How to Delete Your Google Search History from iPhone

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Irrespective of whether you lot use an iPhone or Android, you will use Google search and various other Google services in your daily life. The problem is that Google collects a lot of data about yous and many people might not feel comfortable about that. Thankfully, Google now makes it easier to delete your web search and business relationship activity for privacy and safety reasons.

You now have the option of deleting your Google search history of the last 15 minutes. Then, there’s the option to automatically delete your Google account action and search history for the last three, eighteen, or 36 months. Previously, there was no fashion to delete your recent Google history. You’d have to manually become into your browsing history and delete each entry manually. The only other option is to completely delete your Google browsing data, which is not something that 1 ever wants to do.

Do note that deleting your Google account history volition not delete your YouTube history or the location history associated with your Google account. This only pertains to your Google search and web action.

How to Delete Your Last 15 Minute Google Search History from iPhone

Hither’s how y’all tin delete your last 15 minutes of Google search history from your iPhone in just a few simple steps. You need to utilize the Google app for iOS for this.

Step 1:
Open the Google app on your iPhone or iPad. Tap on your contour photo in the summit-right corner.

Footstep 2:
From the card that pops upwards, tap theDelete last fifteen minoption located under Search history.

Stride 3:Confirm your pick, and Google will then delete the terminal 15 minutes of your search history for good.

Delete Google Search on iPhone

Alternatively, if yous desire, you can ready up Google to automatically delete your Search history and web action periodically. Depending on your preference, you can prepare the timeframe to three months, eighteen months, or 36 months.

How to Motorcar-Delete Your Google Search History and Web Activity Log

Step 1:
Head over to your Google My Activity account page. You might have to sign in to your Google account for authentication purposes.

Footstep 2:Under Web & App Activeness, click on the
option. From the window that pops up, you’ll be able to make up one’s mind the timeframe after which all your Google business relationship action will be deleted.

Step iii:You only have the selection to delete your Google account activeness after 3, 18, or 36 months. Google is non letting you fix a custom timeframe for this. Select your desired timeframe.

Google Search Auto Delete History

Step 4:
Click onAdjacent
and and so onConfirm
for Google to automatically delete your business relationship action. Your account activity that’s older than the time menstruation you specified will be immediately deleted after this.

Remember that deleting your Google account history and activity is different from deleting your location history or YouTube history. You volition have to ready upwardly the car-delete options separately for them.

Google is not actually known for its privacy-first arroyo, just the above changes from the company should at to the lowest degree brand you lot feel a bit more than safe and secure in terms of your data.


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