How to Create an Empty or Blank Home Screen on iPhone in iOS 14

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Have yous always wondered well-nigh creating an empty or blank home screen on your iPhone? Whether it is to flaunt that crawly new wallpaper or is information technology to keep a minimal await, follow along with the steps so that you lot can create a blank home screen on your iOS fourteen device.

The workaround of calculation empty icons to your home screen withal works, but the flim-flam requires y’all to upload your wallpaper to a website and download the empty icons every time you want to modify your iPhone’s wallpaper. The method works but still is a piddling clumsy. With iOS 14, Apple introduced widgets on the iOS home screen, and this play a joke on utilizes that feature to create a bare home screen.


Before we move on and tell you how you lot can create an empty home screen on your iOS device, you demand to keep few things in mind.

  • Brand certain your iPhone, or iPad, is running iOS 14 or above.
  • Brand sure your iPhone has the Siri Shortcuts app installed. If you don’t happen to accept the Siri Shortcuts app, you can install it past clicking the link below.

➤ Download – Shortcuts

How to Create an Empty Home Screen On Your iPhone in iOS fourteen

There are two means with which you lot can create a blank screen. The first method relies on the Siri Shortcuts app and is like shooting fish in a barrel to do, but there’southward i caveat with this method. Using Siri Shortcuts’ widgets, you tin can only accept one blank home screen and no other app pages. So if y’all go ahead with this method, yous’ll have to rely on iOS 14’s App Library to gyre through all of your apps.

Using Siri Suggestions Widget

Again, by using this method, y’all will have simply one dwelling screen, which will exist empty, and you lot’ll have to rely on Spotlight search or iOS’ app library to go through your apps.

Pace 1.
Go into
Jiggle Mode
past pressing and holding any empty surface area on your home screen.

Step 2.
Proceed swiping correct until you achieve an empty page, and at present click on the
push in the top left corner.

Step 3.
Now, add together
three Siri Suggestions widgets
to your home screen.

Step 4.
While being in the Jiggle Fashion, click on the
dots above the dock
(the one which indicates your pages).

Step 5.
Uncheck all the pages other than the page which has Siri Suggestions widgets.

Step 6.
Exit Jiggle Fashion by tapping on the
button in the top right.

Step 7.
At present
all the 3 Siri Suggestions widgets you added in the first step.

Boom! Now y’all have a home screen that merely has the wallpaper. Yous can even remove apps from the dock, merely the empty dock would withal have a blurred background, which, in my opinion, does wait a little odd. If you have to access whatsoever app, you can do so by swiping down and using Spotlight search or using the App Library. As for widgets, you can add the widgets that you demand to the Today View.

Using Transparent Widget App

You lot can also create an empty home screen on your iOS device using the transparent widget app. The implementation is similar to the empty space icon, but since it relies on widgets, it takes a lot more space, and the process becomes faster.

You lot tin even add together spaces between icons on any folio to make your dwelling screen await more than bonny. Some other major advantage this method has over the other is that you tin can have an empty dwelling house screen even between the two filled app pages. But first, y’all demand to download the TWid app from the App Store. You tin can exercise so by clicking the download button below.

➤ Download – Transparent Widget

At present that you accept downloaded and installed the app on your iPhone follow the steps mentioned beneath to create an empty or a bare home screen on your iOS fourteen device.

Footstep i.
Go into
Jiggle Fashion
by pressing and holding whatever empty area on your dwelling house screen.

Footstep 2.
Keep swiping right until you lot attain an empty page. At this indicate, capture a
by clicking
Power and Vol Up buttons.

Step 3.
Now, open the TWid app on your iPhone and select the screenshot you just took. It will create widgets according to the screenshot.

Step iv.
If you lot encounter the screenshot you took in the middle of the app, yous’re all set. Merely if yous don’t, click on the third tab called
Settingsand click on
Refresh Widgets.

Step 5.  Go back to your home screen, and again enter the
Jiggle Mode.

Step half-dozen.
Tap on the
button on the summit left, and search TWid.

Step seven.
Add widgets co-ordinate to your preference. You tin can adjust the image being displayed on the widget by long-pressing the widget and clicking on
Edit Widget. Now you can select the position of the screenshot being displayed.

Using Transparent Widgets to create an empty domicile screen is fast and easy, but every time you modify your wallpaper, y’all’ll need to go in the app, select the screenshot, and refresh widgets. Bank check out some cool iPhone Abode screen ideas for inspiration.

Have you tried the tricks mentioned above? Why do you lot want to create an empty or blank home screen on your iOS 14 device? Let usa know in the comments department below!


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