How To Delete Messages On Ps4

The PlayStation iv, also known as PS4, is a gaming device provided by Sony and used for high-end gaming. While gaming on PS4, users get several letters almost new games and related news regularly. And also, if users are chatting with someone on PS4, the letters just keep getting piled up to the point they don’t desire them anymore. So, if y’all are one of those users and wondering how to delete letters on PS4, read this commodity till the cease. You lot will learn how practise you permanently delete PS4 messages in particular with the assist of detailed steps. Let’south get into information technology!

How Do You Permanently Delete PS4 Messages

How Do You lot Permanently Delete PS4 Letters

You lot tin delete your PS4 messages permanently with the help of your
PS4 controller. Read and follow the steps mentioned farther in this article to learn how you can do the same.

How to Access PS4 Bulletin History?

Yous tin can admission PS4 message history through their official website. You tin follow the below steps to exercise the same:

ane. Visit the PlayStation Sign-in page on your desktop browser.

Sign In
past entering your
ID (E-mail Address)

Sign In by entering your Sign-In ID (Email Address) and Password

3. Click on the
Chat menu icon
from the top correct corner. Here, you will detect all your chat history, and you can even transport messages on PS4 from here.

Click on the Chat menu icon from the top right corner

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How Practice You Permanently Delete PS4 Messages?

cannot permanently delete your messages on PS4. But alternatively, you can remove them from your screen. Follow the below steps to learn how exercise you permanently delete PS4 messages:

Note: This will surely remove the letters from your screen. Merely, if you lot start a conversation with the same person, those messages will return to the screen automatically.

1. Get to
from your PS4 domicile screen.

Go to Messages from your PS4 home screen

two. Locate and enter the
desired chat
from which you want to delete the bulletin(s).

Locate and select the desired chat from which you want to delete the message(s)

3. Hitting the
on your controller to bring up the
Options Menu.

4. Then, select
from the right pane menu. Yous have successfully removed those messages from your screen.

select Leave from the right pane menu

How Practice I Permanently Delete PS4 Messages?

Unfortunately, you
cannot permanently delete messages on PS4. However, you tin can remove them from your screen using the post-obit steps:

1. Navigate to
from your PS4 home screen.

Go to Messages from your PS4 home screen

two. Locate and open the
desired conversation
Options Menu
by pressing the
OPTIONS button
on the controller.

3. From the correct pane menu, choose the

select Leave from the right pane menu

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How Do I Permanently Delete Files from PS4?

To delete files from your PS4, yous tin follow the below steps:

1. Go to
from your PS4 dwelling house screen.

Select the Settings option

2. Select
from the list.

Select Storage from the list

iii. From the
screen, click on
System Storage.

iv. Select
Saved Information.

Select Saved Data

5. Choose the
desired game
for which you want to delete the files.

Choose the game for which you want to delete the files

6. Now, select
User Options
and press the
push button.

seven. Select

Select Delete

viii. Again, select

click on Delete

9. At present, select
to ostend the process.

click on OK

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How to Delete Images on PS4 Messages?

Follow the below steps on how to delete images from the messages on PS4:

1. Go to
and enter the
desired chat
from which you lot want to delete the image(s).

Locate and select the desired chat from which you want to delete the message(s)

2. Press the
on your controller.

3. From the
Options Menu, select the
Go out
option, every bit shown below. Y’all have successfully removed those letters containing images from your screen.

select Leave from the right pane menu

How to Delete Letters on PlayStation App?

Yous tin can delete messages from the PlayStation app with the help of the following steps:

1. Open the
PlayStation app
on your phone.

two. Tap on the
tab from the top.

iii. Scroll downwards and open the
from which yous want to delete the
desired message.

Scroll down and select the message with images you want to delete

four. Swipe left the bulletin and tap on the
option. You lot take successfully removed the bulletin from the PS app.

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How to Delete PS4 Messages Without Leaving?

Unfortunately, in that location is
no other way to delete PS4 messages
without using the leave option. You will accept to apply the Exit choice to delete the message on PS4. Follow the steps mentioned below to learn how to delete messages on PS4 step by step.

Can You Recover Deleted Messages on PS4?

Yes. Your messages are non deleted from the PlayStation servers. And so, even if you lot remove them from your PlayStation app using the Leave option, you can ever get your letters back past starting the chat once again with that same person.

How to Delete PS5 Letters?

To delete letters from your PS5 device, yous can follow the below steps:

Notation: These steps will delete the messages temporarily, and the messages will be back once the conversation with that person resumes.

1. Printing the
button to open the
Quick menu.

ii. Now, select the
Notifications icon.

You can also admission the messages through
Game Base.

select the Notifications icon

3. Select the
desired message
you desire to delete.

Select the desired message you want to delete

4. Printing the
Foursquare button
on your controller to delete the message. This style, you have successfully deleted the messages from your screen on PS5.


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We hope that y’all learned
how do you permanently delete PS4 messages. Feel free to reach out to u.s. with your queries and suggestions via the comments department below. Let us know what you desire to learn near side by side.