How to Create an Empty or Blank Home Screen on iPhone in iOS 15

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Did you apply a cute new wallpaper to the iPhone home screen, just to get ruined past app icons and widgets? On Android, you tin can have a clean, minimal look with a full view of the wallpaper. With recent iOS updates, information technology’s possible to have a clean domicile screen await on iPhone as well. Here’due south how you lot tin can create an empty or blank dwelling screen in iOS 15.

Nosotros volition explain three methods to create an empty or blank home screen on iPhone in iOS 15. But first, you need to keep the following requirements in heed.

  • Make sure your iPhone is running iOS fifteen or newer version.
  • Ensure your iPhone has the Siri Shortcuts app installed. If you don’t accept information technology, install it using the link below.

– Shortcuts

one. Manually Move Icons to Some other Home Screen

This is fairly uncomplicated but it’s fourth dimension-consuming as well. Follow the steps beneath to make changes.

Footstep i:
Go into
Jiggle Fashion
by pressing and holding an empty area or app icon on your home screen.

Stride 2:
Manually move each app icon from the dwelling house screen to the second page.

create empty home screen on iPhone - move apps from home

Later on you are done moving all app icons, y’all will end up with an empty home screen. But wait, in that location is more than. As soon as you download new apps or games from the App Store, they will outset appearing on your empty dwelling house screen, spoiling the perfect view.

To stop that from happening, you need to change an option in Settings.

Step one:
on iPhone and coil downward to
Habitation Screen.

Step two:
App Library
from the Newly downloaded apps menu.

From at present on, all your newly downloaded apps will directly land in the App Library only, leaving your empty home screen untouched in iOS 15.

If you are not sure what App Library is, read our dedicated postal service to learn how to use App Library on iPhone.

Once you have a bare home screen on your iPhone, you can either utilise the swipe-down gesture to search for apps using Spotlight or slide to App Library and pick ane from the categories.

create empty home screen on iPhone - add apps to app library only

2. Utilise Siri Suggestions Widget

This method volition leave yous with one home screen merely. Be prepared to apply Spotlight or App Library to detect your favorite apps or games.

Pace 1:
Long-press on whatsoever app icon and go into
Jiggle fashion.

Step 2:
Tap on the
+ icon
at the pinnacle left corner and open the widgets console.

Footstep 3:
Search for
Siri Suggestions
and add the
App Suggestions
widget to the home screen. Add three such Siri Shortcuts widgets.

create empty home screen on iPhone - add app suggestion widget

Step 4:
Close the widget menu and enable
Jiggle mode

Pace v:
Tap on the dots above the dock (the one which indicates your abode screen pages). It will open up the
Edit Pages

Step 6:
Uncheck all the pages other than the folio which has Siri Suggestions widgets.

Step vii:
Get out Jiggle Mode by tapping on the
button in the top right.

create empty home screen on iPhone - remove widget

Footstep 8:
Now, remove all three Siri Suggestions widgets that you added in Step 3.

remove widget from iPhone

That’southward it! At present y’all have an iPhone home screen that only has the applied wallpaper. You can even remove apps from the dock, just the empty dock would even so have a blurred background, which, in our opinion, does look a petty odd.

If you take to access whatever app, you can exercise so by swiping down and using Spotlight search or using the App Library. As for widgets, y’all can add together the widgets that y’all need to the Today View.

iii. Employ Transparent Widget App

The concluding trick is to use a third-political party widget app to create an empty home screen on iPhone. Not only do transparent widgets create a bare home screen, but they also permit y’all to add together space betwixt icons.

That way, you tin can end up with a home screen with app icons in the desired place, but like how information technology looks on an Android domicile page. Some other major advantage this method has over the others is that yous tin can take an empty home screen fifty-fifty between the two filled app pages. Simply first, you need to download the TWid app from the App Store. You can practice so by clicking the download push below.

– Transparent Widget

Now that you have downloaded the app, you are all set to create an empty home screen page in iOS fifteen.

Step i:
Go into the
Jiggle Mode

by pressing an empty area on the home screen.

Pace 2:
Go along swiping correct until y’all reach an empty page. At this signal, capture a screenshot by pressing the
Vol Up buttons.

Step 3:
Open the
app and select the screenshot that y’all just took.

Step 4:
If you see the screenshot y’all took in the middle of the app, you’re all set. But if you don’t, click on the third tab chosen
and click on
Refresh Widgets

create empty home screen on iPhone - transparent widget

Step 5:
Go back to your domicile screen, and once more enter the
Jiggle Style.

Step six:
Tap on the + button on the meridian left, and search for TWid.

Step 7:
Add widgets according to your preference. You lot can adjust the prototype being displayed on the widget by long-pressing them and clicking on
Edit Widget. At present yous can select the position of the screenshot being displayed.

create empty home screen on iPhone - add transparent widget

For instance, if you place the medium widget at the top, select
position in the widget edit menu, Select
if you plan to place the widget at the center or bottom of the screen respectively.

The only shortcoming of this method is you will encounter the app name under the added widget on the home screen. That might be distracting for some people.

transparent widgets on iPhone

Using Transparent Widgets to create an empty dwelling screen is fast and easy, but every time yous change your wallpaper, you’ll need to become into the app, select the screenshot, and refresh widgets.

Using the Transparent Widgets app, you tin terminate up with a completely different iPhone home screen. Cheque out some absurd iPhone Home screen ideas for inspiration.

Which trick did yous use to create empty or blank home screen pages in iOS xv on iPhone? Bear witness us your complete setup in the comments section below!


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