How To Change Boot Animation Android

How to set/change boot animation in whatsoever Android device

How to set/change boot blitheness in any Android device

2 easy methods for changing boot animation of whatever android smartphone in easy steps.

1 |
using android file manager(Manual way)

in this method you will need a file manager app with root access we’ll be using the File Explorer Root Browser app.

  • First footstep is to cull and download the boot animation that you lot like y’all can checkout our youtube channel : NALyzer for more 30 blitheness with custom audio. after choosing the any absurd boot animation yous’ll need to download information technology’s bootanimmation.cypher file in that location volition be a direct download link in every video.

  • open root browser app then locate the original boot animation file that is already a boot animation. from file director > system > media.
  • then long press the file and rename it to bootanimation.zipex.
  • now browse to the custom kicking animation that you have downloaded then copy the zip file to organization > media > long printing and permission.

cheque the following box. and rename the file to should be right)

  • and hitting ok

  • how to get the original kicking animation back :
    if you desire to switch back to the original kick blitheness then you tin can cull the quondam file and rename that with bootanimation.aught and delete the electric current file

2 |
 using themes app
(merely for miui user)

       this is easy method you can change past simply changing any miui theme that contain a boot animation. you can read this article for that : HOW TO Alter BOOT Blitheness in mi device

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