How to delete all Tweets from Twitter

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Here is the easiest way you tin can delete every single Tweet from your Twitter account.

Twitter can be a thing of good or a thing of evil, a time capsule that displays every idea y’all’ve e’er had nearly every movie you’ve e’er seen, no thing how inane.

With all social media sites, it’s important to do a articulate out every now and then, and depending on how make clean you want your new slate, sometimes information technology’s better to merely delete everything and starting time fresh.

That’s why we’re going to exist running through the two all-time options when it comes to deleting all your Tweets, without needing to also delete your entire Twitter account.

So, with no time to waste matter, here’due south how you can delete all your Tweets from Twitter.

What we used

Depending on which method you utilise, yous may need different equipment.

  • Nosotros used a Huawei MateBook 16, running Twitter and Tweet Deleter.
  • You could employ a any device that tin open a web browser or the Twitter app, such as a phone or a tablet.

The Brusk Version: How to delete all Tweets from Twitter using Tweet Deleter

  1. Go onto the Tweet Deleter website
  2. Sign in with your Twitter account
  3. Go onto your Dashboard
  4. Click on the ‘Delete all’ push button
  5. Choose a plan
  6. Confirm you’ve read the terms and weather condition and so delete all your Tweets
  1. Stride


    Get onto the Tweet Deleter website

    The Tweet Deleter website is a 3rd-political party application that can exist used to delete your Tweets en masse.

  2. Step


    Sign in with your Twitter account

    Authorise Tweet Deleter to admission your Twitter account. Make sure you lot read the terms and conditions before you click the Authorise app push button.
    Authorise Tweet Deleter

  3. Stride


    Go onto your Dashboard

    Click on the Dashboard push button to come across all of your Tweets and what options are available.
    Tweet Deleter Dashboard

  4. Step


    Click on the ‘Delete all’ push button

    The ‘Delete all’ button is merely above the search bar.Delete all your Tweets

  5. Pace


    Choose a plan

    You have the choice between three paid plans: Standard, Advanced or Unlimited. Depending on which program you opt for, you take a limit of how many Tweets you can delete at once per calendar month, so yous will need to consider how many Tweets are currently in your account.
    Choose a Tweet Deleter plan

  6. Step


    Confirm you’ve read the terms and conditions and then delete all your Tweets

    Once you lot have set yourself up with a plan yous tin can check the terms and conditions button. Afterward that, you tin delete all of your Tweets. Depending on which plan y’all have signed up for, y’all tin can save and proceed the Tweets you delete, just in case.

How to delete all Tweets from Twitter on Twitter

If you lot’re not interested in paying for the Tweet Deleter service, you can always manually delete your Tweets on the Twitter app or in a web browser. Tweet Deleter does offer a free plan, in which you can delete 5 Tweets per month.

This method is a lot more than fourth dimension consuming and may not be feasible for someone who has a high number of Tweets on their account, but information technology is gratuitous.

  1. Log into your Twitter account and go into your Profile
  2. Pick a Tweet you desire to delete
  3. Click the Delete button

What is Tweet Deleter?

Tweet Deleter is a service that you lot pay for to delete your Tweets en masse. In that location are other features, such as Auto Delete, to help people toggle what Tweets they desire on their profile.

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