How To Create Collage In Samsung

A photo collage is a single image composed of multiple photographs bundled in various layouts. You as well have a video collage or a picture and video collage. Typically, one requires a third-political party collage-making app to create collages. Only you don’t demand that on Samsung Milky way phones. Wondering how to make a collage with ii or more pictures on your Samsung telephone? Find the answer below.

How to Create a Collage in Samsung Telephone

Samsung offers a built-in collage maker inside its gallery app. What’south more interesting is that you can add both photos and videos to the collage. The feature is slightly cached down. But the following steps will help you discover the hidden Samsung collage maker

Open Samsung Gallery app on your phone. This app comes pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy phones.

Touch and hold the start picture that you lot want to add to the collage. A blue checkmark volition appear on the selected image. Tap on other images to include them in your collage. You can ever add or remove images later.

You can add only up to 6 items in a collage.

With the images selected, tap on the three-dot icon and choose to
from the menu.

from the list.

Samsung Collage Create Collage Movie Gif

5. The collage maker volition automatically cull ane of the collage layouts. If you lot are satisfied with it, tap on
at the top to download the collage. Or, check the side by side department to know how to edit the collage.

Samsung Collage Create Layout

How to Edit a Collage in Samsung

Once you select pictures and select
Create > Collage, you lot will reach the collage editing screen. You can perform the following collage editing tasks.

Change Layout

At the bottom of the collage editing screen, you accept the unlike collage layouts. Tap on a layout to use it. The added images will automatically switch to the desired layout. Alternatively, press the Shuffle button (the outset box in the listing of layouts) to shuffle through various layouts.

Samsung Collage Edit Layout

Add together More Pictures or Videos

Tap on the
add (+)
icon present earlier the layouts to add more photos or videos to the collage. As mentioned earlier, simply vi items tin exist added to a collage.

Samsung Collage Edit Add Photos

Alter Aspect Ratio of Collage

By default, the collage will have a 1:one aspect ratio. But you can alter it to 9:16 or 16:9. For that, tap on the Aspect ratio icon at the bottom and choose the desired size.

Samsung Collage Edit Aspect Ratio

Change Border Style, Color, and Size

Tap on the Border tab (the last ane) at the lesser of the collage editing screen. The border customization tools will appear.

Samsung Collage Edit Border

The acme slider lets you lot adjust the roundness of the edge. Use it to increase or decrease the roundness. Similarly, use the second slider to modify the border size i.due east., in other words, the infinite between the pictures or videos and the frame. Lastly, use the color palette to change the border colors.

Replace Photo or Video

While editing the collage, if you feel that some photo or video should be replaced, yous don’t need to start from scratch. Tap on the photo that you want to supplant and hit the
icon. Choose the desired photo or video from the Gallery.

Samsung Collage Edit Replace

Delete Photo

To remove a photo from your collage entirely, tap on it and select the Delete icon. This will delete the photo also as the paradigm box. Every bit a result, the collage volition have ane fewer image box.

Samsung Collage Edit Delete

Edit Photo

If y’all want to edit individual photos added to the collage, y’all can exercise information technology directly from the collage itself. You tin can crop photos, resize them, add filters, and exercise other editing tasks using the congenital-in photo editor. Learn how to edit photos like a pro on Samsung Milky way phones.

To edit a photograph, tap on it inside the collage and press the Pencil (edit) icon. You volition be taken to the photo editor screen. Use the available tools at the lesser to edit the image.

Samsung Collage Edit Photo Editor

Zoom Movie

Many collage-making apps lack the ability to zoom the motion-picture show. Fortunately, the Samsung collage maker lets y’all adjust the zoom and as well what y’all want to evidence in the collage. To practise so, tap on the motion picture to select it. So use the pinch in and out gesture to zoom in and out of the moving picture. Elevate the picture show to reposition it.

Change Image Box Size

By default, an paradigm volition exist the size of the image box in a collage. However, you can resize the boxes to your liking. To do and so, tap on the image whose box size y’all want to modify. The paradigm volition be surrounded by a xanthous border. A yellow dot will besides announced on the box’s center-left or right edge. To increase or decrease the size of the box, drag it with the yellow dot.

Samsung Collage Edit Resize box

Edit Photos on Android

I hope you were able to make a collage on your Samsung Galaxy phone using the above tutorial. If Samsung’s collage maker doesn’t arrange yous, check out other ways to put the pictures adjacent on Android phones. Or, use the InShot app to create a collage. You might also desire to check out other photo editing apps for Android.