How To Delete Minecraft On Mac

Uninstall Minecraft server Guides – How to Remove Minecraft server for Mac

Difficult to uninstall Minecraft server from Mac? Don’t know where the file is or where to first the removal? This mail service is all about the how-to guides to assist you remove this plan from Mac.

When install Minecraft server on the Mac, it will also bring many of its supported files to the Mac, including application support files, preferences, caches etc. However, many people are non clear virtually these files, and some of these files cannot be establish and removed smoothly especially for the basic Mac users. Therefore, it will bring some troubles when people need to uninstall Minecraft server.

General reasons to uninstall Minecraft server on Mac

  • Minecraft server gets no utilize on the computer
  • The awarding itself encounters a problem which need to remove first
  • Minecraft server should be reinstalled on Mac
  • The program occupies a lot of space which affect the Mac’south operation
  • Minecraft server causes an application conflict issue with other apps on the Mac

Mutual removing issues you might encounter

  • Don’t know where should start the program removal
  • Not clear what’south the right manner to remove an awarding on Mac
  • Cannot detect and delete all of Minecraft server’s files and traces on the computer
  • Cannot 100% remove all related files of the application
  • Minecraft server removal encounters a problem when follow the traditional manner to uninstall information technology, such as removing process has not response or just close downwards before stop the removal

Several guides to uninstall Minecraft server from Mac

Traditional option – remove the awarding to the Trash

  1. Close the application on the Mac. If you are not sure whether it is running on the Mac at that moment, you can check the Dock, right-click on the app if information technology appears at there, and select exit
  2. Click Finder on the Dock, and so click Applications on the left pane
  3. Quickly, you volition see a programs list on the right pane, find and locate Minecraft server
  4. Drag the app’s icon to the Trash to remove it,
  5. Correct-click on the Trash icon on the Dock, and select Empty Trash to delete the app you only removed
  6. After conducting the in a higher place removing steps, you should continue to discover and clear everything belonging to Minecraft server on the Mac
  7. Click on Get on the head carte, and click Go to binder…
  8. Blazon “~/library/” in the box, and hit the Render key to access to the user’s library folder
  9. Double click to open Awarding Back up folder in the Library, accept a check and delete Minecraft server’due south folder inside
  10. Back to the Library window, and click to open up Caches this time, delete those caches files of Minecraft server
  11. The aforementioned, go along to open Preferences folder in the Library, and delete related preferences of the app or its publisher
  12. After finishing to clear all of Minecraft server’s files and traces thoroughly on the Mac, you will but complete the whole removal chore on your computer

Transmission option – remove the app and its files one by one

  1. Click on Go on the top menu, and select Applications
  2. Click to open Minecraft server’due south folder if you have it on your Mac
  3. Double-click on its uninstall process, and follow the instruction to remove it
  4. If you don’t take such a specific uninstall process on your Mac, you volition have to take some other style to perform the app removal
  5. Afterward uninstalling the program itself in Applications folder, like the first traditional way, you should go to the user’s Library folder either, and and so clean all of its application back up files, caches and preferences without leaving whatever file or trace.

In addition, some publishers might release their own uninstallers, which back up users to uninstall their applications on the Mac. Therefore, you too tin can endeavour to visit the app’s website and see whether there is a specific uninstallers for Minecraft server.

More than constructive selection – remove Minecraft server with a professional uninstaller

If you want the application removal on the Mac can be faster, easier and more effective, you can consider to take a professional uninstall tool to manage the app removal on your Mac. This is a pop and smarter solution in nowadays to perform the app uninstallation.

To uninstall Minecraft server, you also tin accept such a way to perform the removal on your Mac, a sophisticated uninstaller tin can assist you scan all of the app’s files from the computer, and allow yous to delete them inside a few of seconds.

Removing steps to uninstall Minecraft server with a reliable uninstaller

  1. Make sure the app has been stopped running at this time
  2. Install and launch a reliable uninstaller on your Mac
  3. Select the awarding you lot need to remove, and follow the guides to perform the uninstallation step past step
  4. Shut the uninstaller, and restart your Mac if necessary


To remove an application similar uninstall Minecraft server, there are at present more ane manner to perform the uninstallation on the Mac. Withal, you might demand to take much time and endeavour when taking a manual style to remove it past yourself. And information technology is besides very piece of cake to leave an incomplete removal at the end. Therefore, it is more recommended to take a professional and automatic removal tool to help y’all uninstall the application, which volition avoid many of troubles which easily acquired by the wrong or incomplete removal on the Mac.

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