How To Delete Art On Procreate

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When talking virtually Procreate, we love to talk about building, designing, and creating. Heck, creating is in the proper name. All the same, with any process of creating comes deleting. Deleting gives the states the freedom to experiment, take risks, and make mistakes without worrying almost them existence permanent. So, how practice we delete in Procreate?

To delete part of a drawing in Procreate, use the eraser. To delete a layer in Procreate, swipe left on the layer and tap the Delete button. You lot tin also articulate it inside the layer settings. To delete a full drawing select it within the Gallery and tap the Delete button.

Procreate gives you a lot of different ways to delete sections of your art, layers, or all of your art entirely. Naturally, this brings up an of import signal.

Be VERY careful deleting in Procreate. Make certain you have backups of all of your art and you’re 100% certain yous’re ready to delete whatever yous’re deleting, no matter how small-scale it is.

I have a full guide on backing up your art in Procreate that’s an essential read earlier doing ANY deleting in Procreate. I also have a guide on restoring deleted files in Procreate, which I really hope you don’t need.

Restoring deleted Procreate files is Not quick and piece of cake. It involves iCloud backups that you demand to proactively have in place.

Then, please don’t accidentally delete annihilation you don’t mean to delete.

One time you accept your Procreate backups and precautions in identify, here are the diverse means to delete in Procreate.

How to Delete Small Portions of Your Art in Procreate

If you need to delete pocket-sized portions of your Procreate art, or demand to delete very specific sections of your Procreate fine art, information technology’s all-time to use the eraser. The eraser can be paired with any Procreate brush, which gives y’all a lot of liberty to erase in a detailed, precise, and accurate way.

The eraser is one of the more obvious fine art tools. Including information technology in a postal service about deleting probably seems like a huge DUH!

That said, the eraser in Procreate is underrated. It’s an extraordinary tool that nosotros demand to think more strategically most when creating our artwork.

If you have minor or specific sections of your Procreate art that you need to delete, tap on the eraser icon and make the near of everything information technology tin practice.

Out of all of the deleting techniques on this list, the eraser tool is the only one that will requite you precision, accuracy, and command over what you delete.

And when we think about erasers in Procreate, nosotros need to retrieve beyond our trusty, pink block erasers we’ve used for our traditional art.

In Procreate, your eraser tin be paired with ANY castor within your brush library. Only tap on the eraser to select it and tap again to open up the brush library. Choose any brush you’d like! It’s astonishing.

If you lot desire a bold and solid eraser, pair it with i of the inking brushes. If yous desire a softer eraser, pair it with one of the airbrushes.

Procreate eraser with studio pen brush

I accept a full guide about erasing on Procreate if yous desire to dig deeper into the wonders of Procreate’southward eraser.

So, if yous have small and specific things yous want to delete in your Procreate art, you’ll want to turn to the eraser.

If you demand to brand larger, sweeping deletions though, you’ll want to use the strategies we’ll talk about next.

How to Delete Layers in Procreate

If everything you want to delete is contained inside a unmarried layer of your Procreate art, the easiest way to get rid of it is to delete the entire layer. To delete a layer in Procreate, swipe left on the layer and tap on the “Delete” button.

Again, be 100% sure you want to delete what you’re deleting.

Right subsequently deleting a layer, you lot can use two fingers to tap your iPad screen to undo the deletion. If y’all don’t catch it and undo information technology right away though, your deletion will become permanent.

And then, again, be 100% you’re ready to delete your layer.

Deleting layers is a really quick and efficient way to delete large swaths of art, without deleting your entire piece of art entirely.

Here’south how to delete a layer.

Firstly, make sure there’s zippo on your layer that you DON’T want to delete. When you delete a layer, you’ll wipe out everything on that layer.

If you take anything on your layer that y’all DON’T want to delete, make sure to re-create and paste it onto a new layer so y’all tin preserve information technology. If yous’re not sure how to do this, read my department on copying and pasting a single chemical element in my commodity almost copying and pasting in Procreate.

Once you’ve moved anything you need to move out of your layer, here’south how to delete it.

Simply swipe left on your layer and tap that big scarlet “Delete” button.

deleting a layer in Procreate

This will remove your layer from your layers listing and delete information technology.

Alright, now permit’southward expand our horizons even more and talk well-nigh deleting entire canvases.

How to Delete Artwork in Procreate

To delete a slice of art in Procreate, navigate to your Procreate Gallery. Tap the “Select” push button and highlight the slice of artwork you want to delete. You tin select just one or multiple pieces of art. Next, tap the “Delete” button to delete information technology.

Once again, humor me as I remind you to be conscientious when deleting your artwork. Make sure you lot have a backup of your Procreate art on your desktop, the cloud, or inside Apple and so that you don’t accidentally delete pieces of Procreate art you don’t want to delete.

If you’re 100% ready to delete a piece of art, here’south how to do it.

Navigate to your Procreate Gallery – the magical state where all of your art lives.

Adjacent, tap on the “Select” push.

Procreate gallery select button

Tap on all of the pieces of art you want to delete. You lot tin delete simply one, or many, pieces of art at once.

Next, tap the “Delete” button and yous’ll notice your selected pieces of art volition disappear.

Procreate delete artwork from gallery

In that location you have it! Those are the 3 ways to delete in Procreate, from the smallest and near specific, to the largest and virtually full general. Relish and take fun creating…or, deleting, in this example!