How To Disconnect Ipad From Phone

How practise I disconnect my iPad from my iPhone?

When you log into your iPad, iPhone, and other iOS devices with the same Apple ID, files like phone calls, photos, text messages, passwords, etc. will be shared between these devices due to automatic data synchronization. But if you don’t want to sync data all the time, or don’t want all data to sync from iPhone to iPad, how to disconnect iPad from iPhone?

Hither, we offering you iv different ways to deal with this problem. Yous can exercise it according to your needs.

How to disconnect iPad from iPhone: iv efficient means

Yous can disconnect your iPhone or iPad by removing your Apple ID from the iPad or with the aid of iTunes. The necessary steps to consummate how to disconnect iPad from iPhone are all detailed below.

Method i. Disconnect iPad with iPhone via Apple ID

Removing your Apple ID from your iPad tin can completely disconnect it from your iPhone, and no files or settings will be synced betwixt the two devices later on.

Footstep ane. Unlock your device and go to

Stride two. Tap on
Apple tree ID user name and select
iTunes & App Store.

Step three. Click on your
Apple tree ID >
View Apple tree ID. If needed, input your Apple ID password.

Step iv. Click
Remove This Device to stop sharing information betwixt your iPhone and iPad.

Method 2. Disconnect iPad from iPhone with iTunes

What if you are using iTunes to sync your iPhone, iPad, and iPod? How to unlink iPhone and iPad on iTunes? Don’t worry, you tin can go information technology with the following instructions:

Pace 1. Launch iTunes on your estimator and
log in with your Apple ID.

Step ii. Then, click on
in the heading, and cull
View My Account.

View My Account

Step 3. Enter your password and tap on
Manage Devicesin the Downloads and Purchases section to check associated devices with the Apple tree ID.

Stride 4. Subsequently, hit the
button next to the device.

★Notation: Depending on when you acquaintance your device with an Apple tree ID, you lot may take to wait up to 90 days before yous tin can associate your device with another Apple ID.

Method 3. Unlink iPhone with iPad through iCloud

If y’all don’t want to completely end the connection between your iPhone and iPad only just want to disable some files from syncing across them, you can reach that by turning off iCloud syncing for specific apps. Hither is how to disconnect iPhone from iPad or vice versa via iCloud:

Step ane. Go to
on iPad and tap
[your name]at the tiptop.

Step ii. Click on the
option and then toggle the switches beside the applications that you lot don’t desire to sync between your iPad and iPhone to turn them off.

Enable Contacts Sync

Method four. Unlink iPad and iPhone from Handoff

With Handoff on, activities on your iPhone volition automatically transfer to your iPad, Apple tree Watch, iPod touch, Mac, and so on. And then, you tin straight plow off Handoff to disconnect iPhone from other devices. The following is a guide on how to unlink iPad from iPhone past deactivating Handoff:

Step 1. Launch
from your Habitation screen and tap

Step 2. Click on
AirPlay & Handoffand toggle on Handoff to
information technology.

Disbale Handoff

A proper way to connect iPad and iPhone without iCloud

You might take known “how to disconnect my iPad from my iPhone” with the foregoing methods. But is in that location a proper way to connect iPad and iPhone?

Though syncing photos, contacts, and other important data across multiple iOS devices via iCloud is a proficient style, automatically syncing all files tin can take upwards a lot of storage infinite. To accomplish selective synchronization of data from iPad and iPhone, what you need is FoneTool, a free iOS fill-in and trasnfer tool.

With the aid of this tool, you tin:
Preview transfer: You can preview and select targeted items before transfer.
Flexible transfer: Selectively or completely transfer photos, contacts, SMS, videos, etc. from iPhone to iPad, another iPhone, and computer for gratis.
Remove duplicate photos: It offers a photo duplication feature to let y’all hands find duplicate photos on your phone and estimator and delete them with 1-click.

Download and launch this tool on your PC, then cheque detailed steps to transfer data:

Pace one. Connect iPhone to computer and become access to your phone.

Step 2. Select
Phone Transferon the left carte du jour, choose
iPhone to PC.

Transfer To Computer

Pace 3. Choose data for transfer and tap on the


Step v. Unplug iPhone and connect your iPad to your PC. So, click on
PC to iPhone.

Transfer To Iphone

Step 6. Locate the files you have exported just now and hit
Start Transfer.

Click Transfer

In the stop

On this folio, we nowadays four feasible ways well-nigh how to disconnect iPad from iPhone. And nosotros introduce a free iPhone transfer and backup tool, FoneTool. It lets you migrate photos, messages, and other of import data between the two devices with one click. Information technology besides offers advanced features such as full backup, iPhone erasing, etc. Get this tool and discover more of its features now.