Room Currencies permit you to create your own currencies and reward them to players for complimentary or for purchase. They are designed to be similar Rec Room tokens—pregnant you lot tin merely reduce the amount of currency you take by purchasing something. You can use them to reward players for visiting your room or playing your game, and y’all tin can lock items with keys that can be unlocked past using your room currencies.


Creating a Currency

Create a Room Currency by going to the sentry bill of fare > Almost This Room > Settings > Currencies tab and click on ‘Add CURRENCY’. Type in the name, description, daily limit, and currency package.

Daily Limits

Each currency needs a daily limit to prevent players from exploiting the organisation. The daily limit restricts the amount that a player tin be awarded through the Add Currency chip each twenty-four hours. This means that if a player earns 500 currency with a daily limit of 400, they’ll only receive 400 for that 24-hour interval. Daily limits reset at Midnight UTC. The daily limit does Not touch on how much currency a player can purchase through the currency store.

Setting an appropriate currency limit can foreclose players from exploiting the systems yous build. A practiced rule of thumb is to set the daily limit slightly college than the amount most players would be able to earn. For case, suppose you accept a game where players are awarded 200 currency after every two-infinitesimal round. Even if a role player were to play your room not-stop for 24 hours that would translate to only 144,000. Setting that equally the daily limit would mean no player should always encounter it commonly, but if a player figured out how to exploit your game they wouldn’t be able to earn more than that each solar day.

Currency Packages

You can create up to 4 packages to sell your currency for tokens. You can set the amount of currency and the amount of tokens you’re willing to sell them for. Players tin can purchase these packages using a Currency Shop button

Rewarding Players With Currency

To reward players with your currency, you’ll first need to use the Add Currency chip located in the CV2 chips under the Economy tag.

Next, configure the bit to the Currency yous created.

At present, you’ll demand to connect information technology to the signal in your game when you’d similar to advantage the currency and which player you’re rewarding information technology to. For case, if y’all make a Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation Tag game, you lot might choose to advantage players once the game ends. Let’south say they earn 25 LaserTagBucks for each game. Hither’southward how nosotros’d set that upward:

  1. Apply the Become Local Player scrap and connect it to the Player input on the Add Currency chip

  2. Configure a Variable (int) bit to 25

  3. Wire its value to the Amount on the Add Currency fleck

  4. Configure the Event Receiver to OnGameEnd and hook upwardly the OnGameEnd event to the Variable (int) chip

  5. Finally, wire the variable chip execution to the Run execution on the Add Currency chip

Now that the players have been awarded with 25 LaserTagBucks, allow’south send them a notification to permit them know.

  1. Connect the On Add Currency Consummate execution to a Prove Notification chip

  2. Grab a To String and String Format chip. Wire the int variable to the To String

  3. Wire the Outcome on the To Cord chip to the Value on the String Format fleck

  4. For the Format, configure it to “You lot’ve earned {0} LaserTagBucks!”

  5. Lastly, wire the Consequence to the Value on the Show Notification

That’s it! Once the game is over, each player will be given 25 LaserTagBucks and run across a notification letting them know. Now we need to give them something to purchase, such every bit some costumes they can spend currencies on to purchase.

Locking Keys With Currency

Any keys that you lot create can be configured to accept either room currency or tokens. For this example, we’ll create a fundamental for a costume. You tin can create them in the room settings page or by configuring the costume and selecting ‘Create Key’.

One time yous’ve created the primal, yous’ll want to configure the costume to exist locked by that key and make certain the currency is set to LaserTagBucks (not Tokens). That’due south it! Players volition now be prompted to purchase the costume when trying to equip.

Checking Currency Balance

It’south helpful for players to know how much currency they accept at any given point because it may affect their decision to go on playing. Fortunately, in that location is a Get Currency Residuum chip that you lot tin can fix for players to practice this.

First thing you lot demand to do is configure the chip to your currency. Next, decide how you want to show them their balance. You tin can display it using a Text V2 gadget or by sending a notification. For this example, we’ll clone the To String, String Format, and Show Notification chip from earlier.

  1. Re-word the String Format to say “Your total residual is {0} LaserTagBucks”

  2. Wire the On Get Residuum Consummate execution to the Evidence Notification fleck

  3. Wire the Total Rest int to the To String value

  4. The last thing we demand is a Button V2 gadget for players to click on

  5. So wire the Pressed execution to the Run execution

  6. Connect the Player values

That’s information technology! When they press the push, they should encounter their full residual.

Purchasing Room Currencies With Tokens

You lot may make up one’s mind to let your players to purchase your Room Currencies with tokens. Yous tin create up to iv Room Currency Packages for each currency. To do this, go to the Room Settings > Currencies and click on the gear icon. At the bottom, y’all tin can create and edit your packages.

One time they’re set up, you can place Currency Store buttons effectually your room. Merely Configure them to the currency yous want to sell. When players press the button, they’ll run across the packages you lot created that are bachelor to purchase. Note: Currencies purchased with tokens do not count toward the Daily Limit.

Instance ROOMS

Here are some great rooms to check out that demonstrate how to utilize Room Currencies:


  • The Add Currency chip can be executed once per minute for each player/currency combination, so construction your gameplay in a way that players are rewarded afterwards at to the lowest degree one infinitesimal.

  • Increase the value of your Currency Packages for the more that the actor spends. In the example above, y’all see the starting time package is 1 LaserTagBucks (LTB) for one token, and so 1.33 LTB / 1 token, and then 1.five LTB / 1 token, then 1.6 LTB / 1 token. The more than the player pays, the more value they receive.

  • You can award currency for actions such equally joining the room, using a Room Consumable, and more than by configuring the Event Receiver chip to your desired Event.