How To Boost Ram On Phone

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Have you ever experienced some instances when your smartphone slows down or freezes the more than apps you take active or running in the background? If yes, one of the possible reasons backside it is that your device is running low on RAM. In this guide, we’ll teach you the easiest ways on how to upgrade your Android phone’southward RAM.

What is RAM?

Before nosotros proceed on how to upgrade RAM, permit’southward showtime endeavour to empathize the term. If you have a estimator, you lot might already exist familiar with it for information technology has the aforementioned role as a smartphone.

RAM stands for Random Admission Memory. Information technology is your smartphone’s temporary information storage for current and time to come running programs including apps, browsers, and games. Moreover, RAM is known to accept higher reading and writing speeds than a smartphone’s internal memory, likewise as hard and solid-state drives. It is one of the reasons why your device tin can run efficiently.

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How Much RAM Does a Smartphone Needs?

The standard RAM of Android phones has increased through the years since mod devices keep on acquiring new features and more than apps become bachelor. For example, many smartphones back in 2019 had 4GB RAM but this yr, half-dozen and 8GB or more is the norm.

With these, y’all might be wondering how much RAM does a smartphone really requires. The answer depends on your device usage. To provide a concrete reply, 4GB is decent to run a smartphone’s system and few essential apps while six or 8GB RAM on mid-to-high-terminate devices are enough for polish device performance and plenty of apps, including graphics-intensive games and heavy programs.

Why is in that location a need for more RAM? If yous know how to upgrade the RAM of your Android phone, y’all tin can have gratuitous space, more apps running at in one case, and a faster or snappier device. This know-how is perfect for multitaskers. Also, if yous ain a smartphone with 6GB or less RAM, information technology can be boosted to proceed up with what some of the latest devices tin can handle.

How to Upgrade RAM for Android?

Upgrading RAM does non mean changing the official phone storage specifications for there is no built-in setting to do and so. It refers to increasing the phone’due south free or useable space.

Doing information technology has keen benefits, but besides comes with some risks. This is because there are methods that may crave you to root your Android phone which can lead to file damage or data leakage via the rooting apps or tools used. For this guide, let’s focus on the easiest ways on how to upgrade the RAM of an Android phone without rooting.

Upgrade RAM via mobile apps

Present,  there are no-root apps you can download on the Google Play Store for upgrading RAM. Amid the widely-used ones are RAM Booster (Retentivity Cleaner), Smart Booster – Costless Cleaner, and Norton Make clean. These three apps are free simply may offer digital purchases. Users tin too upgrade to the paid pro or premium version of the apps.

1. RAM Booster

Find out how to upgrade RAM in just a few clicks with RAM Booster
Screenshots from RAM Booster on an Android phone

How to upgrade RAM using the RAM Booster app? First, you lot have to install and launch it. When the Memory interface shows up, you lot’ll be able to meet how much RAM can be freed. 2d, swipe up and so down to go from the bottom to the top of the folio for the clickable oval green button to appear. Third, tap on the button to get to the listing of the apps that volition be suspended or closed by RAM Booster to increment your RAM. Lastly, click the rocket symbol above the list. One time finished, the checkmark and Done button will show up on the next folio and home screen, respectively.

What is expert virtually the RAM Booster app? It is simple to use and takes less than five steps to get the job done. Moreover, it lets you encounter how much RAM is used by your Android phone. Data is presented in readable figures and at that place are a listing and graph on a neat user interface. This helps inform you if you have useless or heavy apps eating upwardly your storage.

Download on Google Play Store

2. Smart Booster

Upgrade RAM in just a few steps with Smart Booster
Screenshots from Smart Booster on an Android phone

Smart Booster is another mobile app that could potentially improve your Android phone’s RAM. To start, y’all should install and launch the app on your smartphone. Adjacent, tap the iii-line icon on the upper-left part of the homepage and Settings on the sidebar that volition announced. Click Ram boost.

Smart Booster is also easy to use for upgrading RAM
Screenshots from Smart Booster on an Android phone

Next, tap Heave level. You will be asked to choose from Aggressive, Potent, Medium, and Gentle. Afterwards selecting your preferred level, shut the pop-upwardly and swipe up to be able to tap Boost automatically. Lastly, get back to the homepage to click on the Free RAM circumvolve and the BOOST button.

You volition be able to successfully increase the useable RAM on your Android phone after the said steps. It takes a few more clicks compared to RAM Booster, but the procedure can withal be considered easy even if you are not that tech-savvy.

Download on Google Play Store

3. Norton Clean

Norton Clean lets you upgrade or free up RAM conveniently
Photos from Norton Labs on Google Play Store

Norton Clean is some other user-friendly memory booster or cleaner app for Android phones. Information technology is from Norton Labs, a large name in the antivirus software industry.

How to upgrade RAM using the Norton Clean app? To begin freeing up memory, install and open up the app after downloading it from the Google Play Store. Next, click on the round refresh or fan icon for Norton Clean to start scanning and automatically removing unnecessary programs. Wait for it to stop. Once washed, the full size of junk files will be shown in the center circumvolve. Y’all can then tap View Junk Files to come across the specific app list.

