How To Collect Eggs On Snapchat

Snapchat Egg Hunt 2019: How to Play and Where to Collect Gilt Easter Eggs

The Snapchat Egg Chase of 2019 is hither! Below we’ve got everything y’all need to know to get started including how to play and where to find golden eggs.

The Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt returns to Snapchat this weekend. The augmented reality game is similar to the game
Pokémon Go
and allowed users to walk effectually the Snapchat Map and collect Easter eggs. Last year there were more than a one thousand thousand eggs hidden in the map for users to collect.

“The hunt is on—collect as many eggs as you can through April 21st. Only tap a nearby egg on the Map to add it to your basket. Remember: play safe, go on an eye on your surroundings, no trespassing, and accept fun!” said a notice that appeared in user’s apps.

Users can either share their location in the map by keeping their location public or in ghost fashion that doesn’t bear witness their location to other users at all. This means all users tin can play whether or not they desire their friends to know or be able to see their location.

In this photo illustration the Snapchat social network logo is displayed on a reckoner screen behind the camera lens of an Apple iPhone half-dozen on April five, in Paris.
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Snapchat Egg Hunt 2019: How To Play

Users should open up upward their Snapchat app then go to the Snap Map in the app. They can access the map by opening upwards the camera screen and then swiping down. Once they open up information technology up they’ll exist able to see their friends and stories in the map too. They’ll besides see the eggs in the app in all different colors.

snapchat egg hunt how collect easter prize 2019 1
The Snap Map showing the Easter eggs that are role of the Great Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt 2019.

Snapchat Screenshot

Each Easter egg is worth one betoken while the Golden Eggs are worth five. Snapchat users can play confronting their friends, and check a global leaderboard, to run into who is in the lead with the most points.

snapchat egg hunt how collect easter prize 2019 4
When users notice an egg in the game they can use the rear-facing photographic camera to see it so tap it and collect the point.
Snapchat Screenshot

Snapchat Egg Chase 2019: How To Capture Golden Eggs

When yous come up upon an egg during the Snapchat Egg Hunt, aureate or otherwise, you lot use the rear-facing camera to capture them. The Easter eggs are all in public spaces so anyone tin go to collect them. And if your friend grabs a gold egg don’t worry! The eggs don’t disappear once nerveless then you lot can catch upward. You tin find Golden Eggs in Snapchat by looking for them hidden in small bundles of colored eggs on the map, like this ane in Washington Square Park in NYC:

snapchat egg hunt how collect easter prize 2019 7
Snapchat Easter Egg gilt eggs are sometimes in bundles.

Snapchat Screenshot

Sometimes, Gold Eggs can even be spotted standing lone, like this one by Radio Urban center Music Hall:

snapchat egg hunt how collect easter prize 2019 8
Sometimes the eggs can be institute on their ain too.

Snapchat Screenshot

Snachat users were excited nigh the 2019 Egg Hunt when information technology was announced Fri, and many began playing it immediately. There are lots of tweets about the game, and users are sharing photos of their maps as well. Some said that the game was taking up a lot of their time. Another user called the new game, “So beautiful.” Another Snapchat user said it was their favorite time of the twelvemonth because the game was added to the app.

if Snapchat really thinks I’m gonna drive around all day & proceed this Easter egg hunt, then Snapchat is absolutely right.

— ash. (@princessdutcher) April 19, 2019

Friends: Whatever plans this evening Martii?

Me: Going effectually boondocks finding Easter eggs on Snapchat. 🙃

— Martii Tan-Alberto (@MartiiAlberto) April 19, 2019

The Easter egg hunt is back & it’s the highlight of my yr! @Snapchat

— Sophie Hendricks (@sophiajrene) April 19, 2019