How To Find Old Instagram Posts

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Looking to find your former Instagram stories or save them to your photo gallery?

Look no farther

considering, in this article, we’ll tell you exactly how y’all can
detect and save
them to your photo gallery.

Instagram stories automatically disappear
later 24 hours, but there is a
yous can use to retrieve them.

Here’southward a stride-past-step guide on how you can do it.

How to find old Instagram stories

To observe your one-time Instagram stories, navigate to your contour, tap on the hamburger menu, and
select ‘Archive’.

The archive section is a basically place where you lot tin can find all your
old stories and posts
on Instagram.

To notice sometime Instagram stories, you lot demand to navigate to the “Archive” department on the menu.

Once you lot’ve tapped archive, navigate to ‘Stories’ from the driblet down carte and all your old stories
are now attainable.

Here’s a
(with images) on how y’all tin can do it.

  1. Open the carte
  2. Tap on “Archive”
  3. Save your mail
  4. Tap on “Save Photo”

1. Open the menu

Firstly, get to your profile and tap on the
hamburger card
at the top-correct paw corner of your profile.

Once you opened the carte, a navigation drawer volition appear.

2. Tap on “Archive”

How to find old Instagram stories

Adjacent, tap on
under the settings tab.

In the annal section, you tin find all of your onetime stories on Instagram.

The annal section shows your post and story histories.

If you’ve archived a post in the past, you can also find it in in that location.

Instagram archived stories

In the archive section, you’ll be able to
access all your former stories.

The appointment of when a story was posted will be shown at the acme-left manus corner of the it.

You tin observe stories that are posted a few days, months or fifty-fifty years back.

3. Relieve your post

Instagram more icon

Next, you can
save whatever post
to your prototype gallery if you desire to—here’s how yous can do and so.

Firstly, select the story that you desire to salve.

Secondly, tap on more (the triple dots icon) on the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

4. Tap on “Salvage Photo”

Save Instagram photo to gallery

Afterwards, tap on “Salve Photo”. This saves the story on to your photo gallery.

And you’re washed!
You’ve successfully
plant and saved
an former story
to your photo gallery.

How to add sometime Instagram stories to your highlight

Looking to add an one-time Instagram story to your highlights?

If you’ve constitute some sometime stories in your archives, you lot might want to
add them to your highlight.

If y’all’ve plant some erstwhile Instagram stories in your archives, you can add them to your highlight.

Highlights are a not bad way to showcase your best moments either for a personal or concern business relationship.

You lot can utilize them to add personality to your contour!

Here’s how you can do it.

1. Tap on the “+” icon on your profile

Instagram highlight

To add old stories on your highlights, simply navigate to your profile and
tap on the “+” icon.

The plus icon is a basically feature where you can add your old stories every bit highlights on your profile.

Once you’ve tapped on the plus icon, y’all can cull which story to add (from the by) on your highlights.

2. Select the story that yous want to add to your highlight

Instagram old stories

Secondly, scroll downward and find the story that you want to add together to your highlight.

Once you found it, tap on the story to select information technology.

3. Tap “Next”

Add Instagram story to highlight

After which, tap on the story you want to add to your highlight, and tap “Side by side”.

Past tapping next, yous volition land on the page where you lot tin edit the name and cover of the highlight.

4. Name your cover and tap on “Add together”

Instagram cover

Next, give the highlight a comprehend name and tap on “add”.

Annotation: You can change the cover proper name
at any time, don’t worry!

And you’re done adding the story to your highlight!

v. View the highlight

Instagram highlight timeline

You tin can now view the highlight
under your profile.

You accept now successfully added a story to your highlights!

Echo the process every bit many times equally you lot like to add more old stories to your highlights.

Full general FAQ

How do I find old Instagram Stories?

To find old Instagram stories, navigate to your profile > tap on the hamburger menu > tap on archive > open up the archive drop-down menu > select stories.

How do I add together old Instagram stories to my highlights?

To add old Instagram stories to your highlights, navigate to your profile > tap on the ‘+’ icon > tap on the story yous want to add > tap side by side > type a encompass title > tap on add together.

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