Download on Google Play Store

Upgrade RAM via a Micro-SD Carte

Using a micro-SD card is one of the basic tips on how to upgrade RAM
Image by tomekwalecki from Pixabay

A micro-SD carte is not RAM per se merely having one is the almost basic fashion to aggrandize your Android phone’s storage. Just switch your device off then insert the card. A micro-SD card is usually placed in 1 of the slots of the SIM card tray.

Micro-SD cards are not created equal, having different storage capacities and classes. While information technology is already sufficient if you accept a 4 or 8GB variant, information technology’ll never hurt to take extra space then feel gratuitous to select the size depending on your needs. When it comes to class, though, it is recommended that y’all employ the ones with a Class 10 rating.

The micro-SD card class is indicated by the encircled number printed on the carte’s surface. Class 4 to ten versions are known to work well. It will also do good you if you use a micro-SD card from a reputable brand to avoid data corruption and other issues.

Transfer Apps to the Micro-SD Card

Here is how to transfer app data to a micro-SD card
Screenshots from an Android phone

Once y’all have the micro-SD menu inserted in your Android telephone, you can transfer data per app to information technology from internal storage. This is only possible if your Android telephone supports this. To effort it, navigate to your device’south Settings. Expect for and click on Apps. Cull what app from the list y’all desire to transfer. On the side by side two app pages, tap Storage and followed by the Change push button. You will accept to click Move on the export app page and await for the data to be transferred.

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Set Micro-SD Card every bit Default Storage

Alternatively, y’all can also make the micro-SD bill of fare the default storage of your Android telephone if you adopt not to transfer apps one by one. Simply Android half dozen.0 and newer smartphones likely have this office.

To set a micro-SD card as internal storage, first, make sure you have emptied it of files you exercise not want to lose considering it volition exist reformatted past the smartphone. Once the bill of fare is inserted into the device, look for the Storage option in your Android phone’southward Settings menu. In that menu, click SD card. See if your telephone will evidence yous a “Format as Internal” or equivalent button. Tap on it to terminate.

Restart your smartphone after formatting for the settings to work. Note that these instructions are not universal since the steps vary per device model. With these, though, you might get a atomic number 82 on where to locate the feature.

Other Ways to Maximize RAM

If you do non prefer any of the methods discussed above, the best thing y’all can do is to maximize RAM even in the simplest means. You lot won’t even need to download mobile apps or apply a micro-SD card.

Say Goodbye to Unnecessary Apps

Remove unused apps and bloatware to save space
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Close and uninstall unused apps and bloatware manually on your Android phone. Bloatware, in case you are not familiar with the term, refers to unwanted apps that accept upwardly and then much space and bleed a smartphone’due south battery. Some are pre-installed on the device. Music players and multimedia editors are examples.

To have action against the said apps, look for your smartphone’s Settings menu, and go to Applications. In one case you run across the list of apps currently installed and running on your device, select 1 that you desire to remove or suspend. Clicking on the app from there volition show you the app details and the Force stop and Uninstall buttons. Choose whichever is possible or what you prefer to do.

Avert Widget Overload

Reduce widgets because they also take up space
Photograph by MOHI SYED from Pexels

Widgets are typically shortcuts to programs or functions that are already on your Android phone.

There are many kinds of widgets, weather condition shortcut being i of the most common. The widget shows the conditions based on the information the original weather app provides. This is if your phone, like many models, has a weather-checking function or app.

Another popular widget is the music actor. It looks like a simplified version of your media player app with just the play, stop, pause, and forward buttons. Some even display album arts. Fifty-fifty if widgets act equally good shortcuts for many functions, having too many of those can elevate your smartphone’s operation down considering they too take up a considerable amount of RAM.

Switch Off Display Furnishings

Dynamic wallpapers and animations eat up RAM on an Android phone
Photo by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Deactivate alive wallpapers and animations if you can exercise without those. Yeah, those display features make a smartphone attractive but may render your device slow.

Wallpapers and animations can be vibrant and vivid and may run even when your Android telephone’due south home screen is on standby. Notwithstanding, those eat upwardly RAM and cause the device bombardment power to drain fast. How to disable alive wallpapers and animations depends on the smartphone you are using, but you can unremarkably find the Reduce Animations option within the Advanced Features on your smartphone’s Settings carte.

There are still many ways on how to upgrade RAM or free up infinite on Android devices and so feel free to explore more options.


Smartphones need to dedicate more than space to apps and programs to accomplish more than tasks efficiently. This is why learning how to upgrade RAM or free upwards storage is a adept practice for Android device care. It is upward to you to choose the method that is the most user-friendly. If y’all regularly check on your apps and settings, then saving upwardly RAM is as easy as keeping what you only need. If not, so that is when tertiary-party apps and micro-SD cards volition be handy.