How To Find Hidden Text Messages

“There is an SMS that once it comes in, I delete it. Today I might accept accidentally ‘hid’ it. At present I don’t recollect I tin see texts from that number. I didn’t pay attention to the number, and so in that location is no history. Is in that location a way to recover it?”

– Apple tree Support Community

Many people may hide their letters to keep their privacy away from others and protect important information from disclosure. The funny thing is that anything yous cannot discover all of a sudden becomes pregnant and useful, especially the in one case-useless messages you are not sure hidden or deleted on your iPhone.

Our post concentrates on how to find hidden or deleted messages on iPhone. Now that you are here, continue reading the following content to get dorsum your missing letters.

Part 1. Why Do You Hide Messages on iPhone?
Part 2. How to Find Hidden Text Messages on iPhone
Role 3. How to Unhide Messages on iPhone
Office 4. How to Unhide Deleted Messages on iPhone
Part v. How to Find Other Hidden Things on iPhone
Part 6. How to View Hidden Messages on Facebook on iPhone
Role 7. How to Detect Undercover Conversation History on iPhone
Bonus: How to Hide Messages on iPhone?

Part 1. Why Exercise You Hibernate Messages on iPhone?

Everyone has a reason to hide letters, except for criminals or plagiarists. Imagine your friend’southward birthday is coming and you want to concord him a big party. You may want to keep information technology a hole-and-corner surprise. However, living with your partner may hands cause bug.

For case, you accidentally leave your smartphone on the kitchen table, and the birthday friend sitting by the table may of a sudden view the incoming party plans, let alone ask to borrow your telephone to brand a phone call. Then you will surely feel embarrassed when your conversations and schedules are revealed with a few clicks.

Besides, you may as well hide or even delete the messages on your iPhone in other cases, including slow functioning caused past spam, a quarrel between y’all and your young man/girlfriend, privacy protection, etc.

Part 2. How to Find Subconscious Text Messages on iPhone

The post-obit two methods tin help yous notice subconscious messages on your iPhone. All the same, none of these means hibernate your letters actually. You volition nonetheless see your text letters in the Message app.

2.1 From Unknown Senders

  • Open Message on your iPhone and switch to the
    Unknown Senders
  • Check whether the lost messages are there.

two.2 Using Spotlight Search

The deleted messages are non actually gone for your iPhone. Yous can search for the keywords of the messages to bank check the hidden letters on your iPhone.

How practice you find hidden text messages on your iPhone?

  • Open
    Spotlight Search.
  • Enable
    and blazon in the keywords of the text message you promise to find.
  • Choose the correct one from the shown conversations.

find messages on iphone via spotlight search

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Office 3. How to Unhide Messages on iPhone

After understanding how to check hidden messages on your iPhone, you may also consider how to unhide messages on your iPhone. The following steps evidence you how to make your messages visible.

  • Open the
    app and navigate to the
  • Scroll down to select
    Allow Notifications
    to receive and preview notifications on the screen.
  • Under
    Alerts, y’all can cull amongst
    Lock Screen,
    Notification Center,
    Banners, or select all.
  • Nether
    Options, click
    Show Previews

unhide messages on iphone via settings

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Function 4. How to Unhide Deleted Messages on iPhone

Below are four feasible solutions to unhide deleted messages on your iPhone. You can cull the suitable manner accordingly.

4.1 How to Notice Deleted Letters on iPhone without iCloud via Coolmuster

Assume your text messages disappeared from your iPhone unexpectedly and you don’t accept a backup of the Message app. You lot can utilise Coolmuster iPhone Data Recovery to become dorsum the deleted letters on your iPhone without a backup. Apart from text messages, you can also recover the deleted contacts and export the existing data to a computer.

The highlights of Coolmuster iPhone Data Recovery:

* Recover the deleted and existing contacts and messages from your iPhone to a computer in a readable format like HTML and CSV.

* Export the current notes, reminders, and other information to the computer.

* Restore content from iTunes backup to the computer.

* Preview everything and selectively recover or export the desired items.

* Support iOS 5 to the latest version, such equally the latest iPhone SE (3rd generation)/thirteen Pro Max/13 Pro/xiii/thirteen mini and before models.

coolmuster iphone data recovery free download

How to read hidden text messages on iPhone?

