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Facebook Messenger is ane of the social media platform’s most popular features, and while information technology’south a keen way for users to take private conversations, it’s also used by many as a style to start a fight or say things they don’t really mean. It’s non uncommon to make a mistake on Messenger or instantly regret sending a bulletin.

Previously, when these mistakes happened, nosotros just had to let them sit there, preserved in Facebook Messenger for all eternity. Now this is no longer the case.

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You can also archive and delete unabridged threads you no longer wish to look at. Deleting Facebook messages on your desktop or mobile device takes mere seconds, merely deleting whole threads only applies to your ain inbox, non your friend’southward. Here’s how to do information technology:

Deleting messages on your desktop

Footstep 1:
Log into Facebook like you lot normally would.

Step two:
Click the
Chat Chimera
in the upper-right corner, followed past
Meet All in Messenger. The latter option is located in the bottom-left.


Step three:
To delete an entire message thread, hover over the conversation and click the
Three Horizontal Dots
icon on the right side of the message in your inbox. Afterward, select
from the menu that pops up.

FB Messenger desktop website screenshot

Step four:
You volition and so be presented with three options:Cancel,
Delete, or
Hide Conversation. Click
Deleteto continue.

Step 5:
To delete a part of your conversation, click into the conversation, and hover over the message you would similar to delete. Then, click the
Three Horizontal Dots
and press

Screenshot of how to remove FB message from desktop FB Messenger

Step 6:If information technology’s been less than x minutes since you’ve sent the message, you volition then exist given the choice to remove the message for everyone or just for yourself. Once y’all’ve fabricated your pick, printing

The person on the other stop of the conversation will be able to see that yous removed a message if you chose the “for everyone” option, but the content will no longer exist available. If it’due south been more than 10 minutes, you lot’ll only be able to remove the bulletin for yourself.

Deleting messages on your mobile device

Pace 1
: If yous oasis’t already, download the Messenger app for either iOS

Android, and log in as you ordinarily would.

Step two:

If you want to delete an entire conversation, press and hold downward the chat, or if yous’re an iOS user, swipe the conversation to the left and select the

Carmine Trash Tin can

. We know it’due south piece of cake to do this by fault, so don’t stress about losing anything valuable. Your phone will always ask you to confirm before deleting. This is truthful for both Android and iOS.

FB msg delete conversation screenshot

Step 3:

If yous want to delete a single message, go into the conversation, concord down the message yous want to delete, and tap


at the bottom. Then select

Remove for You

. If you take an Android, y’all will need to select


once more to confirm. iOS users won’t meet this final prompt, and then be certain you want to select

Remove for You.

fb msg delete message screenshot

You’ll be able to remove the message for everyone if yous accept activeness inside 10 minutes of sending it. Your telephone volition give you the choice to remove for everyone or simply yourself.  Once y’all’ve fabricated your selection, printing


. While the intended recipient will exist able to see that you removed a message if you selected “for anybody,” they won’t be able to see the bulletin’s content. If information technology’due south been more than 10 minutes, you’ll only be able to remove the text for yourself.

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