How To Change Call Background Android

Are you lot tired of having the same erstwhile and boring wallpaper? Although Android phones are easily customizable, the problem is, that your drove of wallpapers is but a few and outdated.

Undoubtedly, wallpapers brand your phone look lively, and it tells more than about the owner’s personality. But what if I tell y’all, you can up that one a notch and brand your telephone even livelier particularly when in that location’southward someone calling. You tin can assign call groundwork wallpaper to a specific person –– more like giving them an ID making information technology for you to identify who’s calling you.

Don’t worry, yous tin solve that in no time. In this article, here we have the best for the call groundwork wallpaper apps handpicked merely for you lot.

But earlier getting into information technology, let’s first answer the question: why do you think call background wallpaper is important?

call groundwork wallpaper

Wallpapers are one of the coolest features in a telephone. They are just pleasant to look at, with some featuring brilliant colors and blithe objects. Sometimes information technology makes your mood better, specially if y’all take an inspirational quote to remind you to just get forth with life. Or perhaps, having to look at your loved ones’ pictures or images of places that remind y’all of good memories.

At present, imagine having to feel that when a specific person calls you? You tin practise so past customizing your phone call backgrounds. And how do yous do that, you may ask? Well, you lot volition have a lot to thank for these amazing phone call background wallpaper apps beneath.

  1. My Photo Phone Dialer App
  2. Call Wallpaper Screen Themes App
  3. Color Call Flash App
  4. Call Screen Themes App
  5. Cute Blithe Color Call Screen App
  6. Color Call Screen and Call Theme App
  7. Fantasy Color Telephone call App

1. My Photograph Telephone Dialer

This app is in no short of a slap-up variety of cool wallpapers. With this call background wallpaper app, you tin can customize keypad, contacts, caller background, live wallpapers and many more. It provides you with a diversity of themes and icons which can be fun to play around.

In add-on, the app offers plenty of features which you can explore on a user-friendly interface. Y’all tin can supercede dull calling punch pads with your favorite photos.

my photo phone dialer
my photo phone dialer

Major Features:

  • Provides high quality wallpapers.
  • You can read details of your contacts.
  • You tin can set wallpapers from your gallery.
  • It displays call history and updates new phone call status.
  • This app requires minimum storage.
Pros Cons
Colorful and variety in templates Also many ads
Personalize your calling punch screen Plain interface
Free to utilise

2. Call Wallpaper Screen Themes

If 3D and animated wallpapers are what yous like, then you will love this app. Call Wallpaper Screen Themes specializes in 3D anime. You can assign your favorite anime characters to your family and close friends depending on your personality.

What’s more, this call background wallpaper app is gratis to download too. Yous can use free wallpapers and themes available on this app to decorate the interiors of your telephone. With just a few clicks you can customize your caller ID, keypad, caller background and make information technology more fun and exciting.

call wallpaper screen themes
call wallpaper screen themes

Major Features:

  • Gives you caller information while making calls.
  • This app consists of dynamic buttons.
  • You can change call screen themes while using other applications.
  • Gives you reminders of calls you missed.
  • You tin can personalize animated call screen themes.
Pros Cons
Free and easy to use No ringtones
Great variety of themes and wallpapers Runs a bit slow
3D animated wallpapers

three. Color Telephone call Flash

What sets the Color Call Wink app is its amazing LED lights. You can get creative past making apply of flashlights with different colors. You lot can even customize these flashlights and information technology works while y’all receive incoming calls. This app is battery friendly and consists of power saving manner which allows the users to save battery on their phones.

In addition, you can choose different caller IDs for every individual contact. It is fun to download a call groundwork wallpaper app that has neon LED flashlights with unique live wallpaper caller ID and customized ringtones.

color call flash
color phone call wink

Major Features:

  • Contains a super flashlight.
  • Includes xxx+ Color Flash Themes to customize your phone call screen.
  • You go a quick start and a quick response.
  • You can apply the phone call flash changer to set the caller screen themes & led flashlight.
  • Contains a LED reminder for calls and SMS.
Pros Cons
User-friendly app As well many ads
Glitch-costless Low quality wallpapers
Colorful icons


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iv. Call Screen Themes

The Call Screen themes app is a call background wallpaper app that lets you customize the caller screen for any contact in your phone, making it dissimilar and special. You will get a perfect combo of caller screen themes and color flash alerts that makes your phone unique when calling.