1. Install and open the software on your computer and tap
iOS Recovery
to continue.

2. Connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable and trust the computer on your iPhone equally required.

connect your iphone to the computer via usb

In one case continued, yous will encounter the data selection interface. Cull
and other information types you desire to browse and tap the
Start Scan

choose the data types to scan

three. After scanning, select
on the left console, preview all the text messages, and cheque the items you wish to recover. Next, click the
Recover to Computer
push button below to go along them on your computer.

how to find hidden or deleted messages on an iphone selectively

Don’t want to lose text messages from your iPhone anymore? You can back up your iPhone messages with five methods hither.

four.two How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on iPhone via iCloud Backup

Suppose you have synced all messages to iCloud before deletion. In that instance, you can retrieve the deleted messages from iCloud backup.

1. Go to
> tap your name >
iCloud Fill-in
> bank check whether the last backup fourth dimension is before deletion.

two. Return to the
page > click
Full general
Erase All Content and Settings
Erase Now. Then, please look until information technology finishes erasing your device.

3. Gear up your iPhone with the on-screen instructions until you achieve the
Apps & Data

iv. Tap the
Restore from iCloud Backup
option > enter your Apple tree ID countersign > choose the latest fill-in file.

v. Hit
to start the process. When completed, check if the deleted messages are back on your iPhone.

retrieve deleted text messages on iphone via icloud backup

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four.3 How to Restore Deleted Texts on iPhone via iTunes/Finder Fill-in

It works if you have backed up your iPhone with iTunes before and the iTunes backup file contains the deleted letters.

Here’southward how.

ane. Plug your iPhone into your figurer and launch iTunes.

2. Choose your iPhone on the top-left corner and click
Restore Backup

three. Pick the most relevant backup file and hit
Restore. If asked, confirm your password.

restore deleted texts on iphone via itunes backup

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4.4 How to Detect Deleted Messages on iPhone past Contacting Your Service Provider

If zippo works for your situation, contact your service carrier to become back the deleted messages. More often than not, some service providers have a copy of your text messages and contacts. You can sign in to your carrier business relationship or drop a hotline to the service provider. If successful, they will offer useful suggestions you lot oasis’t tried nonetheless.

Part 5. How to Discover Other Subconscious Things on iPhone

Aside from text messages, you lot can as well hide other data similar apps, photos, etc., on your iPhone. Given that y’all take hidden other data on your iPhone, y’all can detect hidden things on your iPhone with the following instructions.

To hibernate apps on your iPhone:

  • Open
    App Store
    and tap your proper noun.
  • Cull
    > swipe left an app earlier tapping

hide apps on iphone

To unhide apps on your iPhone:

  • Launch
    App Store
    and choose your proper noun.
  • Tap Apple ID and verify your countersign or Face up ID.
  • Detect and click
    Hidden Purchases
    > choose the app you don’t want to hide.
  • Press the

To hibernate photos on your iPhone:

  • Open the
    app and select the wanted photos.
  • Tap the
    icon >
    Hide Photo.

To unhide photos on your iPhone:

  • Run the
    app and tap the
    section at the bottom.
  • Cull
    > selection the desired photos to unhide.
  • Tap the

unhide photos on iphone

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Part half-dozen. How to View Hidden Messages on Facebook on iPhone

Refer to the steps beneath if you want to discover hidden messages on Facebook Messenger before it filters conversations from strangers.

How to see hidden messages on iPhone using Facebook?

1. Run the Facebook Messenger app on your iPhone.

2. Tap
at the bottom >
Message Requests, and you volition see unread and filtered message requests.

3. Tap the
See Filtered Requests
option > choose a bulletin > hit
to motion information technology to the inbox.

view hidden messages on facebook on iphone

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Office 7. How to Detect Hole-and-corner Conversation History on iPhone

You can repeat the following instructions to make your secret conversation visible on your iPhone.

How to see secret messages on iPhone?

1. Go to the iPhone’s

2. Click
Permit Notifications
> select all or pick one option under

3. Scroll down to select
Show Previews
> tap
to make the secret letters unhidden.

find secret conversation history on iphone

Bonus: How to Hide Messages on iPhone?

This section teaches you how to hide messages on your iPhone to protect your privacy or ignore boring messages when you are busy. If you are interested, proceed with the directory beneath. Afterwards hiding, the sender’s name volition no longer display on the screen.

  • Head over to
  • Select
    Show Previews
    > cull
    to block messages.

Besides, you can also utilize a 3rd-party app to hibernate the chats on your iPhone or delete the letters after making a backup. Please exist careful while selecting the right third-party apps since most of them may have security issues or trojan files that threaten your privacy.

The Bottom Line

We offer you lot a comprehensive guide to explain how to find hidden or deleted messages on your iPhone. If the in a higher place solutions piece of work for y’all, please share the tutorial with more needed people. You can as well tell united states if yous encounter whatsoever problems with Coolmuster iPhone Data Recovery by leaving a comment below. We will reach out to yous as before long as possible.

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