How to follow a hashtag on Twitter

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Hither are ii ways you tin can follow a hashtag on Twitter, and so you tin always stay in the loop on your favourite topics.

Information technology’s important that everyone knows how to keep up with news that’south relevant to them, and social media has made that easier than ever.

One of the best means to be clued up is by using Twitter, as searching for hashtags immediately opens upwards new threads on various topics from a multitude of people, so yous tin see what the near popular or most recent opinions are on almost anything.

With that in mind, it’south worthwhile knowing how to follow a hashtag, then you know where you can find all the relevant information on a topic immediately. Any you’re interested in following, hither are the two ways you tin can follow hashtags on Twitter.

What we used

You merely need a device that can access Twitter’due south website. This cannot exist done on the Twitter app, but all phones, tablets and laptops tin can exercise this, so long equally they have access to a web browser.

  • We used the Huawei MateBook 16, running Twitter and Tweetdeck.

The Short Version: How to follow hashtags on the Twitter website

  1. Using the hashtag symbol (#) at the start, enter a one-give-and-take search term you lot want to follow
  2. Press enter to be taken to the search results
  3. Click on the 3 dots on thr right hand side to view more than options
  4. Click ‘Save search’ to add this hashtag to your search list
  5. Click your chosen hashtag from your Saved searches list

On the Twitter website, you can save searches and then that they pop up in your search bar automatically, so you don’t have to keep searching for it every time. This can’t be done in the Twitter app.

  1. Step


    Using the hashtag symbol (#) at the start, enter a one-word search term you lot desire to follow

    You volition want to make sure you always use the hashtag symbol before searching for a 1-word term, otherwise, it won’t register as a hashtag.

  2. Step


    Press enter to be taken to the search results

    The search results page will show up all of the Tweets that mention this hashtag.Second step Twitter hashtag how to

  3. Step


    Click on the three dots on the right-hand side to view more than options

    When you lot click on the three dots, it will come up with iii options. The tertiary pick down is the one you want to exist clicking.
    Third step in How To Twitter hashtag

  4. Step


    Click ‘Save search’ to add this hashtag to your search list

    In one case the search is saved, it will appear in your search bar list so yous tin can access it immediately all the time. Y’all practice take the option of deleting the saved search if you no longer want to follow information technology, but y’all can ever add it over again by post-obit these steps.Fourth step Twitter hashtag

Tweetdeck originally was an independent app, but Twitter later acquired it in 2022. Tweetdeck offers a more user-friendly way of looking and managing your Tweets and allows you to see multiple timelines at once, and then you tin stay in the loop with diverse topics.

  1. Open Tweetdeck
  2. Click the + icon in the far-left vertical bill of fare
  3. Click on the Search icon in the popular upwardly carte du jour
  4. In the new search window that appears, type in your hashtag search and press enter
  5. The right-most side of your interface will now take that hashtag every bit its own column


What is a hashtag?

A hashtag is a symbol written with the ‘#’ symbol and was created on Twitter so people can follow topics they’re interested in.

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