How to Fix Most Common iOS 15 Issues & Problems

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iOS 15 might not pack a lot of features, but it comes come with several usability improvements. This also means that in that location’s a loftier probability of things going south afterwards installing such a major iOS update on your iPhone. If you lot are as well running into some issues subsequently installing the iOS 15 update on your iPhone, check out this guide with some possible solutions to your problem.

The problems range from missing features to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity bug or crashing apps. Depending on what problem you are facing, y’all can find some mutual solutions to these problems below.

How to Set up the About Common iOS 15 Issues

1. iOS 15 Software Update Failed

This usually occurs when you lot are trying to download a new iOS update immediately after it is released, as the surge in traffic can cause the update requests to fail.

Wait for a few hours or even a few days. One time the initial blitz to update has passed, you shouldn’t face up whatsoever issues while downloading the iOS 15 update. You lot can likewise check our guide on how to gear up the iOS 15 software update failed error.

two. Crashing Apps

It can be frustrating when your favorite apps start crashing subsequently installing a new software update. You lot tin try the following solutions to ready the consequence:

  • Make sure that the app has been updated to the latest version. To exercise so, go to the App Store and open up the Updates tab. See if there are any available updates for the app.
  • Uninstall the app and then reinstall it. To practice so, tap and concord on to the app until it starts wiggling. Press the ‘X’ button and choose Delete. Next, go to the App Store and install the app again.

3. Battery Draining Quickly

Some of our readers have complained that their iPhone’s bombardment is draining faster after upgrading to iOS xv. The problem with battery life issues is that it is subjective as information technology is based on your usage blueprint, and then information technology is hard to pinpoint what is causing a problem. If your iPhone’south battery is draining faster afterwards upgrading to iOS 15, you should restart your iPhone and let it idle for a few minutes.

Also, remember that it will accept at least a couple of days for your device’s battery life to settle down after a major OS update. You lot can also update all apps from the App Shop to ensure they are not the culprit here due to compatibility reasons. Become through our exhaustive guide on how to ready iOS 15 battery drain issues.

four. Wi-Fi Issues

If you’re not able to connect to the Wifi network, try to hard reset or forcefulness reboot your iPhone or iPad to meet if it resolves the outcome. If that doesn’t piece of work, you can reset network settings by going to
Settings > Full general > Reset > Reset Network Settings. If these tips didn’t assist, then check our post on how to fix iOS fifteen Wi-Fi issues on your iPhone or iPad, such every bit Wi-Fi not working, dull Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi dropping out, etc.

v. Bluetooth Connectivity Problems

If you’re having problems connecting to Bluetooth accessories like your car audio, AirPods after installing iOS 15, then attempt to reset your iPhone or iPad. You lot can too endeavour turning off Bluetooth, restarting your iPhone or iPad, and turning on Bluetooth again to see if it helps.

These are the most common iOS 15 problems reported by users. We will update this post if any major new iOS 15 problems are reported, along with a fix if it is available.


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