How to pair your Zepp on Notify App

di Notify App

Compatible with
  • Zepp
  • Zepp E Circle
  • Zepp E Foursquare
  • Zepp Z

In this tutorial, we will evidence yous how to install and pair your Zepp with the Notify App.
This tutorial will teach you how to:

  • Install the Notify App from PlayStore
  • Pair your Zepp on Notify App
  • Configure official app
  • Troubleshoot Zepp issues including: pairing, notifications, sync


  • There is no old band paired on your phone bluetooth devices list (remove if present)
  • There is no other un-official app continued with Zepp
  • Official app is installed and paired correctly or not installed
  • You are connecting to the ring using only one telephone/tablet
  • You take a
    Xiaomi / Amazfit watch. Check if you tin see MI/Amazfit logo on the rear. Ensure your Zepp is working and telephone tin can connect with it Youtube tutorial –
  • There is
    no power saving
    Android / app running that may block / shut Notify app while running in background. Run across
  • Endeavor long press the watch push button to do a hard reset, if Zepp stuck at the boot screen

How to pair Zepp without official app

New watches Mi Band 6, Mi Band v, Mi Band 4, Amazfit Bip Lite, Amazfit GTR, Amazfit GTS, Amazfit GTR two, Amazfit GTS 2, Zepp, … requires an Auth key code to work correctly without official app.

  1. Suggested: Hard reset your Zepp. Open the lookout man
    card and cull
    Manufactory reset
  2. Obtain the Auth primal of your Zepp (if required) – Tutorial: How to get my Zepp Auth key?
  3. Practise a phone reboot and keep enabled
    telephone GPS
  4. Uninstall official app
    unpairing the Zepp
  5. Open Notify App (better if y’all uninstall and reinstall Notify app to reset all settings) and follow the initial pairing tutorial
  6. Associate your Zepp
  7. On second wizard screen, choose
    Official app not installed
  8. Input the
    Auth key
  9. Finish the pairing procedure

How to pair Zepp with also official app installed

New firmwares are limiting united nations-official app support. Many features will not piece of work on Notify app unless you lot remove official app and run the app standalone. Check out New firmware limitations, what has changed

  1. Check official app is installed and correctly working with your Zepp
    Suggested: reset and repair Zepp showtime on official app if you are getting connection problems
  2. Ensure official app is running correctly on groundwork, otherwise likewise Notify app volition not be able stay connected with Zepp
  3. Enable status bar notification indication (Picket connected / disconnected) on official app general settings
  4. Open Notify App (better if you uninstall and reinstall Notify app to reset all settings) and follow the initial pairing tutorial
  5. Associate your Zepp
  6. On second magician screen, choose
    Official is installed
  7. Finish the pairing process
  8. Enabled notification access for both apps: Notify and official app

Additional configuration

  • To get best results, uninstall official app and keep merely one app continued with Zepp
  • Get on Phone settings > Applications and show all apps (including systems apps)
    Open “Bluetooth” app settings.
    Click Clear enshroud and Clear
  • Open phone Bluetooth settings and remove any (including Zepp) existing paired device.
    Reinstall Notify and/or official app.
  • Exercise a band factory reset from the Zepp Settings menu
    reset amazfit
  • Check y’all are not running any saving battery app or like. Continue enabled “prevent app become killed” fashion on notify app general settings
  • Effort pair the band on phone Bluetooth settings devices list