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E’er since its inception back in 2011, Snapchat has been available only on mobile devices. You could download the Snapchat app on your iPhone and Android device to send ephemeral messages, photos, and share Stories with friends. The visitor never launched a desktop app to enable users to connect with friends from their PCs. We had to rely on workarounds, like emulators, to use the Snapchat Android app on our laptop. Yet, you no longer demand to do that, and it has become a thing of the past with the launch of Snapchat+. Yeah, the company launched its paid Snapchat Plus subscription recently, and its nearly useful perk volition have to exist Snapchat for Spider web. You can now start using Snapchat in your browser on a laptop with ease, which is exciting for its close to 350 million potent userbase. That said, if you are someone who has been looking for a reliable way to utilise Snapchat on a laptop, keep on reading.

Get Snapchat App on PC and Laptop (2022)

In this article, we will starting time talk over the Snapchat Plus subscription and how it unlocks the ability to use the app on a laptop. So without further ado, permit’s swoop in.

Pre-Requisite for Using Snapchat Web

Equally you might have already guessed,
you will need a Snapchat+ subscription
to get access to Snapchat Web and use the ephemeral messaging app in a browser on your laptop. The Snapchat+ subscription service is available in express countries at the moment, and y’all can check out the listing of supported 25 countries via the linked article.

How to Get Snapchat+ Subscription

Now, before we talk about how to utilise the Snapchat spider web app and all its features, let’southward learn how to go the Snapchat+ subscription on your iPhone and Android device. Nosotros will show the process on an iPhone, but the steps look the same on Android as well.

1. Open the Snapchat app and
tap on your profile icon
(or Bitmoji icon) at the height left corner.

2. On the profile screen, you will run across a
“Snapchat+” banner
nether your Bitmoji avatar. Tap on this banner. If you don’t encounter the banner, and then tap on the “Settings” icon to find the Snapchat+ choice under your email.

snapchat+ banner

3. Select the subscription tenure on the next screen and tap on the “Get-go vii-Day Free Trial” button at the bottom. Now, you just need to consummate the payment, and you will accept successfully bought the Snapchat Plus subscription.

get snapchat+ subscription

The paid subscription volition go you lot access to a host of absurd features like amn exlcusive bluecoat, multiple app icons, ghost trails, story rewatch count, and more. The highlight, all the same, will have to be the Snapchat for Web experience equally it enables you lot to use the messaging app using a browser on your laptop or desktop.

How to Utilise Snapchat on Your PC or Laptop

Information technology’s time to learn how to log in and employ Snapchat on a Mac or Windows figurer with ease. Merely follow the steps below:

1. Start,
head to Snapchat for Web
(visit) in browsers like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Then, log in with the credentials you use for the app.
The web app is simply supported on Chrome and Edge, and I take used the latter.

log into snapchat web on laptop

2. Adjacent, you lot will demand to complete 2-pace verification and authenticate the web login request using your mobile phone. You will receive a notification on your phone proverb,
“Are you trying to admission Snapchat from a browser?”
Tap on this notification and
select “Yep” to log into Snapchat
on your laptop.

: We set up Snapchat for Web on both an iPhone and Android device. Well-nigh of the testing, withal, was washed on the Android device. So, you will come across screenshots from Android devices alee.

set up snapchat web

three. Here’s what the Snapchat Spider web feel looks similar. You accept your conversation list on the left and the camera and Bitmoji avatar on the right.

snapchat for web on laptop

How Do I Install Snapchat on My PC or Laptop?

Now, if yous are wondering whether you tin install the Snapchat app on your PC or not, well, the answer is yes. The visitor allows yous to brand a shortcut for the Snapchat Web PWA (Progressive Spider web App), then you utilize information technology whenever you want with ease. Here’southward how you lot can install the Snapchat app on your laptop:

ane. Once yous have logged into Snapchat Web,
click on your contour icon
at the top-left corner.

click on profile icon - web

2. Then, select the “Create Desktop Shortcut” option in the driblet-down menu that opens.

install snapchat on laptop - create desktop shortcut - snapchat web

3. Now, y’all will encounter a pop-up in the right corner of the address bar at the tiptop. Tap “Install” on this popular-up to get the Snapchat app on your laptop.

install snapchat app on laptop

4. One time Snapchat is installed on your PC, you can choose to make a desktop shortcut and pin the app on the Taskbar or Start Card. That’s all. Yous can now use the Snapchat app on your laptop at any fourth dimension.

