How To Delete A Tupperbox Bot

In Discord, rather than log out and in to each account separately, Tupperbox  discord bot allows you to accept multiple accounts with different names and avatars.

Tupperbox Discord

What is Tupperbox Discord Bot?

The Discord accounts created with the bot will be referred to as “Tuppers” past default. Using a Tupper to send a message is called “proxying”. Prefixes and suffixes (called brackets), together termed “proxies,” tin can be set using a Tupper discord bot.

A webhook is used to send proxied messages. Identify the bulletin as coming from a “Bot” tag, making it difficult to tell who sent it. Nevertheless, Tupperbox does non have an anonymization option by default. A proxy message can be reacted to efficiently by anyone to detect who sent it by using ?.

Why we use Tupperbox Discord Bot?

Tupperbox has found widespread usage in various communities that do good significantly from these pseudo-accounts, such equally plural communities and roleplay servers. It is successful in these discord communities considering they do good profoundly from sending messages under various identities on the fly.

Either when representing someone else on an account or when portraying a character’s dialogue in a roleplay. It includes powerful moderator tools to preclude abuse and an active back up customs on our support server. There are no limits to the number of Tuppers you tin register, and you can conform them with groups, tags, and descriptions, among other fun details.

How to utilize Tupperbox Discord Bot?

Like any other discord bot, the

help command

 is the most reliable way to learn how to use information technology and can exist executed by typing tul!help. Even though there is a slight learning curve in using the bot, it is very piece of cake to get started. In order to demonstrate how the bot works, we demonstrate the proxy function below:

Tupporbox discord bot

Here is an instance of a new Tupper I registered and wrote >>Howdy! My newly registered Tupper sent me a bulletin which was seen, deleted, and replaced with one that was sent past some other user I don’t recognize.

The greater than symbols (>>text in the example) correspond a pattern that Tupperbox looks for in guild to actuate that Tupper. Replace the text in the brackets with what you want the tupper to say, and Tupperbox discord volition recognize the surrounding symbols as an instruction to send the message with your registered tupper.

When you registered a tupper, you can edit its info with commands such as
tul!rename, and
tul!nick, or remove it whatsoever fourth dimension with
tul!remove. Details about the bot’s usage tin can be found in its help command.

For Advanced Users

Respond to a proxy you sent with ❌ to delete it or 📝 to edit it.
Manage your tupper groups and who relates to which with the tul!group control.  You can manage server-specific configuration using tul!cfg. For instance, to direct Tupperbox discord to deny a specific role from proxying (using tuppers), you might apply tul!cfg deny proxies @role.

You can adjust Tupperbox’southward prefix with tul!cfg prefix. If your server tends towards a specific usage of Tupperbox, you lot can direct Tupperbox discord to call “tuppers” something else such as “characters” or “headmates” using

If you find yourself mainly using the identical tupper a lot in a distinct server or channel, bank check out the
command to configure Tupperbox to automatically use that tupper without having to blazon its brackets.

If you find that Tupperbox discord is conflicting with another bot with a like purpose (such as PluralKit or Jinkaku), you tin can apply
disable to turn it off in a server or detail channel.

You lot tin can view your tuppers or those of another user by using the command
If yous ever stare at who sent a tupperbox discord message (since you can’t easily tell at get-go glance), you can respond to the bulletin with
or react to it with ❓ to expose who sent information technology.

Utilise tul!cfg
log #aqueduct to establish a channel where all usage of tupperbox discord is logged for connecting. You tin regulate your data with the commands
tul!import, and
tul!purge. Tupperbox data may be compatible with other bots that follow a like purpose, such as PluralKit.

Rules for Tupperbox Discord Usage

Tupperbox is governed by some key rules, as explained.

 Before using tuppers, delight go along these considerations in mind.

  • Only create tuppers for your characters
  • Never reproduce the tupper of another user (this is a serious infraction)
  • Practice not create tuppers with tags or pictures which violate the Code of Conduct
  • Moderators reserve the right to

    • remove any tupper postal service which is deemed inappropriate
    • deny continued utilise of a tupper on the server

Using an example

All of these posts were created using Tupperbox by the same user:

Tupperbox Usage GuideThe post-obit is a quick introduction to the nigh mutual commands. Continue reading the guide if you want to acquire more than near each command.

