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How to Install PIA on Kodi in 2022

Private Internet Access has over 35500 servers and you tin can connect with 10 devices simultaneously. Connect PIA VPN on Kodi today to stream 1,000’southward of Live Television receiver channels and protect your online activeness while streaming amazing free content.

  • Updated: March 7, 2022
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Private Internet Access can be installed on Kodi in 2 ways. The first way is to get a
defended PIA app
for your device and let Kodi run in the background. You will notice that the IP address inverse within Kodi. Information technology is one of the best VPNs in the manufacture.

The other way is to install PIA with the help of the
OpenVPN Manager addon. This addon already has an OpenVPN protocol installed, so y’all just need to enter PIA login details and kickoff using it.

Even though Private Net Access works dandy with Kodi, it doesn’t have a dedicated addition. Only PureVPN has a dedicated app that can be easily installed with Kodi.

In this guide, I volition tell y’all all in that location is to know on how to install Private Internet Access on Kodi in the
easiest way possible for beginners. One time you’re all washed, all of your streaming activities volition remain anonymous to everyone.

So without further ado, let’s brainstorm with the guide.

How to Install PIA on Kodi (via Dedicated App)

PIA can be installed using a couple of methods on Kodi. You tin choose whichever method y’all notice easier. This one will only take you 4 minutes to prepare.

Step i:
Subscribe to PIA VPN if you haven’t already or get the gratis trial

Step 2:
it on your device


Step iii:
Provide your
login details

when prompted on the main screen

Step iv:
Cull your desired
server location


Step 5:
Exit PIA open in the groundwork and then outset the Kodi app


Step 6:
Watch your favorite streams on Kodi for gratis


One thing to continue in mind is that you should ready and offset PIA while Kodi isn’t running in the background. Otherwise, y’all might encounter IP conflict issues. PIA’s servers offer fast speeds and yous can look groovy performance when y’all desire to admission Kodi’s streaming channels or your desired add together-ons.

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How to Install PIA on Kodi (via OpenVPN Manager Addon)

To install PIA through the OpenVPN director, you first need to have the Zomboided repository loaded on your Kodi.

Step 1:
Download the Zomboided repository nada files on your preferred device location

Step 2: Start

Step 3:
Click on


Step four:
Select the installer icon on the top-left


Step 5:
Install from cypher file


Stride six:
Observe the location in your device where you take downloaded the
Zomboided Repository zip
and open it

Step seven:
Now choose
Install from repository
from the listing of all downloaded repositories


Stride 8:
Navigate to
install from repository
Zomboided Add together-on Repository
VPN Manager for OpenVPN


Step 9:
Become back to the master Kodi domicile screen and choose
Program Add-ons


As soon as you are done with these steps, you are set up to utilize PIA on your Kodi to unblock those add-ons that are restricted in your land. Best of all, since PIA VPN is fully torrent compatible, y’all don’t have to worry well-nigh streaming content that’s pulled from torrent sources.

If y’all found this setup guide useful, so you might also notice our setup guide for Private Internet Access Roku useful too.

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How to Use Private Internet Access Kodi

It is adequately uncomplicated to employ PIA on Kodi. I volition describe how you tin enter your login to the service, how to log out and change server locations. Follow the steps beneath to get started with PIA on your favorite streaming media service.

Step 1:
Navigate to the
VPN Configuration
screen from
VPN Director

Step ii:
Enter your login details (username

Footstep 3:
Click the
VPN Connections
tab on the list of options on the left and so select
Get-go VPN connection


Stride 4:
Now await a few seconds for the client to authenticate your credentials

Step five:
Click on your desired server from the list of bachelor options

Subsequently completing these steps, you will be logged in to PIA and all the servers it offers will get available to you.

How to Disconnect/Logout from PIA on Kodi

Step ane:
Enter the principal screen of the
VPN manager

Step ii:
Now select the
Change or disconnect VPN Connection


Step 3:
Press “Disconnect” and you lot will be logged out of PIA

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How to Switch Servers on PIA

Footstep one:
Navigate to the
OpenVPN manager
Change or disconnect VPN connection

Step 2:
Select a server to spoof your location

It will only accept a few seconds to grade a connexion with your desired server. You tin verify whether you lot are connected to the server you chose by clicking the “Display VPN condition” pick as shown above.

How to Test if PIA VPN is working properly on Kodi

In order to cheque if PIA VPN is working properly with Kodi, you tin can perform a elementary leak exam. Here’due south what y’all’ll need to exercise:

ane. Open Kodi and click on the
Add-ons menu

two. Scroll down and click on

3. Click on
Program Add together-ons
from the list

iv. Notice and click on
DNS Leak-Test add-on

five. Click on

6. Adjacent, click

vii. At present, open up
DNS Leak Exam Addon

8. Finally, you should be able to come across your current IP address and also whether your DNS is leaking or not

In case it ends up leaking, or you lot’re not satisfied with the service, y’all can always cancel your PIA VPN subscription to get a full refund within thirty-days.

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How does PIA Circumvents Geo-restrictions on Kodi?

Private Internet Admission VPN Kodi can assist you overcome the restrictions on various Live Television set channels. For example, if y’all want to watch HBO alive streams, you will need to have a US IP accost, which is merely possible if y’all are connected to a server from the United states.

PIA operates a network of
24,305+ servers
that are extremely capable of evading geo-blocked websites and services. Therefore, if your favorite channels aren’t accessible for yous on Kodi, simply launch PIA and attempt again. PIA VPN fifty-fifty works in some parts of China if you configure it properly.

You will be in for a great surprise as you notice previously blocked streams working perfectly now. Thankfully, there exist some VPN services for Kodi like Individual Internet Access (PIA) that tin can grant you passage to all blocked channels and add-ons.

Accessing Geo-restricted content with PIA VPN

Thanks to PIA VPN’s massive server network, unblocking geo-restricted services is a breeze. Whatsoever major streaming service you can think of, exist information technology BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime number, Hulu, or Netflix, you can hands unblock all of them with Individual Internet Access. Speaking of Netflix, here’southward how you lot tin watch Netflix with PIA VPN.

How PIA Improves Security on Kodi

Apart from the fact that PIA unblocks restricted streams on the Kodi, it is also very effective when it comes to protecting your privacy from the spying eyes of ISPs and agencies. Since many Kodi add-ons are unofficial, there is always the danger that your online privacy might exist compromised.

Individual Internet Admission applies strong encryption techniques that can guard your safety and privacy while you perform online activities on your Kodi. Best of all, PIA VPN can be prepare on routers then you never have to worry virtually enabling it first earlier running Kodi.

In this way, the Kodi VPN PIA tin can add to your security and give y’all peace of mind when streaming channels with relaxation. Yous tin can discover more nearly this service on our in-depth PIA review folio. Yous can besides wait at our best Kodi VPN 2022 to choose from.

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Concluding Thoughts

PIA offers a groovy mix of features to make your Kodi even more than fun to use than it already is while also boosting your security online. Therefore, I would recommend PIA as one of the best VPN services y’all can have for Kodi. If y’all desire to install Private Internet Access on Kodi to stream privately and unblock addons, this guide volition help you practise just that.

But bated from Kodi, you can too easily prepare PIA VPN on FireStick devices if yous ain ane. Nosotros have a separate guide for that as well. Also, if you’re not looking to spend a lot of money, here are some free Kodi VPNs.

I hope this blog was helpful and instructive. Don’t hesitate to leave your feedback and queries in the comments below!