How To Change Location On Alexa

How To Change Location on Alexa for Amazon Echo

In this modern age where everything we want is at our fingertips thanks to technology, information technology is quite normal to rely on various forms of virtual administration. It was thus only a affair of time before Amazon introduced their ain virtual assistant chosen Alexa.

Information technology is designed to exist used with various Amazon products such equally the Echo smart speakers, as well as with many other third-political party products. Because some services are but available in sure regions, Alexa volition automatically utilise the location you’ve entered in the atmospheric condition app, the clock app, or some other location-specific app.

Why Should You lot Change Your Location on Alexa?

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Some may wonder why one would want to modify their location on Alexa. The reason is simple – if you lot relocate somewhere and bring your Repeat smart speaker with yous, some services y’all utilise daily may not be available anymore until you change your location.

Changing the location on Alexa volition once once more provide you with personalized search results and other useful info such as localized weather forecasts, news, and event announcements.

How to Alter Your Location on Alexa

Thankfully, irresolute your location can be done rather easily. You just demand to follow the next few steps.

Stride 1

First of all, you need to open the Alexa app on your smartphone and then tap on the menu button that’due south located in the upper-left corner of your screen.

Pace 2

Swipe down to the Settings push button and tap on it. You volition be greeted by a new screen, where nether the “Devices” section you simply need to cull your own Alexa-powered device such as the Echo smart speaker.

In case you don’t have any devices connected to your Alexa app, yous tin can add them by clicking on the blue “Set upwardly a new device” button on the same screen and just follow the prompts to complete the process.

Step 3

Once you’ve tapped on a device connected to your Alexa app, y’all will enter the device-specific settings card. You should now tap on “Device Location”, which is the second option from the top.

Step iv

In the final step of the procedure, you lot will exist prompted to enter your electric current address. This means the bodily street, city, and land (if you traveled somewhere abroad). Once you’re done typing in the address of your current location, simply click on the blue “Save” push and you’re adept to go.

If you take multiple devices connected to your Alexa app, you lot will need to repeat this unabridged procedure for each device separately, equally there is no fashion to automatically update the location info for all your gadgets.

In example you are using 1 of Amazon’southward products that feature a touchscreen, such every bit the Echo Show or the Echo Spot, you can also change the location on the device itself.

How to Change Your Location on the Echo Bear witness or the Echo Spot

Step ane

First off, yous need to swipe downwardly from the top of the screen and tap on the “Settings” push button. Alternatively, if you lot like playing effectually and issuing voice commands, then you merely need to say “Alexa, become to settings”.

Step ii

In one case you’ve entered the settings carte du jour, y’all need to tap on “Device Options”. Find “Device Location” among the options and tap on it earlier proceeding to the final pace of the process.

Pace iii

As with the Alexa app, a new screen will appear prompting yous to enter your current address. In one case over again, make sure to type in the exact street, city, and country, peculiarly if y’all accept traveled abroad and want to employ your Echo Show or Echo Spot while there.

Subsequently y’all have completed these three easy steps, your Echo Show or Repeat Spot will once again provide y’all with all the features you’ve grown accepted to. These include local weather forecast and reports, local news and paper manufactures, and an overview of upcoming events in your surface area.


Until the Alexa app becomes sophisticated enough to automatically update your location on all connected devices, you are still going to take to modify your location the sometime fashioned way – manually.

Irresolute your location on Alexa is important for several reasons. Simply put, it is the only way to ensure that your Alexa-enabled devices volition work properly and that you won’t lose access to some of the features you apply daily.

If you lot desire to always have access to your personalized news feed, local weather info, and location-specific eatery recommendations, only follow these simple steps to update the location on your Alexa-enabled devices.