How To Downgrade Minecraft Bedrock Edition

1000inecraft is a video game that requires players to create and break apart dissimilar types of blocks in three-dimensional worlds. It was created in 2009 by a video game development studio based in Sweden known as Mojang. After on, Microsoft acquired it. It tin exist plainly described equally a world made of blocks. Minecraft is an open up-ended game that lets a player revisit it over and over again.

Minecraft gives players the freedom to build anything they want. Therefore, it tin be said to be a game of infinite possibilities. The game has two master modes, which are the Creative and Survival modes.

In the Creative fashion, players practice not take to swallow to survive, but they tin can break all kinds of blocks instantly, for they practise not need to interact with them, every bit is the case with Survival mode.

In Survival mode, players are required to look for their food likewise as supplies for buildings. In addition, they collaborate with block-like mobs or moving creatures. (Zombies and Creepers are among the most dangerous creatures players interact with while playing).

This game does non accept any levels, or does it give players whatever points. At that place are no set paths to follow or any rigid objectives to guide a histrion. This is because the game’s main objective is to build, explore, and encourage players to exist more creative to brand the game as interesting equally they would desire.

The interesting thing about Minecraft is that information technology also doubles every bit an educational tool autonomously from just beingness a recreational game. Lessons in math, geometry, physics likewise as storytelling are embedded in the game’southward principles. This has led to the incorporation of Minecraft into classroom activities past educators.

If you lot have installed Minecraft in your Windows 10 operating system, it’southward time to learn how to downgrade Minecraft Windows 10.

Downgrading the Minecraft Windows 10 edition

The version of Minecraft that nosotros shall be downgrading in this tutorial is the Minecraft bedrock edition. If yous have a different version, don’t freak out since the processes are similar.

Beneath are steps on how to downgrade it.

i. Ensure you are running the latest version of Minecraft. Y’all can check this via your Microsoft store

ii. Go to “mc launcher GitHub” and download the tool. This tool will allow you to install unlike Minecraft Windows ten edition versions.

GitHub volition non allow you lot pirate the game since a valid Microsoft account is required to download Minecraft

3. Enable developer mode by post-obit these procedures:

  • On the start carte du jour, search developer settings and click on it.

    open developer settings

  • Now turn the programmer manner on.

    developer mode turned on

    developer manner turned on

Please note that turning on the developer manner might put your computer at take a chance, then call up to plough it dorsum off in one case washed downgrading Minecraft. Yous volition also be required to enable information technology e’er when upgrading and downgrading Minecraft.

iv. Get to the release section and press on the version that is displayed every bit shown in the paradigm below:



5. On the asset department, download the mc launcher zippo file. Move it to your desktop and excerpt it.

download mclauncher

download mc launcher

6. Open the “MCLauncher” folder and launch mclaunchere.exe.

run mc launcher.exe file

run mc launcher.exe file

7. Ensure that you lot closed Minecraft before changing the version.

8. Select the version that y’all want to change to. Adjacent, you need to confirm that the map or improver works on the version that y’all have selected.

choose the version you wish to downgrade to

choose the version y’all wish to downgrade to

ix. Download the version and wait for it to complete, and so press launch for the game to kickoff (this might accept a while depending on your net speed).

click launch to start the program

Click launch to commencement the program.

Footstep 10) You can now check to come across whether the improver works on this version. Recollect that some add-ons will require y’all to turn on experimental gameplay. This volition make your map only loadable in experimental gameplay, mayhap corrupting your world. Therefore for safety, Turn on the experimental gameplay for the add together-on you will be using. At present the add-on should be working properly.

turn on experimental gameplay

turn on experimental gameplay

That’south all. Y’all take successfully downgraded your Minecraft Windows 10


In determination, this commodity tutorial has expounded on what Minecraft is, and it has provided a well laid out guide on how to downgrade Minecraft Windows ten. therefore, if you lot are a Minecraft histrion who is stuck not knowing how to downgrade, we promise this article volition be useful to set up your problem.

Ensure y’all interact with us via the comments sections if you lot accept any concerns that need our attention. Minecraft is worth it since you would always get something new and exciting each time you come dorsum if yous stopped playing it.