How to enable two-factor authentication on Amazon

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Amazon is the nearly popular online shopping platform by far, which makes it a pop target for phishing attacks, scams, and attempts to admission accounts using credentials from breaches.

To truly protect yourself we recommend using a potent countersign as well as two factor hallmark. You can go on rail of circuitous unique passwords quickly and easily using a countersign manager. That aside, here’south how to turn in two factor authentication on Amazon.

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You’ll demand

  • Your Amazon account login credentials
  • Admission to the electronic mail address associated with information technology
  • An authenticator app for your smartphone

The Curt Version

  1. Install an authenticator
  2. Open your Amazon security settings
  3. Ostend your identity
  4. Select your authentication blazon
  5. Enrol your authenticator
  6. Save your authenticator entry in the app
  7. First hallmark
  8. Finalise information technology
  1. Pace


    Install an authenticator

    If you don’t already have a preferred authenticator, download one – you’ll probably want to utilise a mobile phone for this, but other platforms are supported. Pop choices include Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, our personal favourite, Aegis Authenticator, which is open up source, but only available for Android. I’ll be using Aegis on my Android phone in the screenshots for this tutorial, but the process of linking the app and generating a Former Password (OTP) is the same across all authenticators.Aegist authenticator on the Google play store

  2. Pace


    Open your Amazon security settings

    Log in to your Amazon account. From the Account & Lists card, select Your Account. Click Login & security, and then select the Edit push in the Two-Pace Verification (2SV) Settings section.Amazon's login and security settings screen

  3. Step


    Ostend your identity

    A notification will exist sent to the e-mail address associated with your Amazon account. Check your e-mail for the blessing message. Either click the “Please approve or deny” hyperlink or – to be extra certain you’re going to the correct place – manually re-create the supplied URL that you’ll notice in the same message and paste it into your browser bar. Click Approve.An Amazon approval screen says that someone is attempting to access your account and asks you to confirm that it was you

  4. Footstep


    Select your authentication type

    You’ll momentarily be taken to the Two-Step Verification (2SV) Settings folio. Click Become Started. Y’all should avoid using your phone number as a proxy for identity then, on the Enroll a 2SV authenticator page, select the Authenticator App radio push.Amazon invites you to enroll an authenticator

  5. Step


    Enroll your authenticator

    An accordion section volition unfurl to reveal a QR code and some brusque instructions. On your phone, open up your authenticator app. Add together an business relationship – this is usually done by borer a plus sign on the main screen. Select Scan QR lawmaking and use your phone’southward rear camera to scan the QR code displayed on Amazon’s authenticator enrolment folio.Clicking the Authenicator App radio button reveals a QR code

  6. Step


    Save your authenticator entry in the app

    On your phone, an entry for Amazon should exist automatically created. Make sure it’s named clearly, and so tap Save.
    Saving an authenticator entry on Aegist Athenticator

  7. Step


    First hallmark

    You’ll be taken to the main screen of your authenticator, where your new entry should announced, with a six-digit code below information technology that changes every infinitesimal or so. Type that half dozen-digit code into the Enter OTP box on Amazon’due south site and click the Verify OTP and go on button next to it.One-time password generation in Aegis

  8. Step


    Finalise it

    If successful, you’ll be taken to the Almost finished… page, where you you’re notified of Legacy Sign-in methods for devices that tin can’t display OTP pop-up prompts and the option of disabling 2FA for trusted browsers, including the one y’all’re using right at present. Select the yellow “Got it, Turn on Two-Step Verification” button at the bottom of the folio.

    You’ll finally be taken to your Two-Stride Verification (2SV) Settings, which tin can to access at any fourth dimension in the hereafter via Amazon’s Login & security page.Amazon 2FA finalisation screen


Should I set my browser not to require a Erstwhile Password?

This is safe to do on a secure home PC – whatever connection to your account from a new browser will still require you to generate an OTP to confirm it, significant stolen credentials cannot exist used to connect to your business relationship without your one-time password generator. However, if someone you don’t trust (or who won’t know better than to spend your coin on Amazon) has access to your computer, you’ll definitely want to avoid disabling 2FA for that browser.

I got logged out while setting 2FA!

If you take more than five minutes over linking or approving your authenticator, you may take to showtime again. Y’all’ll be prompted to re-enter your Amazon password and, with that done, y’all’ll be taken back to the Enroll a 2SV authenticator folio.

Can I ready a backup method in case I lose my phone?

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t back up a wide range of fill-in authentication methods – your just option is to link a mobile telephone or a second authenticator. Yous should do at least i of these, as you could exist locked out of your business relationship if y’all lose your primary authenticator. Mobile numbers are the worst course of two-factor hallmark, simply they’re better than null. However, I recommend using a backup authenticator – free countersign manager Bitwarden includes a congenital-in OTP generator that you can add together by clicking Add new app under Preferred method and following the same steps yous did earlier.

I’ve lost my authenticator!

If yous’ve remembered to prepare a fill-in 2FA method, this is its time to shine. Otherwise you’ll demand to become through Amazon’south recovery process. This requires you to scan/photograph and submit an official authorities identity document, and can take a couple of days to be processed. For reasons of both time and privacy, I strongly recommend setting a backup authentication method.

I demand to alter my telephone or disable 2FA

While authenticator settings can generally exist transferred betwixt devices, you might want to turn off authentication just to exist sure. Go to the Two-Step Verification (2SV) Settings folio, click the Disable button, enter your OTP and confirm that you lot want to disable information technology.

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