How To Delete Movies From Firestick

If yous share your Burn Stick with friends or family unit, there’south a good take chances that at some point, they’ll picket something that merely doesn’t appeal to you. Other times, you open a flick or TV testify and end upward not liking information technology.

While this in itself isn’t much of an upshot, it can skew the “What to scout side by side” Amazon recommendations and the recent listing on your Burn Stick. This article provides instructions on how to clear your Firestick history to ensure that you don’t have to wade through Peppa Pig to get to The Mandalorian.

Your Fire Stick’due south history volition evidence your most recently viewed apps whereas your Prime Video history and other streaming apps will show your most recently watched content. For the purposes of this commodity, nosotros’ll review your options for clearing recently watched history.

Tin Y’all Remove Recently Watched Apps on Firestick?

Start and foremost, you lot may want to hide the apps that your Fire Stick shows yous’ve watched most recently. These apps appear near the top of your Fire Stick homepage. Unfortunately, the only mode to remove this history is to completely uninstall the app.

Fifty-fifty though it’southward a chip extreme, you lot can remove the apps by doing this:

  1. Use your Burn down Telly remote to click on ‘Settings’ at the top of your Fire Stick home page.
  2. Click on ‘Applications.’
  3. Click on ‘Managed Applications’
  4. Click on the app y’all’d like to remove from your Burn Stick and click ‘Uninstall.’
  5. Confirm the procedure in the pop-upward window that appears.

At present the application will be removed from your Fire Stick and from your recent apps’ history.

How to Remove Items from Your Recently Watched List

Unfortunately, removing your viewing history from your Burn TV Stick isn’t quite as simple every bit deleting your browser history. Amazon uses everything that you lot’ve viewed to provide you with suggestions on what to sentinel next. Therefore, it’s in their best involvement to maintain a list of what you’ve watched to try and persuade you to hire or buy something related.

At that place appears to be
no way to truly delete viewing history on a Fire Stick from a Burn Stick. Other websites recommend opening the history, selecting the Television receiver evidence or moving picture, and choosing the “Remove from recently watched” choice. That does work, just only for a brief moment. When you return to the abode screen, y’all’ll run across information technology back in the recently watched carousel. So, how practice yous delete viewing history on a Fire Stick? Here are the details.

Before starting, brand sure that you lot’ve got your Fire Stick plugged into your TV, that the TV is switched on, and that your Burn Stick is connected to your Wi-Fi network correctly.

Remove Watched History from Your Amazon Business relationship using a Browser

The Burn down Stick is tied to your Amazon account, meaning that your history gets pulled up from inside the account. That is perchance the reason y’all cannot erase watched history in your Burn Stick successfully. Here’southward what yous do.

  1. Open a browser a log into your amazon business relationship.
  2. Click on “Accounts and Lists” at the top right area of the page, then select “Your Watchlist.”
  3. Click the gear icon at the top right. and so click on “Settings.”
  4. You may get a prompt to log in again. Click “Action.”
  5. Select “View Picket History.”

  6. Click “Videos you’ve watched.” then select the movies and shows you desire to remove and choose “Remove them from your watched videos.” One-by-one deletion is the merely selection.

The higher up steps should delete the chosen videos from your viewed list on your Burn down Stick. After completing the deletions through your Amazon account, you lot may also try resetting your Fire Stick or deleting the viewed content stored in the Fire Stick. Regardless, completing the in a higher place steps won’t remove any purchased content from your Video Library (no method will), and then you’ll still be able to watch annihilation you’ve paid for already.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I delete everything from my Fire Stick?

Peradventure y’all want to refresh your Burn Stick. This ways deleting all history, apps, and titles. Yous could perform a full manufactory reset just when you lot sign back into your Amazon account the previous history, apps, and recommendations may reload.

To factory reset your Fire Stick agree the back button on the right side of the directional pad together for ten seconds. In the pop-upwardly that appears select ‘Factory Reset.’

Yous can also de-register your Amazon Fire Stick from the Amazon Account page. Simply click on ‘Content and Devices’ from the Account dropdown on the Amazon home page (in the upper right-hand corner. And so, select ‘Devices’ from the superlative of the new folio that appears. Click on the Fire Stick you’d like to de-register, then click on the device name (information technology’s a hyperlink). On the right, y’all’ll see two options: ‘Deregister’ and ‘Delete Voice Recordings.’ Select ‘Deregister’ and follow the prompts. This volition remove all of your Amazon account information from the Fire Stick.