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How To Collect Clan Games Rewards

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Destiny two: How to Get Clan Rewards

With clan progression and rewards alive in Destiny 2, here are all the details about how association progression works, what rewards are available, and how to get them.

Although it wasn’t present at launch,

Destiny 2
has added clan progression to the game, meaning that players who are members of a clan tin can showtime earning shared rewards and perks. Here are all the details about how clan progression works, what rewards are bachelor, and how to get them.

This will assume that players have joined a association in
Destiny 2, as this will not be available to those who aren’t. Players tin can seek out and join a clan on Bungie’s website, We likewise have a clan for any of our Game Rant readers on PS4, so experience complimentary to join here.

(Light spoilers for
Destiny 2

Visit Hawthorne

At present that clan progression is live, players will need to visit Hawthorne in the Belfry to pick up their clan banner. This will go in the bottom correct slot (that was formerly locked) of the character selection screen. Viewing it will show the association’s imprint, plus the item volition grant bonuses while equipped.

Gain Clan XP

Clans will want to start ranking up their clan level by playing
Destiny 2, and a new level is achieved every 100,000 XP. Each fellow member can individually contribute up to 5,000 XP per week. Earn XP by playing strikes, raids, the Crucible, or world activities. Ikora’due south Memories story missions and Globe Quests award 500 XP, while completing Patrol beacons give 250 XP. Public events and Lost Sectors do not award whatsoever XP. By ranking up, that will unlock perks on the association imprint for everyone who is a member of the clan.

Rewards & Association Seasons

In that location are set up seasons during which clans will be able to earn experience. Bungie has yet to place how long a flavour will last, simply after the end of each season, the XP will reset as will the perks on the association banner.

Those perks can exist found on the clan banner itself. The benefits will unlock one at a time as clans level upwardly, and the benefits this flavour are:

  • Gain boosted Glimmer when looting engrams.
  • Increment public events rewards.
  • Improves rewards from eliminating Cabal enemies.
  • Increases the chance of receiving reputation tokens when completing Nightfalls, Raids, and Trials.
  • Increases the run a risk of receiving an engram when completing playlist activities with a clan member.

Unlock Legendary engrams

In addition to the perks that are present on the clan imprint, clans tin can earn Legendary engrams for every member of the clan on a weekly basis. To exercise then, one fireteam within the clan must consummate certain activities. At least one-half of that fireteam must be members of the clan. Here are the activities that grant engrams to every member of the association.

  • i Crucible lucifer win
  • Completing a Nightfall
  • Completing a Raid
  • Completing a Trials of the Nine ticket with seven wins

Engrams are picked up at Hawthorne.

Guided Games & Oathkeeper’s Score

Guided Games is
Destiny 2‘due south new semi-matchmaking system for Nightfalls and raids, which will friction match solo players with fireteams fabricated of clan members. Oathkeeper score is gained past completing activities in Guided Games and “disbanding amicably”. A higher score volition likely place a association in a higher matchmaking tier when it comes to Guided Games.

Guided Games is non active correct now, but will enter a beta for the Nightfall starting next week, September 12.

Destiny two

is bachelor now on PS4 and Xbox One, and releases on Oct 24, 2017 for PC.