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Memes are basically images that are used to convey certain expressions, opinions, thoughts, jokes, so on. Memes are growing in popularity, as they are a more attractive and descriptive mode of expressing things than written text. There has been an immense increment in the use of memes over the years in social media, so much and so that yous near see new memes every day. Facebook also allows you to use memes in your condition updates, comments, and in your personal inbox in a very simple way.

  1. 1

    Log into your Facebook account.
    Go to Facebook, and if you’re non logged in yet, enter your registered email accost, or username, and password in the elevation correct fields. Click “Log in” to continue.

  2. 2

    Click the Update Status box at the top of the folio.
    There’s an Update Status box at the top of your Facebook News Feed and Timeline.


  3. iii

    Blazon the content of your status update.
    This is non necessary if you merely desire to share a meme, but if you want to add together your opinion on it, just type it in the Update Status box.

  4. 4

    Upload the meme.
    Click the camera icon at the left side of the box, and a file explorer window will announced. Use information technology to locate and select the meme epitome file from your figurer. Once yous’ve found it, click “Open.”

    • The file will be uploaded on the page and a progress bar will display the status of the upload. The upload time will depend on the size of the file and the speed of the connection.
    • The maximum file size of the meme that can exist uploaded is 25MB. The file formats supported are JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, and TIFF.
  5. five

    Add together more than memes.
    One time the meme has been completely uploaded, a preview of it will appear. To add more memes, click on the “+” adjacent to the preview. Again, the file explorer will announced to observe and select the boosted meme.

    • There are no restrictions on the number of memes y’all can upload at one time, just the size of all memes combined should not exceed 25MB.
  6. six

    Share the meme(s).
    Once you are done, you can at present share the meme by clicking the “Post” button next to the Condition Update box.

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  1. 1

    Select a post to annotate on.
    Once logged in, you will run across your News Feed. Roll down the feed until you discover a post y’all want to utilize a meme to annotate on. Beneath posts is a text box with “Write a comment” in information technology. Click this so a text cursor appears in the box.

  2. 2

    Click the photographic camera icon to the right side of the comment box.
    A file explorer will open, which you tin use to locate the meme file on your calculator.

  3. 3

    Upload the meme.
    Once you lot find the meme file, double-click on it. It will be uploaded to the comment box.

  4. four

    Include a comment with the meme, if you want.
    One time you’ve uploaded the meme, you tin can yet add a annotate if y’all feel that the meme isn’t plenty to relay what you lot have in heed. Just type it in in the comment box.

  5. five

    Post your meme comment.
    One time you lot’re ready to share your meme, and comment, just printing Enter on your keyboard. Information technology will be posted to the annotate threads of the selected postal service.

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  1. ane

    Open the Conversation window.
    Click the messages icon at the top-right corner of the screen. From the carte that pops downward, click “Send a new message.” A new chat window will announced at the lesser of the page.

  2. 2

    Begin chat.
    Write the recipient of the chat message in the TO field. Once yous’ve entered a recipient, the message text field for the chat will appear below.

  3. 3

    Click the camera icon in the message text field.
    A minor window will pop upward.

  4. four

    Upload a meme.
    Apply the small window to locate and select the meme file to upload. Once you find the file, double-click on information technology. One time, you lot double-click the meme file, it will exist forwarded to the recipient of the chat message.

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  • Question

    What if my memes get copied or stolen?

    Community Answer

    It is a regular thing for memes to become stolen, this is but how the economy works.

  • Question

    Is information technology okay if I use old memes?

    Community Answer

    Yes, information technology is normal. Yous can employ onetime ones or new ones. Whatever you find funny or interesting.

  • Question

    How practise I download memes on Facebook?

    Community Answer

    Right click the image yous wish to download and then select the option “Save image as.” Then you lot can select the binder where you lot’d like to save the image and requite information technology a name.

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  • Memes can exist downloaded as yous would download any other epitome file from the Internet using Google Images. There a thousands of memes bachelor to choose from; just search for them. Some websites also permit you to create memes of your own using their templates.

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