Melon

U – Umbrella Leaf

() – Pumpkin

2nd round (flags three-4)

Have 2-3 Cob Cannons and Umbrella Leaf the back for Bungees and Catapults. Have melons in columns 4&5&half dozen and upgrade 1 in each lane to Wintertime Melon. Apply those cobs in huge waves.

T C C W (Thousand) (M)
U T M W (U) (M)
T T K W (M) (1000)
U T K W (U) (G)
T C C W (M) (Thou)

C-C – Cob Cannon

3rd round (flags v-six)

End having five Cob Cannons. Apply them in in huge waves.

T C C W (1000) (Yard)
U C C W (U) (M)
T C C W (1000) (Grand)
U C C Westward (U) (M)
T C C W (K) (M)

4th-5th circular (flags 7-10)

Use the cobs in huge waves and for Zombonies and Gargantuars since at that place are no Spikerocks to finish them. Supercede Umbrella Leaves at the back with melons if there are no Catapults.

T C C (W) (G) (Yard)
U C C (W) (U) (M)
T C C (W) (G) (K)
U C C (West) (U) (M)
T C C (W) (M) (G)

Death Zone ( By wintermagnet )

FLAG i-iv

Plants :


Twin Sunflower

Imitater ( Sunflower )


Wintertime Melon


Umbrella Leaf

Bloom Pot

make full the place with sunflowers and imitater.Just put twin at the dorsum.Apply melon-pult at the 3rd,4th,5th column.

in the 4th column,put a umbrella leaf in the 4th column,in the 2nd and 4th rows.3rd cavalcade is the but place with winter melon,Dont put on the others

FLAG 5-vi :

Plants :

Flower Pot



Cob cannon

Umbrella Leaves


Fill up the 6th&7th columns with cob cannons and put in the 6th cavalcade and 2nd and 4th rows i umbrella leafage.put a 7th&8th put a cob cannon.put a tall-nut at where there are row 1,3 and 5.only on cavalcade 8

No Sunflower Strategy


Plants needed:

  • Flower Pot
  • Wall-nut
  • Alpine-nut
  • Kernel-pult
  • Cob Cannon
  • Fume-shroom
  • Gloom-shroom
  • Ice-shroom
  • Java Bean
  • Umbrella Leaf
  • Pumpkin