How to disconnect a washing machine

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Whether you’re swapping your sometime one out for one of our all-time washing machines, moving to a new house, or need to practise a bit of decorating, there are times when you lot’ll accept to disconnect your washing automobile. Hither’s how to disconnect a washing motorcar the proper style.

To fit a new car or your quondam one in a new place, cheque out my guide on how to install a washing motorcar.

Mostly y’all’ll need some elbow grease and possibly some aid from a friend, but it’south useful to accept some tools on hand:

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Adaptable spanner or spanner fix

Short version

  • Disconnect the water supply
  • Disconnect the drain hose
  • Disconnect the plug
  • Pull the washing motorcar forward
  • Disconnect the cold water hose
  • Refit the transit bolts

Before you beginning, just exist enlightened that you may need to perform these steps slightly out of sequence, depending on how and where your washing machine is connected. For example, if the plug, h2o connector and drain are all located behind your washing machine, you lot’ll need to pull it out first; if they’re in a cupboard (as with virtually kitchens), then you can follow the steps in the order we have listed.

  1. Step


    Disconnect the water supply

    Start, you need to turn off the water. You should see a hose continued to a pipe with a pocket-sized blueish tap. Plow this tap and then that it sits vertically to shut off the water; if it’southward in line with the pipe, so the water is on.

    You can unscrew the hose from this end if you don’t demand it, or you’re moving your washing machine to a new location. If you’re going to supersede your washing automobile, you tin reuse the hose, so go out it in position. Just be careful non to tug on the hose when you lot pull the washing machine out.

  2. Pace


    Disconnect the drain hose

    Next, y’all need to disconnect the drain hose. Some, as with the one pictured, have a retaining neckband around them. This must be loosened with a apartment head screwdriver.

    Pull the hose out to remove information technology from the drainage point. Be careful, as in that location’s probably h2o still in hither, so tip the hose down into a container or towel to grab any drips. Every bit drainage hoses are permanently continued to the washing machine, you lot can’t reuse them, and then y’all have to perform this pace.Install a washing machine drain hose

  3. Step


    Disconnect the plug

    Now, you need to turn off the washing auto at the wall socket and remove the plug. In one case you’ve washed that, brand sure that the hose, drainage hose and water hose aren’t tangled.

  4. Footstep


    Pull the washing machine frontward

    Now, y’all’re ready to slide your washing machine out. This is the catchy part, as washing machines don’t have many handgrips, and they can get stuck on the floor. Before y’all do anything then, open up the door of the washing automobile, and gently lift from under the door opening to get the front end feet off the floor.
    Adjacent, you (and a friend if needed), tin can pull on the meridian of the door opening to starting time sliding the washing auto out. You may need to elevator a trivial if the feet stick or catch on the floor.

    As you pull the machine out, be careful of the hoses and cables. If they’re pushed through a small hole cut into a kitchen cupboard, they may need a chip of coaxing to become them through. Stop regularly to keep feeding; this is particularly of import as you become to the plug, every bit this volition have to exist carefully pushed through a hole.

    If you left the cold water hose fastened to the tap, merely pull the washing motorcar but far enough out that yous tin can get around the back of it; if you lot disconnected everything, yous tin pull the washing machine all of the way out.Hotpoint H8 W946WB UK drum and light

  5. Step


    Disconnect the cold h2o hose

    With the washing machine pulled out, you can disconnect the common cold water hose from the dorsum. This simply unscrews. At that place may exist some water left in information technology, and so carefully hold the hose vertically over a sink or container to get everything out.Install a washing machine add water hose to machine

  6. Footstep

    half dozen

    Refit the transit bolts

    If you’re keeping your machine (or sending it on for reuse elsewhere), you lot can refit the transit bolts if you lot kept them. The plastic plug should get in first, followed by the bolt. You tin can so use an adjustable spanner or spanner gear up to put the bolts back in. Repeat for all of the bolts.

    One word of warning, we’ve seen some washing machines where the bolts won’t screw dorsum in; if yous can’t become yours to get in properly, and then you can skip this step, but you’ll need to exist a piddling more careful when transporting the washing car.Install a washing machine transit bolt


Are transit bolts essential?

Transit bolts foreclose the drum from moving while the washing machine is in motility. If you have them, you lot should apply them. Replacements can exist bought online. If yous don’t, you lot tin pack the washing machine with blankets, and brand sure that yous drive advisedly.

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