How To Change Theme On Whatsapp

WhatsApp is one of the about used messenger application which comes with a very clean and friendly user interface. In the official version of WhatsApp, you tin can modify the background of the conversation window in solid colors or whatever wallpaper. But it’south not sufficient, as you lot can not change fonts, modify the theme of the home window, wholly customize the conversations bubble style fonts and groundwork, change ticks style, modify custom conversation theme. In this commodity, I will permit you know how you can
change WhatsApp themes for Android Mobile
pace by step.

Earlier I talk about the way to change theme on WhatsApp, you must know that original version does not allow you to do such things. As such, y’all will exist downloading or installing a 3rd party application that resembles to WhatsApp or helps you lot alter the behaviour and appearance of it. In such instance, information technology is pertinent to note that the use of these apps is not recommended and for any consequence you lot will be the solely responsible.

change whatsapp theme on android


As I mentioned in the official version you tin’t use these changes. Yous volition need to download
WhatsApp Plus
in your device to take these functionalities. There is, however, no need to root the device for applying the changes.

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How To Change WhatsApp theme on Android

When you terminate downloading the application, install it in your smartphone and follow the instructions for
Whatsapp themes download
and to change WhatsApp theme on your android smartphone.

Step one: click bottom corner push and click castor icon button in the extended card.

Pace two:  download whatsoever theme you desire from the listing of themes given

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some other fashion

Step i: Click the top corner iii dotted choice carte du jour and select “plus settings” from the farther alternates

Step 2: But tap of the Download Themes pick under the caput themes. Just go ahead and Download whatsoever theme y’all want.

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Well, this process volition change the overall theme of your Whatsapp Application. You tin customize other things separately likewise. While clicking on plus settings you can find Appearance settings for customizing Conversation Screen, Main/Chats Screen, Widgets and many more.

You can also change the font style for your WhatsApp in the appearance settings.

In that location are lots of things to notice with this application. This was how you can
change the theme in WhatsApp. As well, read our more article to know how to customize Whatsapp.

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