Telegram Update Adds Custom Notification Sounds and New Chat Muting Options

Telegram Messenger has released a new update for iPhone and iPad that lets users set a custom sound for notifications, in improver to a number of other new features.

Post-obit the update, custom alert tones can be created in the app from short audio files and vocalisation messages that are under five seconds and up to 300KB in size.

Multiple custom alerts tin can be created and assigned to individual chats or entire groups of chats, and Telegram has set up its own Notification Sounds channel with some samples to get users started.

For those who don’t desire to be constantly inundated past notifications, this update also introduces custom mute durations. Telegram users have long been able to temporarily mute chats for pre-defined durations, merely at present it’s too possible to pause notifications for a specific custom duration.

Each conversation has been given a streamlined menu for modifying alerts, where users tin can cull Disable Audio to receive notifications silently, or 1 of the Mute options to turn off notifications completely.

Elsewhere in this update, Telegram has improved in-app message translation in iOS, added a new interface for changing phone numbers, and thrown in more animated emoji including a “Food that moves” category.

Further details nigh other more nuanced changes and improvements to the Telegram interface can be found on the developers’ blog. Telegram version eight.vii is available now on the App Store for ‌‌iPhone‌‌ and ‌‌iPad‌‌.

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