How To Edit Imovie Trailer Templates

iMovie Trailer Templates Tutorial and Ideas

Offset of all, what are iMovie trailer templates? They are pre-designed templates you tin can brand Hollywood-style trailers apace and hands past dragging and dropping clips to the desired panes on the timeline. It’south likewise like shooting fish in a barrel to add texts because iMovie trailer templates accept included an outline for adding titles and credits to your movie trailer.

This article will show yous the basic steps to brand a movie trailer using
iMovie trailer templates. You will also get answers to questions like “where can I notice more imovie trailer themes”, “can I change the default music of an iMovie trailer template”, and then on. Quick answer is that Apple hasn’t any more trailer templates for iMovie, either free or paid. Since in that location are limited trailer templates for iMovie, if y’all’re looking for more than iMovie trailer templates, try iMovie for Mac culling Movavi Video Editor Plus or the gratis online movie trailer maker similar FlexClip.

  • > Office 1. How to Use iMovie Trailer Templates
  • > Part 2. Are In that location More iMovie Trailer Templates?
  • > Part iii. How to Change Music in iMovie Trailers
  • > Office 4. FAQs on iMovie Trailer Templates

Part 1. How to Make a Trailer Movie with iMovie Trailer Templates

iMovie comes with dozens of trailer templates for you lot to make crawly movie trailers without effort. However, you could also create a movie trailer without any trailer template. Here I’ll walk through piece of cake steps for movie trailer making with trailer templates built-in iMovie for Mac. If you’re using iPhone or iPad, go to “Create a trailer project in iMovie on iPhone” from

one. In the Projection view of iMovie, click the Plus button to create a new movie trailer project.

two. In the drop-down menu choose Trailer and y’all’ll see available trailer templates as below.

3. Here y’all’re able to preview a trailer template past clicking the play button on desired template. Reference to the movie trailer length and cast members to make up one’s mind which iMovie trailer template is suitable for your project.

4. Later on selected a trailer template in iMovie, click the Create push button to customize your movie trailer. At the bottom of iMovie screen, y’all’ll run across iii tabs: Outline, Storyline and Shot Listing. In each tab, y’all could change the contents equally you want. All changes will be saved automatically.

five. Preview and then export your movie by doing these: Choose File > Convert Trailer to Movie.

Now accept a look at a great pic trailer on YouTube created with the SUPERHERO trailer template in iMovie for Mac.

Office 2. Are There More iMovie Trailer Templates to Download?

iMovie trailer templates are so easy to be used to generate a Hollywood-mode trailer that there are more and more people asking whether it’southward possible to add more than trailer templates to iMovie. Actually, compared to the beginning release of movie trailer, iMovie has been increasing the number of iMovie trailer templates. And then you lot could just wait for the next version of iMovie and there may be additional trailer templates and then. At to the lowest degree for the time being, you have to get for iMovie for Mac alternatives to obtain other movie trailer templates. Here I also want to highly recommend FlexClip considering of its huge library of video templates and trailer templates like iMovie.

free iMovie Templates for mac

Function 3. How to Change Music in iMovie Trailers

Be default, it’s impossible to modify the groundwork music of trailers created with iMovie trailer templates. The trailer length is stock-still. And so information technology seems reasonable that the background music could not be changed. Merely how dull that everyone uses the same groundwork music. Here is the trick you could use to change the music in iMovie trailers.

Step one: Convert Trailer to Movie

When y’all’re satisfied with your picture trailer, go to File > Convert Trailer to Movie to output your trailer to a video file on Mac.

Pace two: Create a new project without using any iMovie Trailer template

Go to the Project view and create a new Motion-picture show project. Import the newly exported movie trailer file to the projection.

Stride three: Replace iMovie trailer music with your want music

After adding the trailer video to iMovie’s time from Media, choose Modify > Detach Sound (or press Option-Command-B), then select the audio on timeline and delete it. Now yous could add together any music file to the timeline. When everything is OK, Click the Share button in the toolbar, and then click File to convert iMovie trailer to a movie with custom music.

iMovie trailer Template music

Part 4. Frequently Asked Questions about iMovie Trailer Templates

Is the music in iMovie trailer templates copyright free?

Yes. It’s copyright complimentary if you use iMovie trailer templates to create trailers for personal and commercial apply. You wouldn’t be sued if y’all utilise iMovie trailer templates to create a trailer for your customers. just yous can’t excerpt the iMovie trailer (eastward.g. music) and resell them to your customer. Note that this is Non a legal. I’thousand non a lawyer. Delight read Apple’due south T&C below, and consult a lawyer near this if necessary.

Where can yous download video for making a funny movie trailer with iMovie trailer templates?

You could utilize an online video downloader like or use video downloader software for Mac and PC like Wondershare AllMyTube which is complimentary to try.