How To Delete Screen Time History

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Last Updated on Mar 16, 2022

we already discussed what is Screen Time and how to use Screen time on iPhone on a compatible iPhone + iPad? The Screen Fourth dimension shows Phone usage data graph wise including App wise, Longest Session, Most used App at Today and concluding week, Phone Pick upwards time in them it also shows most Pickups fourth dimension and the most awaited notable point is Notifications past App- it decides what app warning maximum notification in a Day and terminal 7 days. in addition, Downtimes, App Limits, Always Allowed, Content & Privacy Restrictions as well as Screen Time Family Sharing. So this all things store screen time data usage. E’er you would like to wipe Screen time information then you tin can
Clear Screen Time Data Usage
within a unmarried Tap. You don’t need Mac Computer and even iTunes.

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Lets a shut look at my iPhone 13 pro max, 12, 12 Pro/Max, 11 Pro, iPhone 11/ Pro Max, iPhone XS Max. and the same way y’all tin can do it on iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone Ten, iPhone viii/8 Plus, iPhone vii/half dozen, iPhone 5S, and iPad.

How to Articulate Screen Time Data Usage on Your iPhone and iPad, Mac Running iOS/iPadOS/MacOS

  • #1.
    Open up the
    App on your iPhone or iPad.
  • #2. Tap on
    Screen Time
  • #three: Scroll down to “Turn off Screen Time“,

Screen time option on iPhone settings app

Screen time option on the iPhone settings app

  • and Become with the pick.
    Re-Confirm the option for Turn off Screen Time, Later turn off all the recorded data will exist erased that can’t ringlet back.

    • If you lot tin can’t Plough Off the Screen Fourth dimension passcode, Becuase it’s Forgot. Here’s Change Screen Time Passcode on iPhone.

Turn off Screen Time from iPhone

Turn off Screen Time from iPhone

Plow on Screen Time once more
from the Settings app.

Settings app > Screen Time > Turn on Screen Time option
. That’due south information technology.

Turn on Screen Time and Remove Screen Time data from Settings

Turn on Screen Time and Remove Screen Time data from Settings

Whenever you turn on back screen Time on the same device, Data should be clear automatically in simply a second.

This is Quondam Ways (iOS 12),

  • Roll downwards the screen till the end so Tap
    Clear Usage Data
  • Enter Screen Time Passcode if you ask, so Ostend
    Clear Usage Data.

The Screen Time Clear Usage Data push will remove apps, Websites, and notification history.

It’due south just Simple!

Tip to Clear Screen Time Data on Apple MacBook Pro/Air, iMac, Mac Mini

Just like iPhone, iPad, Apple tree Lookout MacOS too allows Mac users to Record screens in the background. That will help in restricting the App Usage and limit on it. Too, We can articulate Screen Time Data from MacOS. Follow the below steps and Articulate all screen Time data from macOS Catalina or

macOS Big Sur
and l
ater MacOS Version.

  1. Go to the
    Apple Logo from the peak mac Menu. Now Get with the
    System Preferences
  2. Under the System Preferences option, Click on
    Screen Time.

Screen Time under the System Preferences on Mac

Screen Fourth dimension nether the System Preferences on Mac

  • Nether Screen Time, Yous will see the Apps usage in time for each day. To articulate this you accept to
    turn off screen time on Mac
    Turn on back to articulate all
    and start from the showtime.
  • Options under the screen time on Mac

    Options under the screen time on Mac

  • Click on
    More option
    from the bottom side panel and
    click on Turn off
  • Turn off Screen Time on Mac

    Turn off Screen Fourth dimension on Mac

  • Expect for few seconds, and click on Turn on button to enable screen time on Mac.
  • Turn on Screen Time on Mac

    Plough on Screen Time on Mac

  • At present you will encounter There is
    no Data nether the Screen Time on Mac.
  • Cleared Screen Time on Mac

    Cleared Screen Time on Mac

  • That’s it.
  • More Important Notes:  You won’t revert your screen Time Usage data in one case information technology is deleted. So that you must retrieve virtually that, in example, you need it for the future and so you should have a screenshot on your iPhone to save into your camera gyre.

    In terms, this is a mode like you lot articulate Cellular/ Mobile data usage to get Zero information screen.

    Articulate Screen Time Information Usage
    – it will give you a blank space in Screen Time, and it will offset to count Screen Fourth dimension from Nothing on your iPhone.

    Reset The Screen Time Passcode on iPhone and iPad

    Reset screen Fourth dimension passcode is very easy, Also make certain the screen time passcode doesn’t relieve on iCloud. Then nosotros can fetch or retrieve from the Apple server. Screen Time passcode is the extra security of your device, so no one tin change the screen fourth dimension restrictions that are practical to your device or your Family Devices.

    We can ready the screen time passcode different from your Apple iPhone, iPad lock screen passcode. if possible so set dissimilar passcode so no i can admission the screen time. if you are a forgetful person then gear up your iPhone/iPad login passcode so that it is easy to remember.

    • Yous have to enter the aforementioned passcode two times. if you already ready or enabled screen time passcode so skip this pace and go for change screen time passcode.
      To enable Screen time passcode: Go to the

      Settings app on iPhone/iPad > Screen Time > Coil to the Option “Use Screen Time Passcode”

      . Enter the four-digit passcode that you wish. On iOS 15 or afterwards iOS, Forgot Screen Time Passcode on iPhone Here’s tutorial.

    Setup Screen Time passcode on iPhone

    Setup Screen Time passcode on iPhone

  • Update Screen Time Passcode:

    Settings app on iPhone/iPad > Screen Fourth dimension > Alter Screen Fourth dimension Passcode ‘Change Screen Time passcode’

    > Enter Old Password first to verify buying and Enter new Passcode two time. if you don’t know the old password then Forgot Screen Fourth dimension passcode using Apple ID.
  • Change or Reset the screen Time passcode on iPhone

    Alter or Reset the Screen Time passcode on iPhone

  • That’due south it.
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