How To Exit Oculus Quest Games

How to play Steam VR games with an Oculus Quest 2

Hither’south how to play the all-time Steam VR titles with a Quest 2

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Quick Steps

  • Download Steam VR and the Oculus PC app
  • Connect your Quest 2 to your PC
  • Open upwards Steam VR while using the Desktop bill of fare selection in the Oculus PC app

While there is an incredible library of Meta Quest 2 games to play, they aren’t the only VR titles out there.

Earlier the Meta Quest two (formerly Oculus Quest ii) showed u.s.a. the potential of standalone VR gaming, there was a whole suite of experiences available on PC. This includes some of the best VR games – similar Half-Life Alyx – that are exclusively bachelor on the Oculus PC app or Steam VR.

Thankfully, even though Valve makes its ain Valve Index headset, its Steam VR games are too playable on Meta headsets. So here’s our guide on how to play Steam VR games with a Quest two.

  • A PC with Steam, Steam VR, and the Oculus App installed
  • An Oculus Quest Link Cable (optional)


  • Download Steam VR

    (opens in new tab)

    and the

    Oculus PC app

    (opens in new tab)
    . To download Steam VR you’ll also need the base of operations Steam
    (opens in new tab)

    program installed on your PC.
  • Connect your Quest two headset to your PC. There are several means y’all tin can do this so rather than take upwards mode too much space here, we’ve separated this step into its own guide. If y’all demand a mitt, here’s how to connect your Quest ii to a PC.

The Oculus Quest 2 Link cable on a white background

The Meta Quest 2 Link cablevision  – information technology tin be used to connect your  Quest 2 to a PC

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  • Slip on your Quest 2 while it’s connected to your PC and you’ll automatically land in the Oculus PC app.
    If yous aren’t on the home screen already, get to it and along the bottom, you should see a menu with an option for Desktop – information technology features a symbol shaped like a PC monitor.

This volition (unsurprisingly) let you meet your desktop, And from here you tin open Steam and then Steam VR so that you play any VR game you own and download others.

How to turn your Quest ii into a native Steam VR headset

If you want to take things a step further, at that place is a community-made, open-source tool that strips back the Oculus App’s functions and turns your Quest 2 into “an almost-native Steam VR headset.”

Be warned though, that the app (called OculusKiller) is a bit too good at its job. It completely disables Oculus Dash which severely limits your power to launch and get out Oculus games. If you similar to play a range of PC VR titles across Oculus and Steam, then y’all’ll want to steer clear of this tool.

  • Download

    OculusKiller from GitHub

    (opens in new tab)
    . This open-source tool is freely bachelor from its creator ItsKaitlyn03
    (opens in new tab)
    . You’ll also demand to have the Oculus PC app installed, besides.
  • Open upwardly Task Manager and stop OVRService in Services. To open up Task Manager concur CTRL + ALT + DEL all at the same time in Windows and on the next screen you’ll run into an selection for Task Managing director

From here hit the down arrow next to More details and get to the Services Tab. Sort by name and curlicue until you observe OVR Service; and then right-click on it and striking Cease.

(Epitome credit: Futurity)
  • Open up upwardly File Explorer, and get to C:\Program Files\Oculus\Back up\oculus-dash\dash\bin; an easy manner to do this is to re-create and paste that string into the Accost Bar and then hit Enter on your keyboard.

The folder you’re taken to is the home of key files that allow the Oculus PC app to operate properly, but we’re going to need to change some around.

  • Rename the OculusDask.exe in this folder to OculusDash.exe.bak, and so open the OculusKiller folder, find ItsKaitlyn03’s replacement OculusDash.exe file
    (opens in new tab)

    and move it into the same folder as the at present renamed original.
  • Open up Task Managing director and start OVR Service once more. Find it like you did earlier only right-click and striking Start instead of Stop.

Concluding thoughts

Whether you choose to utilize OculusKiller or not, Steam VR is home to some truly incredible VR experiences.

Half-Life: Alyx is one that we won’t stop talking well-nigh any time before long. While not quite as immersive on a Quest two compared with the Valve Index, this follow-up to the hugely popular One-half-Life franchise is still one of the best VR games. It offers both head-scratching scientific puzzles fans are used to as well as plenty of zombie-infested decease pits that will examination your mettle.

Evil looking figures are turned to attack you in Half-Life: Alyx

Are you ready to play Half-Life: Alyx?

(Image credit: Valve)

Then at that place’southward No Man’s Sky. The action-risk survival game offers players the chance to explore an incredible endless galaxy, and playing it in VR in offset-person is nigh magical. While there are plenty of official Star Wars games out there also, this is one that really makes y’all feel like you’re off adventuring in a galaxy far far away.

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