Noon Legends is a free-to-play shooter game. If you encounter a problem while playing the game or you don’t need the game anymore, you lot might want to uninstall information technology. This post from MiniTool Partitioning Wizard introduces how to uninstall Apex Legends.

Apex Legends, available on platforms including Microsoft Windows, PlayStation iv, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android, is a free-to-play shooter game published by Electronic Arts.

Windows users can download and play this game from Origin, a digital distribution platform for purchasing and playing video games. If you encounter problems while playing the game, such as Apex not launching, reinstalling the game tin can be a solution sometimes. You can also uninstall information technology to free up disk space when yous don’t plan to play information technology anymore.

If you don’t know how to uninstall Apex Legends, don’t worry. Here are four methods and yous can choose the one you prefer to have a attempt. Don’t worry. You won’t lose your game progress later uninstalling Apex Legends as it is usually tied to your account instead of the downloaded files.

To uninstall Noon Launcher, the kickoff tool yous can utilise is Control Console, a Windows component that allows users to admission, view, and change some settings of a Windows PC. You just need to:

Stride 1: Press
to open up the Windows
utility. And so search for
Control Panel
and open it.

Step 2: In
Command Panel, select
View by Category
and then click
Uninstall a program.

Stride 3: In the post-obit window where the installed programs and features are listed, right-click Apex Legends and select
Uninstall. And so follow the onscreen instructions to finish the operation.

click Uninstall

You lot can likewise uninstall Apex Legends in Windows settings. Here are the detailed steps:

Step one: Printing
to open Windows

Stride 2: Go to
Apps & features.

Pace 3: In the correct pane, curlicue downwards to locate Apex Legends. And so select it and click the
push button.

Footstep 4: In the pop-up window, click the
pick to confirm the performance and start the uninstalling process.

click Uninstall

Then you just demand to follow the onscreen instructions to complete the procedure.

As mentioned, Origin is a platform developed by Electronic Arts for getting and playing video games. Y’all download the game in Origin. Of course, you can also uninstall the game in Origin. Now, let’s meet how to uninstall Noon Launcher in Origin.

Step i: Launch the Origin customer and log in to your account.

Stride 2: Navigate to the
My Game Library

Pace iii: In the right pane, correct-click Apex Legends. Then select the
pick from the pop-up menu. Confirm the operation and follow the instructions to end.

Another style to uninstall Apex Launcher is to utilize a professional person and reliable tertiary-party software uninstaller. At that place are many uninstallers on the market, and here are some recommended ones: Summit 5 Complimentary Program Uninstaller Software for Windows 10/8/7. They are gratuitous to use and y’all tin choose the one y’all prefer to accept a try.