How To Break Ice In Minecraft

The water ice in Minecraft is a semi-transparent block mostly found in snowy biomes, and finding one could be a piffling complicated, but what if you are looking to build your business firm or base of operations on the glace ice? Sure, you tin make it, and at some places, there will be a need to melt the ice for your garden or to adorn your home, but the question is, how volition you melt information technology?

This guide will teach how you tin can melt the ice in Minecraft.

Melt Ice in Minecraft

You lot can melt the ice by following the methods we will discuss below.

Method 1: Put a Light Source on the Ice

There are over 60 light sources in Minecraft, and nigh of them tin be used to melt ice. All yous must practise is put it on the ice, which volition piece of work within a few blocks, and we have used a torch, equally you can see in the image beneath:

You lot tin likewise utilise Lava, another light source, merely y’all need to be careful effectually it equally yous will lose health points when yous are on burn down.

Lite from the sun will non melt the ice in Minecraft.

Method 2: Interruption It Down

You tin can melt the ice in Minecraft by breaking information technology with a pickaxe, merely this method is not recommended as sometimes the water will freeze over again, and all your efforts will be useless.

You can learn how to arts and crafts a pickaxe in Minecraft by following our guide:

Method iii: Establish Flowers or Trees on the Ice

This may sound strange, merely you can melt a single cake of ice in Minecraft when you lot establish a blossom or a tree on it.

What Type of Water ice Cannot be Melted in Minecraft?

In that location are ii types of water ice that you cannot melt, and they are

  1. Blue ice
  2. Packed ice

What Is Blue Ice in Minecraft, and Where to Find Information technology?

The Blue water ice is a solid block found in Icy Spikes of Minecraft and tin can exist plant afterwards exploring the snowfall biomes. It would help if you had a tool enchanted with silk affect like any pickax or shovel to harvest them as any without enchantment you volition receive nil only a few experience points.

The blue ice is more slippery and allows you to travel faster while using the boat, so it could be advantageous when you want to travel swiftly. Y’all can besides craft the blueish ice from packed ice.

What Is Packed Ice, and How to Get It in Minecraft?

The packed water ice is even so another blazon of frozen water in Minecraft that you cannot melt, and yous can find it in the icy spikes.

Like the bluish ice, packed ice also needs a tool enchanted with silk affect to be harvested, and you need 9 blocks of information technology to craft blue ice.


Q: Is there whatever way of getting the blue ice when not found in Minecraft?

You lot tin can craft it using ix blocks of packed ice.

Q: Can the melted water ice be used as a water source?

Ice can be a water source once information technology is melted.


In the real globe, rut from the sun melts the ice, but in Minecraft, you demand other light sources that you can place on/near the ice to melt it. Today we learned how to melt ice and saw which type of ice cannot be melted so that yous don’t have to waste your energy trying to melt it.

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