If you are into blithe photos, you can try using this telephone call background wallpaper app on your Android telephone. Yous can accept fun by setting your telephone with the coolest phone call groundwork wallpaper.

call screen themes
call screen themes

Major Features:

  • This app updates themes every week.
  • Contains unique dynamic call answer buttons.
  • Beautiful LED flashlights remind you lot of incoming calls.
  • Caller information appears on the screen when receiving incoming calls.
  • Live wallpapers and related themes are available.
Pros Cons
Color flashlights announced when receiving calls Contains glitches
High quality images Ad disruption
Beautiful screen themes

5. Beautiful Animated Color Phone call Screen

Practise you like your Android phone to be decorated with cute unicorn colors? This app will help you decorate the interiors of your telephone with cute color call background wallpapers. What’s astonishing is this app is entirely complimentary to download and use. Furthermore, you can create cute gifs and stickers using the beautiful animated color call screen that radiates your fun personality


And that’southward not the best function nevertheless. This app does not incorporate any ads. It allows you to download any epitome or sticker on your Android phone without whatsoever hassle. You can as well make videos past making employ of the Kawaii video past using this color call background wallpaper app.

cute animated color call screen
beautiful animated color call screen

Major Features:

  • Add cute colors to your incoming call screen.
  • Reject default text messages and customize your own texts.
  • Pretty GIFs can be set as backgrounds on your phone.
  • Customize the settings of the app the way yous want.
  • Personalize incoming phone call screens with cute wallpapers.
Pros Cons
Free to download and employ Purchase stickers
Cute buttons, colors and fonts
Customize settings and photos

six. Color Phone call Screen and Call Theme

The color call screen and telephone call theme is 1 of the best free call groundwork wallpaper apps out there. The colors in the app give yous a smashing political party vibe. With this app y’all tin can create videos, and prepare them as caller backgrounds for people who call you.

The flashlights available in the app are unique. You can also apply those flashlights to set up a trip the light fantastic toe floor if y’all have a house party. It is a great app to share amid your friends. I of the coolest features of the app is the magic consequence. The magic effects make your video dreamy and look fantastic. This is your ticket to making your boring caller background more fun and interesting.

color call screen and call theme
color telephone call screen and telephone call theme

Major Features:

  • Contains video status templates.
  • Beautiful and center tricky caller screen themes.
  • Customize your unique incoming call screen.
  • Contains unique magic furnishings.
  • Consists of color wink alerts to remind you of your incoming calls.
Pros Cons
Unlike color flashlights Too many ads
New templates every week
Perfect for video making

seven. Fantasy Color Telephone call

If live wallpapers brighten up your day, then you should have this app in the bag. If you love nature and fantasy wallpapers, the Fantasy Color Phone call app has a plethora of offerings. This app will surely transform your phone and look similar everything is moving.

The best thing about this app is it is gratis to download. Moreso, its templates are gratuitous to download as well.

Fantasy color call
Fantasy color telephone call

Major Features:

  • Full Hard disk available and full size for all images.
  • Piece of cake to employ.
  • Wallpapers available fifty-fifty for abode screen and lock screen.
  • Unique telephone call themes.
  • Absurd animated backgrounds.
Pros Cons
Unique call themes and interface Does non comprise Bluetooth or speaker option
Place caller information Too many ads
Beautiful blithe wallpapers

Bid Adieu to Irksome Call Backgrounds!

If you call up your wallpapers are basic and boring, you can download these best call background wallpaper apps on your phone. Have the all-time fourth dimension making calls with cute call backgrounds while you talk to your loved ones.

We had information technology worked on our phones. Y’all can try it out and tell us if it worked for y’all too. And If you call up we’ve missed out on whatsoever other cool wallpaper apps, let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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How exercise I change the theme on my call screen?

Launch the voice app on your Android telephone. Click
Settings>Carte>Display Options>Themes. Select the theme for the device. Click on the light theme for white background with black texts. Click the dark theme for black background with white texts.

How do yous put a motion-picture show on a call?

To put a picture on a call, go to
icon. This volition direct you to the gallery page. Select the image you want to insert and click on the relieve option.

Is Photograph Telephone Dialer a complimentary app?

The Photo Phone Dialer is a free app to apply and download on your Android phone.

Does the Cute Animated Colour Call Screen app contain ads?

The Beautiful Animated Colour Call Screen app does non contain ads. It as well works without whatsoever internet connection.

Does the Color Call Flash app have free icons and themes?

The Color Call Flash app contains a variety of colorful themes and icons. Merely, not every icon is free to use. Some templates require a pro-paid version which can be downloaded in merely a few clicks.

How practice I get a full picture when calling on the phone?

To get total-screen images, you need to go to the Settings of the app. Click on the Telephone choice. Tap on the incoming calls option and enable total-screen manner.