What it Does Syntax Example
Get listing of all commands tul!help
Create a new tupper tul!register "Tag Proper name"[shortcut]text tul!register "John Doe(LCDR-SEC)"[John]text
Set a tupper’south picture tul!avatar "Tag" <url> tul!avatar "John Doe(LCDR-SEC)"
List all of your tuppers tul!listing

Tupperbox Discord Commands


The command tul!help will display a detailed clarification of all commands. The assistance for that command is displayed when you type a command and then printing enter without any values.





Registering Tuppers

The first move to creating a Tupperbox is registering it. The below is the basic command syntax:


            "Tag Proper noun"[shortcut]text
Component Definition
tul!annals This is the register control. All tupperbox commands brainstorm withtul!
"Tag Name" The tupper’due southtag; the text that appears at the top of the post. Replace it with your grapheme’due south name; optionally add rank and department in(RANK-DEPT) format
[shortcut] Something like shooting fish in a barrel to reference when you want to post as your character such equally[Nib] or[Jane]; brackets must always exist used
text part of thetul!register command, the phrasetext must always follow theshortcut


If the command is successfully executed, the following message volition announced:

Tupper registered!

tupperbox registered


# Create the John Doe charcter

tul!register “John Doe(LCDR-SEC)”[John]text

# Create the Jane Doe character

tul!register “Jane Doe(CAPT-USS Annon)”[Jane]text

Calculation portraits (avatars) to characters

There might exist a picture specifically for the grapheme on the tupperbox. The image will automatically be assigned to all Tuppers without portraits.


tul!avatar shortcut

Component Definition
tul!avatar The “avatar” command which changes the tupper’s portrait
shortcut The text used to mail as the tupper A valid URL pointing to an prototype file


When this control is applied successfully, the post-obit phrase appears:

Avatar inverse

Tupperbox Avatar


tul!avatar John

Posting as a Tupper

The Tupper tin can mail every bit themselves by referencing the shortcut they specified when running the tul!register command.


# outset, change the tag to represent the promotion

tul!tag Lauren “Lauren (LT-Chef Engineer)”

# 2nd, modify the avatar to reflect the new uniform and rank

tul!avatar Lauren

# register a new tupper with the tag “Tiffany Fanee (CREW-ENG)” with a shortcut of “[Tiff]”

tul!register “Tiffany Fanee (Coiffure-ENG)”[Tiff]text

# call the Tiffany Fanee tupper

[Tiff] “Hullo There!”

Posting as a tupper

Changing a Tupper’due south Tag

It may be necessary for y’all to change the data in a Tupper at some betoken. Weddings, promotions and changes in departments are examples of situations in which the Tupper may need to exist updated.


“Old Tag”
“New Tag”

Component Definition
tul!tag Command to alter the tag
"Erstwhile Tag" The tag to change
"New Tag" The value of the tag later the command is run


If the command was successful, the output would be: Tag has been updated successfully.

Changing a Tupper’s Tag


In this instance, I recommend Lieutenant Lauren Lauren be promoted to Principal Piffling Officeholder:

Changing a Tupper’s Tag

# outset, change the tag to correspond the promotion

tul!tag Lauren “Lauren (LT-Chef Engineer)”

# second, alter the avatar to reflect the new uniform and rank

tul!avatar Lauren

Changing a Tupper’s Tag

Edit a Tupper Mail

Yous tin’t.

Tupper users can quickly delete a post they made by replying to that message with an.

List all Tuppers for User

A list of user Tuppers corresponding to the given user business relationship is returned. When a user is not provided, the current user’due south toppers will be displayed.


# get current user’southward tuppers

tul!list @someone

Tag Conventions

There is a convention that sure pieces of helpful information belong in Tupper’southward tag. Currently, the model is as follows:

## Syntax

Total Proper noun(RANK-Department, Ship)

## Examples

Zaliel Sel (CAPT, USS Brahe)

Lauren Lauren (LT-Chief Engineer, USS Brahe)

Tiffany Fanee (CREW-ENG, USS Brahe)

Robert Robertson (LT-SEC, USS Brahe)

The Tupperlog

Pere Aude runs a channel called #tupperbox-log where all Tupper posts are posted so users tin can easily see which account

posted as a Tupper. Equally an example, here is an entry from a log book:


Users are recommended to mute the Tupperbox log channel.

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