create desktop app shortcut - snapchat web

Snapchat Web: Features & Get-go Impressions

Subsequently learning how to fix upward and employ Snapchat Spider web on your laptop, it’southward fourth dimension to look at all the features yous can and cannot access with this app. And so let’s take information technology i step at a time:

First, allow’due south talk about the messaging experience. The Snapchat spider web app lets y’all go on your conversations where you left them on your mobile on desktop and laptop. Yous will see the chat listing and messages load up just after logging in. Simply click on a chat to view the conversation in the right pane. Yous can reply to letters, react to them with emojis, save them in chat, or delete them if you want.

In the conversation view, you can send letters to your friends or make audio and video calls to them from your laptop. I tested out this characteristic with my colleague Akshay, and information technology works flawlessly. And so you can join grouping calls on Snapchat from your browser also. As well, if you wish to proceed track of your snap streaks on Snapchat or see Snapchat emojis that describe your friendship, altogether, and more, you lot tin can practice that on the spider web app besides.

click snaps with snapchat web

Now, many of yous might exist wondering – tin can you send Snaps using the Snapchat app on laptop? Yeah, you can, only the process
is eerily confusing. Instead of showing a camera icon in each chat window, yous go photographic camera view just on the abode screen. It allows you to click pictures, add together overlay text, or download the snap before sharing it with others. Check out the screenshot above.

And here nosotros meet the get-go shortcoming of Snapchat Spider web, which is the disability to post stories to your profile. You lot can just do that from your mobile. That’south not all. The biggest shortcoming of the Snapchat app you install on your laptop is that
you cannot open up Snaps or reply to them. I mean, sharing Snaps is one of the core features of the Snapchat experience, simply sadly, that’due south missing hither. However, if you wish to send Snaps or mail Stories from your laptop, you can install Android apps on Windows 11 using the WSA subsystem.

can't open snap on snapchat web

So, as y’all tin see, the Snapchat spider web app currently focuses on text letters as opposed to photos and videos. Next upwardly, let’due south focus on the privacy features here. As you know, all your messages automatically disappear after 24 hours by default. Merely you can click on a person’s name to set the messages to delete after viewing.

Information technology may as well come up as a surprise to many, but you lot can
use Snapchat for spider web on laptop even when your phone is non connected
to the Internet. So y’all tin go along to chat with friends even if your phone is out of juice, and you are too lazy to plug it in. You lot cannot do a whole lot in terms of settings, except for enabling dark mode in Snapchat, deleting your Snapchat business relationship, and more.

Moreover, Snapchat claims that much like its mobile app, users will not exist able to screenshots of the chats, which is swell. Nevertheless, we were able to
refute this merits by taking a screenshot of the texts and photos
in the conversation without the sender being notified of the same. Nosotros used the Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts “Win + Prt Sc” and “Win + Shift + S” to capture a screenshot (proof fastened). We exercise encounter a
“Looks like you’re trying to take a screenshot”
pop-upwardly upon right-clicking anywhere in the web app.

snapchat web - screenshot notification

The Snapchat privacy feature that will prevent users from snooping on your messages is called “Privacy screen“. It hides the conversation and shows a message maxim –
“You are no longer present”, which is smashing. When yous return to the Snapchat Web app, click anywhere on the screen to access the chat again.

privacy screen - snapchat web

So, if I were to sum up the feature set and my experience with the Snapchat app on laptop, information technology was a long-awaited release, and Snapchat is doing a decent chore at offer the aforementioned imperceptible messaging features as its mobile app. Yet, the
lack of essential features such as the ability to view snaps and post stories is disappointing. What other feature would yous like to run into in Snapchat Web on your laptop?

Use Snapchat Online in Browser on Mac and Windows PC

So yeah, that’south the easiest way to setup and use Snapchat in a browser on your computer. Snapchat+ has already garnered over 1 million subscribers, offering users sectional new features and the ability to use the messaging app on devices other than their smartphones. The experience in my cursory usage was fun and piece of cake, but information technology was a bummer that the Snapchat web app lacks the ability to view Snaps and share Stories. I hope Snapchat introduces these 2 features downwardly the line to offering the same experience equally its mobile app on laptops. Have y’all got the Snapchat+ subscription? Are you already using Snapchat on your laptop? Let us know in the comments below.