How To Delete Screen Time Data

[Solved] How to Bypass Screen Fourth dimension

Screen Time provides an effective for parents to control and limit this children’south iOS device. Parents can hands limit the usage time which their sons or daughters spending on some specific social apps, games, and watching videos. What if you desire to adjust these Screen Time limits merely forget the passcode?

Hither comes the question, is it possible to
bypass Screen Fourth dimension? In fact, there are still ways to featherbed Screen Time app, even without a passcode. We similar to share 2 easy means to assistance you bypass Screen Time, no matter you forgot the Screen Fourth dimension passcode, or just want to intermission the limits your parents set up.

  • Role one. How to Bypass Screen Fourth dimension on iPhone/iPad/iPod with Factory Reset
  • Role 2. Professional person Way to Featherbed Screen Fourth dimension Passcode [Recommended]
  • Part iii. FAQs of Bypassing Screen Fourth dimension

Part 1. How to Bypass Screen Fourth dimension on iPhone/iPad/iPod with Factory Reset

When you want to custom the Screen Fourth dimension settings, yous can handily practice information technology on your iOS device, every bit long as y’all have the passcode. So here we don’t talk about that situation. We would like to share a way to bypass Screen Time without countersign. The truth is, you tin simply factory reset your iPhone/iPad/iPod to get rid of various parental controls. So the offset method is mainly used for children.

Footstep 1
Unlock your iOS device, here we take iPhone as an instance to show you lot how to featherbed Screen Time. Go to

Step 2
Scroll downwards to locate and tap the
option. Then cull the
pick at the bottom part.

Footstep three
When you enter the primary interface of Reset, you lot should tap
Erase All Content and Settings
to perform a manufactory reset on your iPhone. Before y’all do that, you’d better fill-in iPhone information first.

Factory Reset iPhone

Footstep 4
After restarting, you lot can log into your Apple tree business relationship and get dorsum all apps and other data from a suitable iCloud backup.

When the restoration is finished, this iPhone will accept no Screen Time because it will be completely disabled and the Screen Time limits will be auto-removed. Actually, during this step, you can create a new Apple tree account if y’all don’t have as well much useful information on your iPhone.

Part 2. Professional Way to Bypass Screen Time Passcode [Recommended]

If you are a parent and just forgot the Screen Fourth dimension passcode, you can cull to erase the countersign and custom all these settings or limits again. Here nosotros strongly recommend an easy-to-use Screen Time passcode removing tool,
iPhone Unlocker
for you lot to bypass the Screen Time password with ease.

iPhone Unlocker


iPhone Unlocker – Erase Screen Time Passcode

  • Easy remove whatever passcode (4/6-digit, Face/Impact ID) on iPhone, iPad and iPod.
  • Recover or unlock restrictions password when y’all forget Screen Time passcode.
  • Safely plough off Screen Time passcode without whatever iOS data loss.
  • Support all popular iOS devices like iPhone/iPad/iPod and iOS versions like iOS 15/xiv/13/12/11.

Step i
Double-click on the download push button higher up to free install and run this Screen Fourth dimension passcode erasing software on your computer. As you tin can run across, information technology offers a
Screen Fourth dimension
option for you to bypass Screen Time app.

Step two
button and then connect your iPhone to it with a standard USB cable. On your iPhone screen, tap
Trust this computer
to help your figurer recognize this iOS device. Y’all volition run across some basic information of your device displayed at that place. Ostend the information so click on the
button once again.

Unlock Screen Time Passcode

Step iii
If your device is running on iOS 12 or later on, and Find My iPhone/iPad is disabled, this program will immediately starts unlocking the Screen Time passcode on you device.

If your device is running on iOS xi or earlier and your iTunes backup is non decrypted, you are able to retrieve Restrictions passcode directly. But if your iTunes backup has been encrypted, you lot need to enter the countersign to decrypt the backup to continue. After waiting for a while, the Screen Time passcode will be removed.

Recover Restrictions Passcode

The Screen Time passcode will be removed when the procedure is finished. After that, you can go back to the Screen Time and do the operations you need.

Office iii. FAQs of Bypassing Screen Time

What is Screen Time passcode?

Screen Time provides a simple way to monitor diverse app usages and avoid spending too much time on some apps or games. Screen Fourth dimension enables you to manage activities and enhance iOS device performance. You can get a clear app average usage report from Screen Fourth dimension app. What’due south more than, it enables parents to control their children’southward device and put some limits. Screen Time passcode is a 4-digit password which mainly used to better secure the iOS device and all types of data on it.

How to add together and use the Screen Time passcode?

Yous tin easily add or change the Screen Fourth dimension passcode. You tin open the Settings app and go to the Screen Time. And then choose “Use Screen Time Passcode” option to create a new countersign for your Screen Time. If you want to change it, here you can tap the “Alter Screen Time Passcode” option. But you need to enter the preview password for the changing.

How practice I turn off parental controls on my iPhone?

If you want to disable the parental controls on your iPhone, y’all can become to the “Settings” app. And so tap “General” > “Restrictions” and enter the passcode to get rid of all the limits your parent set.

How to break the time limits on games and apps?

Actually, it’south quite easy to reset a time limit on some sure games or apps. You lot can choose to re-download them from “Family shared” accounts to get rid of these limits with ease.

For dissimilar reasons, you will have the need to
bypass Screen Fourth dimension. We have shared 2 constructive means to help you bypass or plough off Screen Time. You tin can use either one to erase the Screen Time passcode and get rid of various parental controls every bit you like. Don’t hesitate to contact united states if you lot nevertheless accept any questions.

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