How To Delete Broadcasts On Twitch

How to Picket By Broadcasts on Twitch

To meet previous broadcasts or VODs on Twitch, kickoff past going to the channel that orignally posted the content. And then scroll down and select the “Videos” option, located next to the schedule. Now coil all the way down to the “Contempo Broadcasts” header and you’ll find a list of all of that channels’ erstwhile Twitch streams.

How to Find Expired or Deleted Twitch Streams

Unfortunately, if a VOD is expired or deleted from Twitch, information technology volition no longer be bachelor on the site. However, there are however ways to watch these videos. If you’re looking for old twitch streams that accept been removed from Twitch, your all-time bet is to search for them on YouTube. For example, suppose the VOD is by a famous partnered streamer, and something specifically controversial or viral happened during the broadcast. In that case, there is besides a loftier probability of information technology being posted to Reddit or other similar sites. To observe these types of VODs you can google “*streamers name* controversy” or try and exist equally descriptive as y’all can with what you thought went on in the video.

For example, if you wanted to notice the twitch VOD for Kaceytron during IEM Katowice where she received an epic trolling by Destiny and co. You would google “Kaceytron IEM katowice” or something forth those lines.

Many sites let users to upload old twitch streams though they commonly come with many ads and pop-ups, which can be annoying when trying to watch by broadcasts on Twitch. Sites similar Twitchvault (twitchvault .com) will probably have what you’re looking for merely make sure not to use whatever other identify as it could contain malware! Also, remember that watching Twitch Vods through unknown sites is ever at your adventure, so go on with caution.

Why Do Twitch Broadcasts Expire?

Twitch VODs elapse after ii weeks. Unfortunately, if you are not a Twitch partner, then later 14 days, they will disappear forever. This is primarily considering saving all streams and past clips take enormous storage on Twitch’s servers.

Although broadcasts should exist accessible for 2 weeks, there have been many instances of videos missing since they are no longer institute by Twitch’due south search function or on the creator’south channel.

The big reason why Twitch VODs disappear over time is considering of copyright issues with music playing in the background during past broadcasts. This happens more than often than you think due to songs played on the stream breaching Twitch DMCA.

How to Find Re-Uploaded Twitch Vods on YouTube

If you lot fail to find the content on Twitch, your next best bet is to check and come across if the broadcast was uploaded to Youtube. This is becoming more common as content creators try to make coin from sometime broadcasts or highlights. Then if a twitch VOD has been re-uploaded past the streamer themselves, it volition usually exist available in their channel’due south video archive. To check if this is the case, become to the streamers’ YouTube aqueduct and wait for an option that says “Videos.” Once you’re in that tab, scroll down until you run into the header labeled “Uploads.” Underneath that should be a listing of all of that channel’s videos, including past twitch streams.

How to Spotter Sometime Twitch Clips

Clips are still another approach to view parts of a prior circulate. Clips merely final for ane infinitesimal, and people in the community take them. They capture some of the all-time highlights.

To watch one-time Twitch Clips, check the source channel under Videos and filter by “Clips,” as seen in the image below.

how to view twitch clips

To re-watch twitch clips, you demand to go back through the aqueduct’south videos and find highlights or old Twitch VODs. If it is not hosted on Twitch, and then there are e’er ways to download live streams recorded by other people for complimentary. A simple google search should provide many results depending on what blazon of streamer you lot’re seeking. Please remember that downloading whatever twitch video besides clips might be illegal, then proceed with caution.


As you can see, twitch past broadcasts are not difficult to detect if they are from popular, partnered streamers. Nevertheless, if the content creator has a smaller following, they are often incommunicable to observe unless backed upwardly to another platform exterior of Twitch. The near straightforward approach would be to offset by checking the source channel’s video archive; nonetheless, if that does not work for you lot, in that location are always other means.

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