How To Delete Images On Discord

Are you lot trying to delete a picture show on Discord on your PC or mobile? If and then, this is the guide for you.

Y’all may accept sent an prototype by accident and want to delete information technology so the other person cannot encounter it. This guide volition explain how to exercise this exactly.

Also, you will simply be able to delete images
you sent. However, there is a way to hibernate images others have sent to you which we will explain later on in the guide.

According to Statista, Discord was counting approximately 150 1000000 monthly active users worldwide, equally of September 2021.

How To Delete Motion-picture show On Discord Mobile

We will starting time by explaining how you tin can delete a picture on Discord mobile. If yous don’t need to know this, so feel free to skip these steps and check out the desktop guide further down the page.

1. Find The Epitome You Want To Delete On Discord

Firstly, y’all need to observe the image you desire to delete on Discord.

This could exist in a server, straight message, grouping message or, any type of Discord chat.

In one case yous’ve found information technology, you lot tin can motion on to the side by side step.

discord image mobile

2. Hold Your Finger On The Area Around The Image

Secondly, yous demand to concord your finger on the area around the image.

discord zone to tap on

So, a list of options will pop-upward.

If you try and hold the paradigm itself, it won’t work.

three. Tap On “Delete Message”

Next, you need to tap on “Delete Message”.

delete message discord mobile

Discord volition ask you to confirm if yous really want to delete the image.

Just call up, when yous delete the paradigm y’all won’t exist able to get it back, and then you lot could accept a screenshot of it so you will still have a copy of it.

At present you lot have deleted the image from Discord!

How To Delete Picture On Discord PC

Next, we will explain how you can delete a pic on Discord on your PC or laptop.

1. Locate The Motion-picture show You Want To Delete

Firstly, you need to find the image or picture yous want to delete.

Information technology can exist on a server, a straight message, a grouping chat, or any chat on Discord – it doesn’t matter.

In one case you have located the prototype, y’all can continue with the next step.

discord image

two. Correct Click Anywhere On The Message

Secondly, you need to right click anywhere on the message.

This will bring up a menu.

discord right click discord menu

iii. Click “Delete Bulletin”

Next, you need to become to the bottom of the menu and click “Delete Message”.

discord delete message button pc

Y’all will need to confirm your choice of deleting the image.

Also, y’all should consider taking a screen shot or saving the epitome to your computer before yous delete in case you demand it again.

You have now deleted the image from Discord!

How To Hibernate Images Sent To You On Discord Past Another User

Unfortunately, you lot cannot delete images which have been sent to yous on Discord at the moment.

However, there are means that yous can hide images which have been sent to you.

Hide Images Sent To You In A Direct Message

The best way to hide images sent in a direct message, is to close the DM.

Closing the DM will non remove any bulletin conversation history, but volition exist hidden from your direct message list unless you receive some other message from the Discord user or if you send them a message by restarting a conversation from their user contour.

As well, if you lot wish to not receive whatever further images or messages from the user, you should cake them.

Alternatively, you could ask the user who sent the image to delete it.

How To Shut A Directly Message

Here are the quick steps to close a directly message which will hide the images which have been sent to you lot.

Find the message you lot want to shut in the “Directly Message” list.

If you’re on Discord

Concord your finger on the chat and a menu volition appear.

At that place will be a “Shut DM” push on the menu.

close dm mobile

Tap on it, and the DM will be hidden.

Or, if you’re on Discord

Right click on the DM and a menu volition appear.

You will come across on the carte du jour a “Close DM” push button.

close dm button discord

Click on information technology and the DM will be hidden.

Hide Images Sent To You In Grouping Chats And Servers

At the moment, the best way to hibernate images sent to you in grouping chats and servers is to completely leave the group or server.

All the same, you could try, and ask the user who sent the image to delete it, but unfortunately, other users may not follow through with your request.

How To Leave A Server Or Grouping Chat

Here are the piece of cake steps to leave a server or group chat.

Firstly, detect the server or group chat which you lot want to leave.

If you’re on Discord

To leave a
server, go in to the server and tap on the name or the three dots.

And so, a menu volition appear and you will need to whorl down and tap on “Leave Server”.

leave server discord mobile 2

To leave a
group, hold your finger on the group from your direct messages and tap on “Leave Group”.

leave group discord mobile

If y’all’re on Discord

Right click on the server or group chat which you desire to get out.

Then, yous can click on “Leave Group”.

leave group discord desktop

Or, you can click on “Go out Server”.

leave server discord desktop

Terminal Words

Now y’all know exactly how to delete pictures on Discord and how to hibernate pictures on Discord as well!

We promise yous found this guide useful.

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