How To Block Someone On Bumble

There are a whole agglomeration of reasons you might want to cease certain people seeing you on a dating app. Some are lightheaded – say, y’all don’t desire the friends you play touch football with on a Tuesday evening to see how many pictures of you and your pet kitten are included in your contour.

Or that you’re ‘Just a big softy tbh, looking for a little spoon and a partner in law-breaking’. Some are nefarious – like, you lot’re on the dating apps and y’all don’t want your wife to know (I can’t make that one funny. Don’t do information technology).

And others are varying degrees of applied, whether yous don’t want whatever interactions with an ex, take had a engagement or a pre-appointment chat go horribly wrong, and demand to back out of all interactions ASAP or find someone genuinely creepy and troubling and don’t want to interact with them anymore.

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You would expect decision-making who sees your profile would exist easy on Bumble, a dating site that claims to care deeply about user safety and online bullying and harassment issues.

Unfortunately, the mechanisms for stopping a user from seeing your profile are no more advanced on Bumble than on whatever other popular dating app

Can You Stop Someone From Seeing You On Bumble - Unmatching

To be fair, I’m not sure what exactly I would want instead. I mean, for one thing there is no real search option on most apps so to isolate a user and block only them from viewing your profile you normally take to engage in some interaction with them first.

It all seems very complicated and hard to engineer, so no hard feelings to the app congenital by women and for everyone for not coming up with the perfect solution!


On Bumble, you lot accept a few options when it comes to stopping someone’s access to your profile. You tin cake a specific user to cease them seeing you. If they were behaving inappropriately, yous can besides report them.

A third option is unmatching, which simply severs contact, though your profile may somewhen pop up in their feed again and vice versa.

Does Bumble Tell You When Someone Is Online? Or When They Last Viewed You?

Evidently, if y’all just don’t similar someone’s chat or you went on a engagement and they turned out to drinkable only room temperature milk and talk only about astronomy (yeah, I hateful astronomy, non astrology. I’grand probably not referencing a real engagement I went on… in fact, for legal reasons, let’s say I am definitely non. This did non happen. I was never forced into a forty-minute conversation about the nomenclature of Pluto on a first appointment.) then don’t block and report!

Be a grownup and say ‘I don’t really recall at that place’s a spark between us’, and just unmatch. And if you lot want more than full general advice on how to control who sees your profile on Bumble, I have an article on that here.

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Blocking On Bumble

To block without reporting on Bumble, a site that takes any red flags against a user pretty seriously, you still have to click on ‘Block and Report’ on that user’s profile.

You’ll exist prompted to tell Bumble why you’re blocking and reporting, with a message that starts ‘Everything Okay?’ because, you know, apps actually intendance about you!

All of the options here but ane will atomic number 82 to what is essentially points on the Bumble license of the user you’re blocking. If y’all don’t desire the user penalized, you lot take to choose ‘I’chiliad But Non Interested’.

There used to be an ‘I don’t want them to see me’ option, but that has disappeared in contempo months. I will be keeping an center out for its return, as it was a fiddling clearer than the electric current not interesting choice.

This is a dandy option if someone is just obviously abrasive but essentially harmless, or if you’ve had an awkward encounter and want to nope out of the state of affairs without it beingness obvious that you’ve done and so. It will only look to them as though you deleted your Bumble account.

Can You Stop Someone From Seeing You On Bumble - Blocking

Reporting On Bumble

On Bumble, the reasons for blocking someone that are presented in the ‘Everything Okay?’ dialogue box when you click through to Block and Report a user apart from ‘I’m Simply Not Interested’ volition too report them.

That ways that Bumble client service will be notified of their behavior, and if the user is blocked multiple times/past multiple users for similar deportment they will be investigated and could be kicked off the app or blocked past Bumble.

So, I know it might be tempting to report the ex who cheated on you with a guy from piece of work, just it’s probably not a good idea to abuse a system that’south in place to go along people safe. Also, there’s no selection for, ‘her selfish animalism for newness bankrupt my heart.

And they did it in the stationary cupboard – can you lot imagine a worse cliché?.

Can You Stop Someone From Seeing Your On Bumble - Reporting

Unmatching On Bumble

Finally, you can ever unmatch a user on Bumble. This will remove their access to your contour, and delete your conversation with them from their inbox. Yous might eventually popular upwards in their feed again, just unless you also swipe correct on them yous obviously won’t match and therefore they won’t actually be able to make contact.

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