How To Change Font In Telegram

Formatting the text is important. Especially when the user of the Telegram messenger is the author of a Telegram channel.

Having correctly typed the text, the information submitted by the channel subscribers is perceived improve than only dry text. In personal correspondence, it is likewise periodically necessary to change the formatting of the text in the Telegram, which nosotros address to the interlocutor.

 Only not all users know how to change the font in Telegram. In our commodity, you will larn all the ways to quickly make bold, strikethrough, italic and other types of text.

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It is possible to suit text content in Telegram using the following tools:

  1. The built-in Telegram console
    is the easiest and most user-friendly fashion to format text. Use the panel to make text bold, italic, underlined, strikeout, and monospaced. This method works merely in desktop and mobile versions of Telegram. Unfortunately, this console is not available in the web version.
  2. Hotkey combinations
    — combinations of certain keys will help you brand text bold, italic, underlined and monospaced in the desktop version of Telegram.
  3. Special characters
    — this method works in all versions of Telegram: desktop, mobile and spider web. You can apply certain characters to make text bold or underlined.
  4. Markdown Bot — a bot designed to format text. Information technology can be both bold and initial courses, as well as the font of system messages. This tool can be used in all versions.

Example of formatted text in Telegram

Let’south have a closer look at how to format text in Telegram.

  1. Select the text;
  2. An additional panel will open;
  3. Click on the 3 dots icon;
  4. Choose the type of font you demand.

Below we will describe in more than detail how to modify the font on unlike devices.

To brainstorm with, the very font family in Telegram cannot be changed, that is, you cannot, for example, type text in Arial in a conversation with friends, and employ Times New Roman in your Telegram channel. But you tin make the text monospaced or make it look like a font for system messages
By the manner, monospaced text is often used in
telegram groups
for developers. This is how they highlight the program lawmaking.

In the mobile version of Telegram on Android, the monospaced text is done as follows: select the typed text, click on the icon in the form of iii horizontal dots and in the displayed list select the type of face “Mono”.

In iOS, besides select the typed text, click “B / U”, and then select the type of confront “Monospace”.

Formatting text in the mobile version of Telegram on iOS

In the desktop version, select the typed text and call the context menu by pressing the right mouse push button. In it, click the “Formatting” option and select the “Monospaced” face up type. Also typed and selected text, you can format with a special key combination.


On Windows — Ctrl + Shift + Thou, on macOS — Cmd + Shift + G.

How to change the font in the desktop version

If you need to make your text look like a system message font, you tin apply the Markdown Bot telegram bot. This is done quite simply.

In the message line, type @assuming and the desired text. When the text is typed, a list with the types of faces will pop up above the bulletin line. For the arrangement message font choose FS (fixedSys). After sending your message, your chat bulletin volition be displayed with formatted text and the caption “via @ bold”. The interlocutor will also run into this inscription. The bot works in mobile and desktop versions of Telegram.

By the manner, this bot does not need to be searched for in contacts and added, as is the case with other bots in Telegram. It works by default.

Formatting text with Markdown Bot on the desktop

Sometimes in messages you lot desire to give some of your words a special color. For example, when yous desire to strengthen the denial. For this, strikethrough text is commonly used.

To cross out text in Telegram y’all demand

  1. Select the required text;
  2. Click on “B / U”;
  3. Click on the arrow;
  4. Select the “Strikethrough” text type.

The algorithm of actions is similar to that which we described in the case of monospaced text.

Strikethrough text in the mobile version of Telegram

Bold type is often used in telegram channels to design headings and subheadings.

Bold can be done in several ways:

  1. Select the built-in panel and select the typeface “Bold” (works in mobile and desktop versions);
  2. Use the primal combination Ctrl / Cmd + B (only works in the desktop version);
  3. Enclose text with double asterisks (for instance, ** body positive text **);
  4. Use the Markdown Bot telegram bot (type @bold and select “B” (Bold) from the list that appears.

Formatting text with Markdown Bot on mobile Telegram

You tin picket a video, which shows more clearly how to modify the font in the messenger.

The italic font is used when they desire to give the text a cute style, or when you need to make out whatsoever quote or direct voice communication.

You can make italics in Telegram in the following means:

  • Select the built-in panel and select the “Italic” typeface (works in mobile and desktop versions);
  • Use the key combination Ctrl / Cmd + I (works only in the desktop version);
  • Add two underscores before and after the text (for example, __ give me a pretty style__);
  • Employ the Markdown Bot telegram bot (blazon @bold and select “I” (Italic) from the listing that appears.

Formatting text using special characters in the mobile version of Telegram

To draw attention or highlight a specific message in the text, underline is used.

In Telegram, you tin can underline text using the post-obit tools:

  • Select the built-in panel and select the “Underline” typeface (works in mobile and desktop versions) or click on “B / U” then click on the arrow and select the “Underlined” text type (on IOS) ;
  • Use the fundamental combination Ctrl / Cmd + U (works only in the desktop version).

Formatting text using special characters in the mobile version of Telegram

How to change the font in the web version

There is no built-in panel for font formatting in Telegram Online. Only in the online version y’all tin can use special characters and the Markdown Bot.

Using special characters, yous can make the font assuming or italic. We described how to do this to a higher place. Likewise with the Markdown Bot. It functions perfectly in the online version of Telegram.

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